Brilliant Directories Review – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

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Brilliant Directories has been around for a while. Its usefulness has come into question as more directory websites come up. In this article, we shall explore whether the website is worth your time and money.


What is Brilliant Directories?

brilliant directories

Brilliant Directories is a directory platform that helps business to design and launch online communities.

The platform gives its users the chance to access profile pages and businesses to track payment subscriptions, transactions and email history.

The platform was started in 2009 and it has helped more than 20,000 organizations to turn their ideas into reality and grow their membership database.

You can check out video explaining what Brilliant Directories is and how it can help grow your business.



Brilliant Directories Features

The platform has a lot of great features that attract a number of people.

The features can be broken down as below:

a) Professional Directory Themes.

Front-End Member Search Results

The platform has an extensive collection of professional themes and directory website ideas to cater for various niches.

All you have to do is add a custom-made logo, a few images, text and branding and you have a fully designed website for your organization.


b) Complete Member Management.

This feature assists you in setting up the website such that you can manage members, payments and content.

Members that use your website could also manage their own accounts, engage with other members within your community and import their accounts from another platform.


c) Smart Payment Processing.

Admin Transaction History

This is the feature that manages everything to do with money on your website.

It adds the best payment tools to process and manage subscription, refunds, invoices, forecasting and past-due payments.

You can connect the website to members’ accounts so that recurring subscriptions are billed automatically.


d) Hassle-Free Setup and Design.

Member Account Dashboard

This feature allows you to update the design, look and feel of your directory.

The feature is easy to setup for new and expert developers.

It allows you to adjust colors, fonts, and more with just a single click.

You can brand your website with your company logo and images, customizable search modules to fit your needs and the chance to 100% white label your results.

The best thing is that the name ‘Brilliant directories’ does not appear anywhere.


e) Optimized Publishing for Google.

Admin Manage Posts

This feature allows you to publish content to out rank your competitors. This is done by using industry-leading SEO templates and tools.

You can also publish articles with your own built-in blogging system.

It also helps you to manage your content using a world-class content manager.

You can create pages with the simple page builder and make use of robust SEO templates and settings for advanced users.


f) App-ready for Android and IOS.

The software is mobile friendly as it allows you to access your website and convert it into a mobile application.

This means that you do not incur an extra cost for development, members can manage their accounts easily and visitors can easily use your site on phones and tablets.

The responsive design makes your site great on all devices.

Keep in mind that the developed app can easily be accessed on an iPhone and android device.


g) Banner Ad Management.

This feature allows you to manage your ads. Banner ads are an image based form of advertising. Using a banner ad management software is costly.

Here, you get access to reports and possible areas of improvement for your banner campaign.


h) Email Marketing, Newsletters, Social Media Sharing and Reminders.

The platform has over 40 personalized email marketing templates to use as welcome emails, account upgrade confirmations and campaigns.

In addition, admins can also send out newsletters thus saving you money on email management software.

You can also add a link to your social media pages including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


i) Website Builder.

This feature allows you to create your own website from scratch. There are over 75 templates you can use to design your personal directory or membership webpage.

You also have the opportunity to keep improving on your website’s designs by using the colors, fonts and other design tools available to your disposal.


j) Customizable Branding.

The platform allows its users to customize their own brand. You have the opportunity to design and setup your brand in a way you would like to see it.

You can also add your brand design to your page using the banners.


k) Review Management.

This feature helps you to analyze the reviews on your membership or directory website.

You can use this feature to respond to the reviews left by your customers as well as arranging them based on their importance to your platform.


l)Third Party Integrations.

This feature allows you to connect to other applications. The most notable integrations for the platform include PayPal, Stripe,, MailChimp and Google maps.

This allows you to add process payment invoices for its customers and make the platform user friendly to all its intended users.

You can also check out this video by AppSumo explaining the Brilliant Directories features and use cases.

This Brilliant Directories Appsumo video review will help clear any doubts you may have about the platform.


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Just like the features, you have different add-ons to the features mentioned above.

They include:

a) All in one SEO Pack.

These are built in features and settings to maximize your website’s search engine optimization.


b) Admin Role Permissions.

This restricts the access of your website administrators to specific back-end admin areas.


c) Post Affiliate Pro Integration.

This helps you to track affiliate sales activity and transaction data on your website with post affiliate pro.


d) Express Member Registration.

This assists website visitors can register a free account directly from the member login form.


e) Spam Form Protector.

This automatically blocks spam keywords in form submissions on your website.


f) 14-day Website Backup.

This allows you to secure your data with 14 days of ready to restore backups in case of emergencies.


g) Billing Reminder Emails.

This automatically send pat due emails to members and receive daily reports of activity.


h) Google Sitemap Generator.

This helps to increase your site’s rankings and ensure Google can find all of your important webpages.


i) Private Member Chat.

This allows users and members to send messages back and forth directly on your website.


j) Tax and VAT Manager.

This helps you configure location-based tax and VAT rules to be applied on your website’s checkout pages.


k) Automatic Lead Matching.

This helps you maximize revenue and save time by auto-sending lead notifications to members.


l) Bookmark Counter.

This adds a live counter next to the bookmark icon on posts and member listings.


m) Hidden Member Profiles.

This helps to control the members you can search for and find other members on the website.


n) Lead Price.

This feature helps you to maximize lead revenue by setting custom lead prices based on member categories.


o) Member Listing Badges.

This feature allows you to assign unique badges to member profile listings based on their membership level.


p) Multi-Location Listings.

This allows members can list their profile in multiple locations to be found in more searches.


q) Personal Post Feed.

This allows a unique feed for users to display newly published posts by members they follow.


r) Simple Events Calendar.

This allows you to display your website’s published upcoming events in a dynamic calendar view.


s) Website Storage Boost.

This allows you to optimize site performance by increasing total storage space to match your needs.


Get Started With Brilliant Directories For Free


How Brilliant Directories Works?

Signing up with the website is pretty easy. When you visit brilliant directories’ home page, you have to look for the free demo page or the pricing plan page.

Before you get into any form of purchase, you have the chance to try out the free demo of any pricing plan available on the platform. You can create an account before you can access the platforms


Brilliant Directories Pricing Plans.


The platform has three pricing plans for all its users.

They include:

  1. Monthly plan. This plan costs users $145 per month to launch a membership site.
  2. Yearly plan. This plan costs you an average of $79 per month which rounds up to $950 per year. This is 45% cheaper than the monthly plan.
  3. Lifetime plan. This plan costs you $1,450. It is paid once and you get access for a lifetime.

All these plans are easy to setup, assist you in managing your members, publish content, generate revenue and over 1000+ features.

When you make a selection, you have to enter your personal information like an email address, credit card information and a payment cycle.

You can also add a promo code if you have one. You can also choose to try the free demo for all the plans so that you can get an idea of the product you are getting.

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Pros of Brilliant Directories

  • Free demo. The demo is slated to last 7 days.
  • Easy to use and setup.
  • Great customer service.
  • Regular improvements made to the website.
  • The platform is easy to customize and personalize.
  • Video tutorials and webinars to help you use the software.



Brilliant Directories Cons.

  • Features of the different plans are not clear. All you know about is the time you get to use the plan.
  • Limited front end design.
  • Web customization is a bit pricey.
  • Sometimes, the brilliant directories website has been inaccessible. This usually happens when there are some improvements on the website. However, it is very disruptive.


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Conclusion: Brilliant Directories Review – Is it legit?

According to various clients, the platform is legit and very useful. The truth is you stand to gain a lot of value for money when you sign up with the website.

At the moment, the platform might be hard to reach because of regular maintenance checks. Aside from that, I encourage you to become a customer of the website if you are planning on starting a directory website or a membership website.

I hope you found this Brilliant Directories review helpful.

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