Breaking Bad party ideas

Breaking Bad party ideas

There are many elements from the hit series, Breaking Bad, that can be used for a themed party, and these can be incorporated in the food and decor.

Every party needs a theme, and what is better than making a party theme your favourite television series, like Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad was the hit AMC crime-drama series that premiered in 2008 and concluded in 2013.

During its run, the series premiere and finale episodes were communal as watch parties were thematically organised to pay homage to the series.

While the series and its watch parties may be over, there are Breaking Bad party ideas that can still be used today.

What makes series themed parties different from other parties?

Any party with a theme attempts to imbue the theme into almost every detail of the occasion. For instance, you cannot host a Sex and the City party without a Cosmopolitan.

So essentially, what makes a successful film or series themed party is how well-versed the organiser is in the world that they are attempting to recreate or pay homage to.

Breaking Bad party ideas

These ideas are for an adult party, as Breaking Bad was for a more adult audience. Therefore, while some elements in this article can be used for children’s parties, adults will understand the more mature references.

Therefore, the first aspect after deciding on the theme, is to encourage your guests to have fun with it. Hence, as the organiser, your invitation needs to be clear about the dress code and the theme.

One idea is stipulating that guests should wear yellow hazmat yellow jumpsuits with goggles. While the jumpsuits can look basic, there are more expensive versions with more detail available in the market.

The jumpsuits are ideal for a host that is looking to stand out as they can also wear Walter White’s signature pork pie hat and dark sunglasses.

Or if Jesse Pinkman is your favourite character, his signature beanie is an ideal nod to the Aaron Paul character.

However, if the goal is not to stand out at the party, another alternative is borrowed from Breaking Bad’s wrap parties.

All the guests dress up as their favourite or least favourite character from the series to avoid an influx of Walter White costumes and interpretations at the party.

Also, this removes the pressure of overspending on your outfit, as a Los Pollos apron and cap is more than enough to stay on theme.

Once the theme and dress code have been agreed upon, you need to organise the decor and the food.

Breaking Bad decor ideas

The decor theme is what makes the party. On Amazon, you can find themed stickers, which are ideal if you want to be on the nose.

But if you want to create a unique experience, then you can get beakers, branded cups, and mugs to drink from. In the decorative beakers, you can place acrylic ice rocks into which you can add the colour of the “blue meth.”

Including the yellow and white striped colours of Los Pollos will tie the room’s decor together, and you get bonus points if the packaging of the snacks is the fictional fast-food chain’s logo.

Breaking Bad food and snacks ideas

There are two snacks that should be part of any Breaking Bad party. These are Jesse’s favourite snacks, Cheetos and Funyuns, which by the end of season two were a staple for any Breaking Bad viewing party.

Melted sugar dyed to look like the signature blue crystal meth on the series is a sweet treat that will pay homage to the series.

For food, you can serve burgers and sloppy joes or sliders. The burgers would be aptly named “heisenburgers”, which can be written on stickers attached to the burgers.

The sloppy joes can also have a name that references a character from the series. Alternatively, there is a Breaking Bad cookbook which you can borrow recipes from.

Breaking Bad games and cake ideas

What is a party without games? Breaking Bad has a variety of games to choose from. Whether it is the family friendly trivial pursuit with 600 questions in the game or the quiz book for avid fans.

Both are ideal for drinking games, but if you are looking for an actual Breaking Bad drinking game, LewisRenee created one.

Lastly, the cake, the best idea is to have iconography from the series printed onto the cake with a quote.

Some quote options include, “I did it for me”, “I won”, “I am the one who knocks”, and “Say my name.” For visual inspiration, you can take a browse on Pinterest.