Breaking Bad: Daniel Wachsberger’s role and death

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Daniel Wachsberger is a character from Breaking Bad, who died tragically after betraying Mike Ehrmantraut, after becoming an informant for the DEA.

Breaking Bad may have ended its natural run on television in 2013, but the series has continued to be one of the most popular watches as new and old fans of the series revisit the crime-drama series which has five seasons and which first premiered on AMC in 2008.

Fans continue to revisit popular characters whose presence on the series impacted the trajectory of the story.

One such cameo character was Dan Wachsberger, a lawyer who represented Gustavo Fring’s henchmen turned informant for the DEA. This decision subsequently resulted in his death in the series.

Why is it called Breaking Bad?

Breaking Bad is centred on Walter White, a science teacher turned drug kingpin. The series was meant to display the antihero protagonist’s decline into a ruthless, greedy, and self-centred drug lord from the upstanding citizen that he was when the series started.

Furthermore, it is understood that the inspiration of the series name stems from creator Vince Gilligan’s Virginia roots.

This is as the term colloquially means “rise hell”, which is indeed what Walter has to do in order to rise up the ranks to eventually become his alter ego, Heisenberg.

Breaking Bad: Daniel Wachsberger role and death

By season five of Breaking Bad, Walter White had fully assumed his role as a drug kingpin who was willing to do anything to remain in power.

But on the other hand, the authorities were inching closer and closer to finding and arresting him for his crimes. Therefore, it was important for him to make sure that the people who knew and could reveal his identity were either loyal or dead.

Like in the case of lawyer Dan Wachsberger. Appearing in season five, Dan was hired to represent the nine henchmen from Gustavo Fring’s gang after his murder.

Dan and Mike Ehrmantraut, who, at the time, were pretending to be Dan’s paralegal, visited the henchmen so that Mike could assure them that they would be looked after.

During these visits, Dan would be there in presence, but he listened to music while Mike assured the henchmen that they would get paid.

Dan would then be tasked with making scheduled deposits to the henchmen’s deposit accounts in a bank in Albuquerque.

But it was during one of these deposit runs that he was discovered by the DEA and subsequently arrested as an accessory. Facing imprisonment for his association with criminal activity, Dan became an informant for the DEA.

Why was Dan Wachsberger killed?

As an informant for the DEA, Dan was tasked with luring Mike Ehrmantraut from his hiding place. As such, Dan made a call to Mike suggesting that there was a problem with the deposits to the henchmen in an attempt to find out his location.

Mike, who did not know any better, revealed his location to Dan. But shortly thereafter, Walter called Mike to reveal that Dan was caught by the DEA and that he was compromised.

Mike subsequently fled before the DEA discovered him. Walter, in an effort to protect himself, reached out to a White supremacist group to have them kill Dan. Dan was then stabbed to death  in jail.

Dan Wachsberger mentioned in Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul, the prequel/sequel to Breaking Bad, had references to the series throughout its six-season run.

Dan Wachsberger also received a mention in Better Call Saul during Jimmy/Saul’s plea bargain when he was sharing how he was threatened into working for Walter White.

He used Dan’s death as an example of why he feared Walter White, revealing that Dan was stabbed 48 times in jail after he turned on Walter and became an informant for the DEA, which was not expressed on Breaking Bad.

Who played Dan Wachsberger?

On Breaking Bad, Dan Wachsberger was played by American actor Chris Freihofer. While the actor has a career that started as early as 2004, his biggest role to date, which he is most recognised for is his role in Breaking Bad.

This is as his other roles have been cameos that did not have the same impact. Moreover, another reason for this is that Freihofer works mostly as a location casting director rather than as an actor.

As such, Freihofer managed to remain a working actor, as in 2022 he is cast in a number of projects as an extra, including Blueberry Hall, Second Chances, and Starbright, all of which are currently in wapost-production.