Brian Cha (車志健) Review – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

Are you looking for a comprehensive review of Brian Cha (車志健)? Well you have come to the right place.

As I tried to figure out ways to make money online, I came across various ideas and corresponding online courses that teach you how to make money.

The internet basically introduced me to an array of educational material in addition to the various courses one must take to improve their chances of making money.

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In this commotion, I saw a man preaching about a supposed “Automated Sales system”.

In a video, a man I would later get to know as Brian Cha was talking about online marketplaces and how one would make money using his system.

It got me quite interested thus my deep dive into Brian Cha's Automated Sales System.


Who is Brian Cha (車志健) ?

A motivational speaker, an author, a former fitness instructor.

Only a few words one can use to describe the career that Brian Cha, also known as Cha Zhijian, has had.

He is one of the controversial internet figures in the booming business city of Hong Kong.


Brian Cha (車志健) World Record

He boasts an incredible feat of leading a team of colleagues into breaking a world record for two activities:Guinness World Record of most golf balls hit into a target area in 12 hours at Whitehead Club, Hong Kong and the Guinness World Record of most electrical energy generated by pedaling on a bicycle in 24 hours in Olympian City shopping mall, Hong Kong.

These are facts that can be verified if you visited the Guinness world book of records official website.


Is Brian Cha (車志健) legit or a scam?

His controversial nature arises from the sudden switch of careers added to the supposed success of his Automated Sales System.

Brian Cha claims that you can make a six figure income using his course.

One might say he was not specifically successful in his former profession as a fitness coach.

This was because of the debts he had supposedly racked up.

You could wonder how a successful professional would end up in debts and switch careers that fast.

brian cha
Brian Cha spent twenty years (20) as a fitness coach before switching careers


His sudden switch kept a lot of people guessing. What reason does he have to change? Why does a fitness coach get interested in motivational talk?

Why opt for a career in online marketing?

That conversation will be for another day.

Brian Cha has taught a lot of courses over the years but his most famed offering dubbed ” The Automated Sales System”.

He claims to use this system to raise a six figure income every month.

That's an overwhelming figure and it should get you excited. However, that might not actually be the case.

Brian Cha also has a company called Bria Cha Motivation through which he offers consultancy services to corporate giants.

You can also watch some of the videos below to get an even deeper insight into Brian Cha and his online businesses.



In this video, Brian Cha accepted the invitation of a Hong Kong media to explain if he is a scammer:



Deep dive into The Automated Sales System

The automated Sales system uses software to eliminate repetitive, manual tasks and automates them to allow you and your sales team to focus more on closing sales and getting paid.

In it's complexity, it utilises sales automation tools and marketing automation.

The aim is  automating the small activities and turning leads into paying customers.

With sales automation tools, you can:

  • Automate follow-ups.
  • Manage your sales pipeline.
  • Easily train new sales team members with a repeatable and scalable system.
  • Send invoices and payment reminders to clients to get paid without the awkward conversations.


With marketing automation tools, one can:

  • Use social marketing tools (post schedulers and brand watchers)
  • Land page resources
  • Direct mail marketing software such as customer databases
  • Use lead generation tools like blogging and SEO tools
  • Use postcard marketing tools (visual software for designing)
  • Utilize web analytics programs for example visual software for measuring results
  • Use customer tracking tools to view the customer journeys across your page


When combined with marketing automation, your sales automation software becomes an even more powerful tool that allows you to win more time back while growing your business.

The growth I'm talking about is with respect to revenue. This is all very appealing.

However, in the end, what matters the most is whether you have the manpower to utilize this system to perfection.

The Automated Sales system is not a program standing alone or some application like Facebook, Twitter or any other silicon valley product.

The system consists of an integrated product of marketing automation, sales automation, database automation and email marketing.

The issue is that the users of this sales model must understand that it requires one to actually put in the work and turn all the leads you get with the use of this system into paying customers.

All the system does for you is to micromanage the small tasks and greatly minimize human errors.

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Brian Cha's BCM

Brian Cha Motivation also known a s BCM is the company through which Brian Cha does his famed motivational work. The company also offers help in the following areas:

  1. Team management and training
  2. Corporate culture and goals
  3. Sales performance
  4. Market Expansion
  5. Leadership
  6. Personal Development
  7. Business Opportunities


brian cha employees
BCM employees recieving the SGS(9001:2015) Certificate.


BCM SGS certificate
BCM SGS certificate


The company is one of the few to have passed the SGS (ISO 9001:2015).

This is a pretty big deal in the industry. An organization that has received this certification must prove:


  1. Ability to continuously provide products or services that meet customer, regulatory and management requirements


  1. Continuously monitor service quality and improve customer satisfaction through effective use of systematic procedures


As you scroll through the website, you'll find a course that is dubbed the Millionaire Achiever.

This is the course that supposedly teaches you the automated sales system and lifts you into millionaire status.


Can I make an 8 figure income with Brian Cha's course?

First, you would have to get a full understanding of how the automation process works.


What is Marketing Automation?

Professionals generally consider marketing automation to be an app, locally installed or web-based, that plays a pivotal role in a variety of marketing-related activities.

These can include valuable marketing tactics like automated email marketing, lead nurturing/scoring, return on investment analysis, expanded CRM capabilities and more.

Whether sales are being conducted online or offline, marketing automation can take on truckloads of work with just a little pre-planning and foresight.

It won’t put your marketing team out of business — it’ll help lighten their load.

For example, one of the most common and fundamental parts of marketing automation is email marketing automation tools.

Email marketing automation can isolate and define sets of customers who may be receptive to a certain message.

Companies can use A/B testing or analytics to figure out how to craft marketing emails and make them more effective.

Let’s say you’ve got a diverse pool of customers, and you’re selling women's clothes.

You’d want to send out a coupon to all of your customers to entice them to buy, and encourage them to subscribe to your online boutique. This is where A/B testing comes in.

You’ll select a small segment of your market and test out an ‘A’ email. ‘A’ is focused on pants.

Then you’ll send out a ‘B’ email focused on dresses.

Depending on the responses you get back from your A/B test, you’ll know which segment to target for greatest effect. A/B testing is also useful for sales, in that it assists your team in knowing how to communicate with their qualified leads.

Email marketing is just one part of what marketing automation software programs offer to companies.

Several of the best marketing automation platforms deliver many of these features and more including social media, email and other channels into a single automation platform can decrease labor for a marketing department, and also provide key business intelligence concerning certain marketing campaigns.

A business that is attempting to expand their marketing strategies can use marketing automation to make their internal processes as effective as possible.

They can also use marketing automation to scale up quickly and efficiently.

This is an integral part of the system that Brian Cha seeks to implement with his company.

Sales automation, otherwise known as sales force automation or SFA is built around assisting human sales agents — and the human touch is what makes all the difference in the sales game, as any professional will tell you.

It gears the assets, tools, frameworks and resources of these products towards a complex sales process involving massive volumes of sales.

For this reason, many of these tools are directly related to sales tasks in an intuitive and uniquely human way.

Order processing is the most common part of SFA.

Any sales professional worth their salt will tell you that processing orders automatically brings tangible value to both e-commerce and brick and mortar operations, as it lets them quickly meet the customer’s needs.

Some sales automation platforms also have components such as inventory monitoring tools and sales analytics, which are equally valuable.

Sales automation tools and customer relationship management platforms (CRMs) may seem similar at first, but they are in fact very different from one another.

The main difference is that customer relationship management platforms are created for the sole purpose of enhancing contact with customers, while sales automation tools are aimed at assisting the sales process.

The sales process is about one individual (the salesperson) communicating to another person, and that’s what sales tools assist in.

Sales automation tools can help your team quickly act on a successful marketing campaign with personalized communication with the customer.

Think of sales automation tools as closer to marketing automation tools.

Compared to a sales automation tool, a CRM nurtures leads from start to close. They;

  • Store customer contact information
  • Qualify or disqualify leads
  • Nurture leads from beginning to end (and not just when they purchase)
  • Report on customer data and sales success
  • Track funnel activity
  • Both platforms typically include customer behavior dashboards as well as interfaces that salespeople can use to reach customers in a more active way.


Sales automation tools, ironically, are tailor-made to help humanize the sales process.

They’ll analyze a list of user-defined or pre-generated customer criteria and assign scores to leads.

Professionals and software vendors call this “lead scoring,” and it’s a vital part of both marketing automation and sales automation.

It helps you prioritize contacts and assist them in their buyer’s journey, rather than trying to mold them to fit your criteria.

This basically explains what Brian Cha is all about.

None of his so-called automated systems are aimed at making you that 8 figure income.

Infact, most of his content is what you find everywhere on the internet.

Believe me, when you read through an outline of his course, you will not find any glaring differences with the traditional methods.

He goes as far as telling you to ignore what you have learnt from other coaches inorder to make his speeches more useful.

A few polished ideas here and there and he's good to go.

The most important thing in sales automation is building a community of leads.

Through these leads, one can successful grow a community that consumes his/her product and generate sales.

With that, there is no way you can automate responses tailored to suit the various customers in their social standing.

This process requires the human touch and therefore invalidates the notion of running a system from advertising a product to selling to a particular client at the end of the day.

Furthermore, the reviews he has are about his success in consulting. I could not come across anyone saying that this system has benefited them at all.

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Brian Cha's net worth

His net worth is unknown. However, if you were to follow the success of his company, one would consider him really wealthy.

No evidence is available to suggest that he has a business with which he uses his automated sales system.

Therefore, questions may be asked as to authenticity and applicability of his system.

I mean who wouldn't use a money making system and make money for himself.

(Talk about how the company is shifting from the course. A lot of the information is not available for non Chinese subscribers.

BCM and how valuable it is, how the system is non-existent and cannot work, how the prerequisites of building such a community include a wide community non-existent at his companies.

Use of Facebook and Instagram ads to generate sales, paying for such ads using the money he collects from his “students”)


Is There An Easier and Better Alternative to Brian Cha’s Course?

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It is without doubt one of the best affiliate marketing courses out there that will guide you through the entire process of starting and growing your online business.

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And the best part is that it is free to join so you won’t have to spend a single coin to try it out.

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Conclusion: Brian Cha (車志健) Review – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

Making a fortune online is actually possible with the right tactics and information.

The challenge is there is so much information out there on how to make money online and usually this overwhelms many beginners.

As a result, many people lose thousands of dollars to various shady business men and scams that promise to help them make a fortune while working from home.

I know this because like many of you I have lost thousands of dollars to scammers.

If you really want to make money online the right way then give the Wealthy Affiliate System a try.

It’s one of the few courses I can actually vouch for.

Now I would like to hear from you.

What is your opinion of Brian Cha?

Are you going to try the Wealth Affiliate?

Let me know in the comments below.

Also share this blog post with your friends and family.