Her Boyfriend and His Best Friend Went on a Week Long Vacation After Uninviting Her, She Broke up With Him and He Got Furious

This lady, let's call her Dee, is 28 years old, and her 29-year-old boyfriend wanted to spend the summer with her and his two best friends (male and female) at his mother's friends' house in Hawaii . They had all planned the vacation since the spring, but along the way, the male best friend dropped out, leaving just the three of them.

In early June, the female best friend  (let's call her Emmy), called Dee’s 29-year-old boyfriend and informed him that now that it was just the three of them, she wasn't comfortable going on the trip with Dee, his girlfriend, because she didn't know her well and didn't want to be a third wheel. Emmy stated that if Dee was coming on the trip, she would not go on the vacation.

Without informing Dee, Emmy and Dee's boyfriend adjusted the arrangements and made it a trip for just the two of them, changing the location to a beach in Costa Rica.

meanwhile, Dee was unsure when to request time and hadn't heard anything about the plans, so she asked her boyfriend which week in August she should set aside for the Hawaii trip. He informed her that he had spoken with his best friend Emmy and that she did not want to go if she (Dee) was accompanying him, thus he was going to Costa Rica alone with Emmy.

He informed Dee that they may go another week later, perhaps to Mexico City.

Dee was upset, and she tried to talk to him about how she felt about the situation, especially since this was a case of her being invited and then uninvited from a week-long tropical vacation with his female best friend, whom she had never met before.

Dee and her partner eventually decided to take a trip to Copenhagen together to compensate Dee. Dee also requested to meet Emmy in order to feel more at ease with the Costa Rica vacation she will not be taking.

So Dee and her partner went to see Emmy and her boyfriend, and while it was nice to finally see Emmy, the trip was a total bust because Emmy was unfriendly toward Dee. So much so that Dee's boyfriend commented on how cold Emmy was and was surprised that Emmy did not warm up to her.

Dee went out of her way to get to know Emmy and her boyfriend, but even after several days, nothing clicked.

Frustrated, Dee told her boyfriend that she still didn't feel comfortable with things, and that she was insulted by the way things were handled. She had tried to make things smooth between all of them, but it wasn't happening. She asked him to please come up with something that could help her feel better about the trip.

When Dee's boyfriend's family asked about the trip, they were all shocked that he would have planned it this way and told Dee that they would have been furious if they had been in her position, which triggered a fight where Dee begged him to do something to make her feel better and more secure about them going together without her.

He said he would never do something like this again, which doesn't seem like much of an offer to Dee given that this is a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to begin with. He offered to not go on the trip, but he had already paid for the tickets and made the arrangements, and Dee didn't want to interrupt their journey and be despised by both him and Emmy.

He begged Dee for suggestions on how to help her feel better and expected Dee to simply tell him what to do, but he hesitated and stalled until the day of the trip arrived. He purchased Dee some peanut butter cups, and she drove them both to the airport.

Being in such a circumstance made Dee feel so ignored and degraded. She's torn between breaking up with him and staying because she didn't want to ruin what has been a wonderful relationship. They'd been dating for a while and were thinking about moving in together. They had something serious. But she was upset.

She waited until the next day, then texted him to let him know that she didn't feel safe or loved in the manner the trip was handled and that she would be dropping off his belongings at his apartment and leaving his keys with a neighbor. He called but left no message, then messaged her later that he didn't understand.

He called and texted her the remainder of the week, but Dee couldn't bring herself to pick up or respond. Then he realized that Dee was serious, so he asked her a few questions about where to find what, and she answered accordingly.

When he returned home and found all of his belongings, he became quite agitated and called Dee, leaving a lengthy message. He was curious as to what was going on. The next day, she sent another text stating unequivocally that it was over, and he became angry, sending her a string of texts in a row about how he couldn't understand why she was throwing away everything they had worked for.

He also left her an angry voicemail in which he stated that he had no idea why she was upset, that he did not accept the breakup because he had no say in it, and that he wanted her to tell him the awful lie she had made up about him in front of him.

She sent a lengthy email describing everything that had transpired and concluding that she couldn't tolerate his relationship with his best friend and that splitting up didn't have to be mutual and didn't require his approval. He sent back an email saying he was sorry. In it, he took responsibility for most of the problems without arguing and made excuses for some of them.

In the end, the breakup was amicable.

Do you think she overreacted? What could her boyfriend possibly have done to make her feel better or comfortable about the trip with his female best friend? You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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