Branded Surveys Review: Is it Actually Worth Signing up?

Branded Surveys is one of the best survey sites to earn gift cards and cash prizes. Taking surveys online is a perfect choice for a stay-at-home mom or dad, a student, or anyone who wants a fun way to earn some spending money in their free time.

But is it worth it? Taking surveys in your spare time is an easy way to make extra money or score free gift cards. It probably won't make you rich, but Branded Surveys can be a nice little source of extra cash or gift cards.

What is Branded Surveys?

Branded Surveys is a popular online survey platform that connects research companies with consumers willing to share their opinions by answering survey questions.

In exchange for being a Branded Surveys member, you'll earn points redeemable for cash or gift cards.

Branded Surveys was founded in 2012 and rebranded from its original name, Mintvine. The company is based out of San Diego, California.

How Much Are Branded Surveys' Points Worth?

It may not seem like much, but each Branded Survey point is worth one cent. So, for every 100 points you collect, you'll earn $1. And you can cash out when you make $5, or 500 points. 

Ways To Make Money With Branded Surveys

Members primarily complete surveys to earn points they can redeem for gift cards and cash rewards. However, there are different ways you can earn additional points.

All opportunities are posted on the dashboard in your Branded Surveys account, which you can access via the mobile app on your cell phone, tablet, or computer.


Once you join Branded Surveys, you'll be matched with different survey opportunities based on your profile. Completing surveys is an easy way to get paid for sharing your valued opinions.

Surveys vary in length; some only take five minutes, while others take up to 20 minutes.

The survey dashboard displays surveys you're eligible to take. Listed with each survey is an estimated timeframe, along with the number of points it is worth.

Daily Polls

A Daily poll consists of just a few questions and takes little time to complete. So not only is taking polls fun, but it's also a quick and easy way to obtain some extra points.

Branded Elite Program

Branded Elite is Branded Surveys' loyalty program that rewards their most valuable survey takers with bonus points.

As you complete surveys, you become eligible to earn badges that have different levels of rewards and points associated with them.

Below are the different badge levels elite members can reach and their corresponding rewards. The bonuses are calculated using a percentage of the total survey points earned weekly.

Bronze Badge Level

  • Eligibility: Complete two or more surveys per month.
  • 5% bonus for completing 12 or more surveys per week.

Silver Badge Level

  • Eligibility: Complete 10 or more surveys per month.
  • 10% bonus for 12+ surveys per week.
  • 12% bonus for 20+ surveys per week.

Gold Badge Level

  • Eligibility: Complete 25 or more surveys per month.
  • 15% bonus for 12+ surveys per week.
  • 17% bonus for 20+ surveys per week.
  • 19% bonus for 30+ surveys per week.

Branded Leaderboard

Another fun way to earn additional points is to qualify for the leaderboard. Think of it as a competition between yourself and other members. Whoever takes the most surveys will secure a spot on various leaderboards.

A few examples of Branded Surveys leaderboards are daily top 50 and monthly top 20.

Once you earn a spot on the leaderboard, you're eligible to participate in draws. The winners of the draws win anywhere from a 50 to 1000-point bonus.

Referral Points

Referring your friends or family to Branded Surveys is an effortless way to get more points.

To receive referral points, your referral must receive a silver badge in the Branded Elite program.

Once they receive their silver badge, you will receive 50 points. These points can add up, especially if you refer many friends.

When you invite friends, send them the unique referral link provided by Branded Surveys to ensure you receive your points.

Sign-Up Bonus

When you sign-up and complete your profile, you'll automatically get a 50-point registration bonus. Then, you'll receive another 50 points for taking your first survey.

So in total, you'll receive 100 points or $1 as a sign-up bonus.

How to Join Branded Surveys

The Branded Surveys sign-up process is straightforward. First, go to the Branded Surveys site and tap or click the sign-up button.

Next, enter your email address and create a password.

Then, complete your profile questionnaire – you'll be asked a few simple questions, such as your name, zip code, and birthday.

Finally, you'll need to complete an intro survey. Think of the intro survey as an extension of your profile. You'll be paired with relevant surveys based on your answers.

Some of the questions on the intro survey include demographic information such as:

  • Employment status
  • Annual household income
  • If you have kids under 18, you'll be asked to list their birth month, birth year, and gender.
  • Education level

It's essential to be upfront in your answers so you will receive user-matched surveys tailored specifically to you and your lifestyle.

Branded Surveys Payout

Just like the sign-up process, getting paid is not complicated. After earning 500 points, which converts to $5, you can cash out your points.

Payout Options

Branded Surveys offers multiple ways to redeem your points, which include:

  • Transfer to your PayPal account
  • Transfer to your bank account using Branded Pay
  • Gift cards to popular retailers, restaurants, airlines, and more.
  • Charitable donation

How To Get Paid

Here's how to cash out your points in the form of gift cards or real money:

  1. Go to the “My Payouts” section in the Branded Surveys dashboard to see your current cash balance and payout activity.
  2. Choose a payment method.
  3. Tap or click the “redeem my points” button.

Is Branded Surveys Legit?

Branded Surveys is one of the most popular online survey websites, has been around for more than ten years, and has excellent reviews.

These are both strong indicators that Branded Surveys is a legitimate and trustworthy company.

In addition, the company has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2014.

While some paid online survey sites are scams, this is not the case with Branded Surveys; they are definitely a legitimate website.

Other Top Survey Sites

Branded Surveys is a good choice, but if you're seeking extra earning opportunities, it would benefit you to sign-up for multiple survey platforms.

Below are some other legit survey sites to check out:

  • Survey Junkie: Like Branded Surveys, Survey Junkie is user-friendly and free to use.
  • Swagbucks: This popular site offers multiple ways to earn in addition to completing surveys.
  • InBoxDollars: Branded Surveys' primary focus is on surveys, but with InBoxDollars, you get paid not only for taking surveys but for playing games, watching videos, and shopping online.

Pros and Cons of Branded Surveys

Below are some pros and cons of Branded Surveys.


  • Easy and fast sign-up process with no membership fee.
  • There are plenty of ways to collect points, especially after becoming part of the loyalty program.
  • There are many payout options to fit your needs. You can get cash, gift cards, or donate to charity.
  • There is an extensive list of brand name gift card options, including gift cards to Amazon, Target, Apple, Bed Bath and Beyond, Walmart, eBay, Gamestop, and more.


  • Some people may not want to share personal information to sign up, such as income amount, the birth year of their children, etc. Branded Surveys does this to match you with the best surveys, although this may not be information some consumers will feel comfortable sharing.
  • The tiered badge reward system comprising of different percentage bonuses is a little overly complicated and confusing compared to some other companies.
  • As with other survey websites, you may be disqualified from taking specific surveys after some preliminary questions. Some Trust Pilot reviewers voiced frustration with being disqualified because they felt it was a time waster for them.
  • While survey work is great for earning extra income, you aren't being compensated much for your time. There are other options out there that are better for making good money, such as these passive income ideas.

Is Branded Surveys Right for You?

It's helpful to weigh all the pros and cons mentioned above when determining if Branded Surveys is a good fit.

While you may not get rich when you take surveys, it's still a simple way to earn money online if you have extra time.

Branded Surveys is one of the top paid survey sites and overall has good reviews, scoring 4.2 out of 5 stars on Trust Pilot.

In addition, Branded Surveys is an excellent way to earn some easy cash or free gift cards that doesn't require much effort besides answering some survey questions.

The best way to determine if Branded Surveys is right for you is to become a member, plus you will receive a sign-up bonus. Since Branded Surveys is free to use, you have nothing to lose by trying it out.