9 Things About the British Royal Family ‘The Crown’ Should Have Covered 

Debicki as Princess Diana in 'The Crown'.

With Netflix releasing the final episodes of The Crown on December 14, the British royal family is getting even more buzz than usual. Remember that The Crown isn't a documentary as we immerse ourselves in the luxe (and, let’s admit it, dysfunctional) world of palaces and the backrooms of power. It leaves a lot of things out, though several real-life events would have been perfect for the screen. 

1. The Diana and Dr. Hasnat Khan Romance 

Princess Diana
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Even though The Crown showed the beginning of Diana’s connection with Dr. Hasnat Khan, it’s pretty surprising they didn’t show just how serious and enduring their relationship was. Diana wanted to marry Khan, and though he didn’t feel the same, Diana’s feelings for the heart surgeon were essential to her life and story.

2. The “Squidgygate” Tapes 

Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana in "The Crown"
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The Crown covered Charles and Camilla’s infamous “Tampongate” scandal, but what about Squidgygate? Squidgygate involved the exposure of tapes of phone conversations between Diana and James Gilbey. Gilbey called her “Squidgy.” Squidgygate was on all the front pages back then, so it’s strange that the show's writers didn’t think to include it.  

3. Charles and Diana in South Korea

Royal Visit of Prince Charles and Princess Diana to Edmonton, Alberta - Prince Charles speaking at the Alberta Legislature, 30 June 1983. Provincial Archives of Alberta, PA8323832.
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As the palace’s last-ditch effort to show Diana and Charles’ marriage was solid (spoiler: it wasn’t), the powers that be decided they should go together on an official visit to South Korea in 1992. The whole thing was a disaster, with the couple unable to hide their disdain for each other. This would have been a compelling addition to The Crown, so it’s surprising they didn’t include it. 

4. Princess Anne’s Scottish Wedding

Anne, Princess Royal pictured during the Chatham House Prize 2015 award ceremony.
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Princess Anne married her second husband, Timothy Laurence, in Scotland in 1992. Why Scotland? The Church of England didn’t let divorced people remarry, and Princess Anne had been previously married to Mark Phillips. As Princess Anne plays a pretty significant role in a lot of The Crown, I’m surprised they didn’t include this event. 

5. Prince William’s Head Injury

Prince William greeting a large crowd of people.
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Back in 1991, a young Prince William ended up with a serious head injury. It happened when a golf club accidentally hit him in the head, and he required emergency surgery as a result. William still talks about this event and has a scar on his forehead. This event could have been a dramatic addition to The Crown. 

6. The Queen and a Fake Prime Minister Call 

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II
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Even the late Queen Elizabeth II made mistakes sometimes, occasionally big ones. On one occasion in 1995, she fell for a prank phone call from a radio DJ, Pierre Brassard. Brassard pretended to be Jean Chretien, the Canadian Prime Minister. This would have been an amusing episode for The Crown to recount, but maybe they thought it was a bit boring. 

7. Prince Harry’s Birth 

Prince Harry
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Princess Diana explained that Harry's birth was a turning point in her marriage. Charles was disappointed that Harry was a boy rather than a girl, unfairly blaming his wife. Including this event in The Crown would have better developed the story of how the marriage went wrong. 

8. Diana’s Aristocratic Background 

princess diana wax figure
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In the show, Diana is depicted as being confused by royal protocol and making mistakes with her manners. In actuality, Diana was born into the aristocratic Spencer family. Her father was an earl, and she knew the royal family personally as she was growing up. The Crown should have alluded to this more. 

9. Sarah Spencer Introduced Diana and Charles 

Princess Diana, Prince Charles
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The Crown depicts what appears to be a happenstance meeting when Charles and Diana first lay eyes on each other, but the truth is a bit more prosaic. Diana’s sister, Sarah, explained that she introduced Charles to Diana. Interestingly, Sarah had dated Charles in the past. 

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