Breaking News January 25, 2024: Jake Gyllenhaal Is a Beast in ‘Road House’ Trailer, Chris Evans To Star in Ethan Coen’s Dark Comedy ‘Honey Don’t!’

Jake Gyllenhaal in Road House SXSW 2024

Jake Gyllenhaal is ready to rumble in Doug Liman's Road House, a remake of the 1989 film Road House starring the late Patrick Swayze. In addition to Gyllenhaal, the new Road House stars Daniela Melchior, Billy Magnussen, Jessica Williams, Darren Barnet, Arturo Castro, J.D. Pardo, and Conor McGregor.

In Road House, a ridiculously ripped Gyllenhaal plays ex-UFC middleweight fighter Elwood Dalton who works at a roadhouse in the Florida Keys. In the new Road House trailer, Gyllenhaal faces off against a character played by Conor McGregor.

Director Doug Liman intends to skip the SXSW premiere of Road House to protest Amazon MGM's decision to bypass theaters and release Road House exclusively on Prime Video.

Road House premieres March 21 exclusively on Prime Video.

Chris Evans To Star in Ethan Coen’s Dark Comedy ‘Honey Don’t!’

Chris Evans in Avengers: Endgame
Image Credit: Marvel Studios/Walt Disney Studios.

Chris Evans has signed on to the cast of Ethan Coen's dark comedy Honey Don't!, cowritten by Coen's wife, Tricia Cooke. Evans joins a cast that includes Aubrey Plaza and Margaret Qualley.

Although exact plot details remain under wraps, IndieWire describes the movie as “set in Bakersfield, California, with Evans playing a cult leader, Qualley portraying a private investigator, and Plaza as a mystery woman.” Isn't Plaza always a mystery and mysterious?

Coen brothers Ethan and Joel — the men behind Raising Arizona, Fargo, The Big Lebowski, and No Country for Old Men, to name just a few — reportedly had a creative split in 2018. In a recent interview with Empire, Joel teased a reunion, saying that he and Ethan are “working on writing something” together.

HBO Under Fire for Casting Pro-Putin Actor Miloš Biković on ‘The White Lotus’

Milos Bikovic scaled e1706199985497
Image Credit: Wiki Commons, By Balkan Photos, CC BY-SA 2.0.

Ukraine has called out HBO for casting pro-Putin actor Miloš Biković on The White Lotus. The Serbian actor has sang the praises of and accepted a medal from the Russian leader currently engaged in a war with Ukraine.

According to Deadline, Biković will likely play “a Russian-speaking wellness guru at the hotel” on the third season of the hit series. Production will reportedly start next month in Thailand.

A video posted by the Ukraine Ministry of Foreign Affairs on X states, “Miloš Biković, Serbian actor who has been supporting Russia since the start of the full-scale invasion, is now set to star in HBO's The White Lotus Season 3. @HBO, is it all right for you to work with a person who supports genocide & violates international law?”

In 2018, Putin awarded Biković a Pushkin medal for advancing Russian culture. Watch the video here.

Although HBO has not yet commented on its burgeoning Biković problem, other actors have burned bridges for their political views. Melissa Barrera got fired from Scream VII for her pro-Palestine position, and Susan Sarandon's agency dropped her after making what many interpreted as anti-Semitic statements in support of Palestine.

Julianne Moore and Tilda Swinton To Star in Pedro Almodóvar’s English-Language Debut, ‘The Room Next Door’

Julianne Moore Tilda Swinton Pedro Almodovar
Image Credit: Wiki Commons, By Gordon Correll – Julianne Moore, CC BY-SA 2.0; By Manfred Werner (Tsui)/CC by-sa 4.0, CC BY-SA 4.0; By Ruben Ortega – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0.

Julianne Moore joins Tilda Swinton in The Room Next Door, the English-language film debut of acclaimed Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar. The cast also includes John Turturro.

An Instagram repost by Almodóvar’s production company, El Deseo, reads, “The actresses are placed under the command of the director from La Mancha in a drama between mother and daughter that will be filmed in the spring in New York and Madrid and will be his first film shot in English.”

According to the official description posted on Deadline: “The Room Next Door is the complex story of a flawed mother and her daughter, separated by a massive misunderstanding. At the heart of this conflict, Ingrid (Julianne Moore), a friend of Martha’s (Tilda Swinton) mother, becomes a witness to each person’s pain and bitterness. Martha is a war reporter, Ingrid is an autofiction novelist. The film addresses the limitless cruelty of wars and highlights the unique approaches of the two writers to depict reality. It explores the themes of death, friendship, and sexual pleasure, considered essential allies in the fight against horror. In a house nestled in the heart of a nature reserve in New England, the two friends will experience a situation that is both extreme and surprisingly tender.”

‘Tuesday’ Trailer: Julia Louis-Dreyfus Faces Death in the Form of a Phantom Talking Macaw

Tuesday starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Image Credit: A24.

The new trailer for the fantasy-drama Tuesday features Julia Louis-Dreyfus as a mother dealing with the looming death of her sick daughter. The surreal directorial debut of Daina O. Pusić features Death visiting the characters in the form of a talking macaw.

The official description of the A24 film reads: “A mother (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and her teenage daughter (Lola Petticrew) must confront Death when it arrives in the form of an astonishing talking bird. From debut filmmaker Daina O. Pusić, Tuesday is a heart-rending fairy tale about the echoes of loss and finding resilience in the unexpected.”

“The fundamental idea of the film sort of grabbed my heart, as it were: the human instinct to fight death, and then of course, a mother's protective instinct towards a child,” says Louis-Dreyfus in Tuesday‘s official production notes. “It was the intersection of both of those ideas.”

Tuesday will premiere in the summer of 2024. Click here to watch the trailer.

Cringe Alert: Kevin Spacey Now Ready To Sign Autographs and Pose for Pictures at Convention

Kevin Spacey
Image Credit: Siebbi – ipernity, CC BY 3.0/Wiki Commons.

Two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey — who saw his career crumble after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced — will sign autographs and pose for pictures with remaining fans at the Mad Monster convention in Concord, North Carolina in February.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Spacey has mostly avoided public appearances following accusations of sexual misconduct involving young men in late 2017. Netflix fired him from House of Cards in the wake of the claims, while filmmaker Ridley Scott reshot part of the feature All the Money in the World to excise him from the movie, replacing him with Christopher Plummer.”

“Amongst the many things that I’ve learned the past handful of years is how much my fans care about me,” said Spacey in a statement. “I know I can’t thank each one of them individually, but this is a great step towards doing just that.”

The tone-deaf organizers of Mad Monster added, “Kevin Spacey is one of the most sought after actors in the celebrity appearance space. We couldn’t be more excited to be the first to bring him to a show.”

Justin Timberlake Releases ‘Selfish’ Single and Music Video

Justin Timberlake
Image Credit: magicinfoto /

He's ba-ack. Justin Timberlake dropped the music video for “Selfish” from his upcoming album Everything I Thought It Was — his first album in five years.

As reported by Variety, the under-four-minute pop ditty about — what else? — a relationship features multiple writers, including Timberlake, Louis Bell, Cirkut, Theron Thomas, and Amy Allen. Timberlake, 42, croons, “I want every bit of you, guess I’m selfish” in the self-deprecating video in which a scruffy Timberlake rehearses for a video shoot.

“It's fun Justin,” said frequent Timberlake collaborator Timbaland to Variety last April. “We’ve both seen a lot of life, but you can’t overthink it because of that, you have to bring out the 13 year old, 18 year old again, you know? If not, you can get into the old-fogey stage real quick. [Laughs] That’s just the world we live in.”

Timberlake's Everything I Thought It Was drops on March 15.

‘Immaculate' Trailer: ‘Euphoria' Actress Sydney Sweeney Stars as a Pregnant Nun in Horror Movie

Sydney Sweeney in Immaculate
Image Credit: Neon.

Euphoria actress Sydney Sweeney stars as nun who finds herself pregnant — never a good sign — in the Neon horror film Immaculate. Michael Mohan, who previously directed Sweeney in The Voyeurs, helms Immaculate.

The official Immaculate synopsis posted by IndieWire reads: “Cecilia (Sweeney), an American nun of devout faith, embarks on a new journey in a remote convent in the picturesque Italian countryside. Her warm welcome quickly devolves into a nightmare as it becomes clear her new home harbors a sinister secret and unspeakable horrors.”

Sweeney appears next in the superhero flick Madame Web, in which she plays Julia Carpenter — the young woman who becomes Spider-Woman.

Immaculate descends into theaters on March 22. Click here to watch the trailer.

Colman Domingo Will Portray Joe Jackson in Antoine Fuqua's Michael Jackson Biopic

Colman Domingo Joe Jackson
Image Credit: Wiki Commons, By Philip Romano – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0; By Georges Biard, CC BY-SA 3.0.

Fear the Walking Dead actor Colman Domingo will portray family patriarch and talent manager Joe Jackson in Antoine Fuqua's Michael Jackson biopic titled Michael. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences just nominated Domingo for an Oscar for his role in Rustin.

Jaafar Jackson — the real-life nephew of Michael Jackson — plays the pop icon in the movie currently in production. Graham King — via his GK Films — is producing Michael

“I’m excited to be a part of a film that explores both the complicated soul of the legendary Michael Jackson as well as his impact on music and culture as a global icon,” said Domingo in a statement. “Not only am I fortunate to have a rich, complex and flawed character to portray in Joe Jackson, but I also have a front row seat for Jaafar’s incredible transformation. After seeing him in rehearsal, my mind was blown. There is something divine about the way that Jaafar is channeling his late uncle. His talent and embodiment of Michael’s essence is simply on another level.”

Domingo dominates entertainment news today. Variety reports that Domingo will play Nat King Cole in a movie that he cowrote and will direct. “I’ve been working on it quietly for a few years,” said Domingo during a Variety Awards Circuit Podcast episode. “It’s something I’m looking forward to putting together with some great partners.”

Lionsgate will release Michael April 18, 2025 in theaters.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Reteam for ‘Animals' Kidnapping Thriller

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon
Image Credit: Gage Skidmore – CC BY-SA 2.0/Elena Ternovaja – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0/Wiki Commons.

Longtime friends Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have reteamed for the kidnapping thriller Animals. Affleck will direct and Damon will star in the Netflix movie written by Connor McIntyre with revisions by Billy Ray.

Deadline reports, “Damon, Affleck, and Artists Equity most recently worked together on Air, which earned rave reviews and is one of Amazon’s biggest theatrical hits in the studio’s history with $90 million at the global box office.” 

Affleck and Damon won the Best Original Screenplay Oscar for Good Will Hunting, which they both wrote and starred in together. The duo also starred in and shared screenwriting credit for Ridley Scott's The Last Duel. According to Deadline, Affleck will direct Animals before he reprises his role in The Accountant sequel later in the year.

Lily Gladstone Reunites With Martin Scorsese for Reed Morano's ‘The Memory Police'

Lily Gladstone and Martin Scorsese
Image Credit: Wiki Commons, By Leoman123 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0; By Montclair Film, CC BY 2.0.

Oscar nominee Lily Gladstone will reunite with Killers of the Flower Moon director Martin Scorsese for The Memory Police. Reed Morano — who directed episodes of The Handmaid's Tale — will direct the adaptation of the 1994 sci-fi novel by Yoko Ogawa. Scorsese will executive produce along with Ogawa.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Ogawa’s novel is a parable taking place on an unnamed island off an unnamed coast where a majority of the island’s residents are subject to collective amnesia. They endure a process of forgetting things, including objects, people and daily rituals, with the amnesia enforced by an organization called the Memory Police. In the story, a novelist tries to hide her editor, who can still remember, from the Memory Police, while he encourages her to write her book.”

Earlier this week, Gladstone became the first Native American nominated for the Best Actress Oscar for her performance as real-life Osage Nation member Mollie Kyle.

‘Wolf Pack' Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar Canceled by Paramount+ After One Season

Wolf Pack e1706222209543
Image Credit: MTV Entertainment Inc./Paramount+.

Paramount+ has canceled Wolf Pack starring Sarah Michelle Gellar after one season. A spin-off of Teen Wolf from creator Jeff Davis, Wolf Pack aired the last of its eight episodes in March 2023.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Sources say the streamer was keen on doing a second season of the series but ultimately delays caused by the writers and actors strikes last year would have meant that a sophomore run would not have been ready until 2025. That, sources say, wasn’t going to work for Paramount+ as the platform would have had to spend more to market the show after being off the air for an extended period of time.”

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter last March, Gellar sounded hopeful about a second season. “We plan to do one,” said Gellar. “We’d like to. We haven’t gotten the official word. I think it’s a tough time right now with the strike coming up. It’s hard, but our numbers have been great and people are still really finding the show and getting excited about it, so I’m hopeful for a season two.”

Wolf Pack was Gellar's first live-action TV role since the Buffy the Vampire Slayer star played herself on an episode of The Big Bang Theory in 2019.

Chris Pratt Reunites With Director Timur Bekmambetov for ‘Mercy' Sci-Fi Thriller

Chris Pratt and Timu bekmambetov
Image Credit: Wiki Commons, By Richard Thomas Johnson from Tokyo, Japan – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Japan Premiere Red Carpet: Chris Pratt, CC BY 2.0; By Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0.

Chris Pratt will play a detective accused of a violent crime who must prove his innocence in the sci-fi thriller Mercy directed by Timur Bekmambetov. The Amazon MGM Studios production will reportedly get at theatrical release.

According to Deadline, Mercy represents the first in a series of movies slated for theatrical release by Amazon MGM Studios. Road House director Doug Liman thought his Amazon MGM Studios film starring Jake Gyllenhaal would get a theatrical release, but instead Road House will premiere on Prime Video.

“From the moment Chuck Roven brought us Mercy and we read Marco van Belle’s script, we knew the film was meant for the big screen,” said Jennifer Salke, head of Amazon MGM Studios. “As our relationship with The Terminal List and The Tomorrow War’s Chris Pratt continues to extend across film, we can’t wait to watch him bring this action-packed story to life, guided by Chuck and the vision of director Timur Bekmambetov. We could not imagine a better star and filmmaking team to execute on and deliver what is sure to be a gripping thrill ride and look forward to audiences being able to experience it in theaters.”

“Amazon is the ideal partner for telling this crucial story about the future challenged by artificial intelligence and for engaging in this conversation with a wide audience,” said Bekmambetov. “I’m happy to reunite with Chris Pratt on this project, who, since the release of Wanted, has become one of the highest-grossing actors of our time. Collaborating with Chuck Roven will help us create an epic cinematic experience.”

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