Boyfriend’s Reaction to Girlfriend’s Gift Will Leave You Speechless

Moral constitutions can play a big part in the value systems we use to gauge major relationships. Sometimes our morals align, and sometimes they don't.

Redditor @SweetAstronaut687 is learning that even something simple as a gift can set some people off.

Here's The Story

Over the holidays, OP's office had a gift exchange. Her “Secret Santa,” who turned out to be her really “awesome” supervisor, bought her a beautiful blue peacoat she had mentioned eyeing up in a previous conversation. Naturally, OP was beyond grateful and totally loves her new coat to the point that she's been wearing it every day.

But when she went to visit her boyfriend, with whom she has a long-distance relationship, things went downhill fast.

When her boyfriend found out her new favorite coat was made by SHEIN, he flipped out and demanded she throws it away. She told him she loved her coat and that it was a gift. Besides, it was winter; she couldn't just go without a coat. But, that didn't matter to OP's boyfriend.

He ranted about how SHEIN uses slave labor and sweatshops to make their ‘fast fashion.' Not only did he call OP selfish, he said her supervisor must be “as stupid as her” and then kicked her out. He told her to “get in touch when she made the right decision” about the coat.

OP discloses that she hasn't reached out since. She would like to know if Reddit thinks she's TA.

Reddit Speaks Out

@thelittlebird thinks OP is lucky to have seen the red flags.


Be grateful for the red flag and ditch this relationship.

While he is right about Shein being unethical, he doesn’t get to police your wardrobe.”

@Pristine-Rhubarb7294 thinks the best ‘fast-fashion' rule is to use it as much as possible.

“Yup! The best thing to do with something unethical you own (like labor or consumer ethics-wise, not things with offensive slogans) is to get as much use as you can out of it. Someone is going to have to make your new coat, even if they are slightly better paid and treated.”

User @MixedBagofCrazy knows the waste doesn't matter to SHEIN.

“Throwing it away or getting a replacement coat doesn't change the fact that it would be wasted and that they have already profited off of it. It's similar to the Carhartt purge. They have already profited off of the purchase, so you're literally making zero difference to them. What you're doing is creating more waste out of a wearable article of clothing.”

@foxcenrel1921 thinks, ‘you do what you have to do.'

“While Shein is absolutely unethical, for some, they're the only choice, which could absolutely be a part of it here.

We have no idea what the supervisor's finances are like, and to some people who struggle financially buying “high quality” ethical clothing isn't possible, so you do what you have to…

OP you are so far from being TA, but your (hopefully ex) boyfriend sure is! Fast fashion is ****, sure, but if you take care of your clothes, they can last a long time too! I still have a few pieces I bought from Shein when it first came into mainstream, and there's no sign of wear and tear at all, even with frequent use.”

In The End

Relationships are tricky, and it sounds like OP found a hair trigger for her boyfriend. Would you have kept a gift even if it was made by a ‘less than ethical' company?

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