Brko Banks Review – Scam or Legit? Truth Exposed!

Are you looking for an honest Brko Banks review? Well you have come to the right place.

In this review of Brko Banks YouTube channel and courses, you will learn everything there is to know about the popular YouTuber and whether he is a scam or not.

Whenever you think about opportunities to make money online, YouTube is not far from that conversation.

YouTube is one of the most common money making platforms on the internet.

All you have to do is create a famous YouTube account and then cash in on the advertising gigs.

This may be hard to achieve especially for novice YouTubers such as myself.

Therefore, you have to teach yourself how to do it or you must be taught most preferably by a mentor.

In most cases, these mentors present themselves as successful YouTubers who want to share with you how they made their accounts popular and how they earn from this popularity.

Lately, I have been introduced to a YouTube channel run by a man named Brko Banks.

It has over 100,000 subscribers which is impressive and he has made claims as to the amounts of money he makes from his channel.

As I tried to find more information about the man, I learnt that he had started teaching people how to create YouTube channels and making money out of them using affiliate marketing.

With the courses, I decided to take a closer look into what is taught and how Brko Banks makes his money.


Who is Brko Banks?

Brko Banks is a mildly successful YouTube influencer. He started his channel back in 2017 and he currently has over 100,000 subscribers on his channel.

In a bid to mimic his success, Brko Banks decided to teach people how to become successful like he is with YouTube.

brko banks review

He established two courses for his followers and they include;

  1. Affiliate bucks course
  2. YouTube mastery course

In this article, we shall see what the two courses are all about and whether they are worth your time and money.


Brko Banks Course Review


1. Easy Affiliate Bucks Course Review.



What is the Easy Affiliate Bucks Course?

The affiliate bucks course was designed by Brko Banks to aid YouTube account owners in affiliate marketing.

The platform introduces you to ClickBank.

The idea behind it is to find a product you can advertise in the various niche markets.

According to the affiliate bucks course, you can become a promoter.


What is taught in the Easy Affiliate Bucks Course?


The affiliate bucks course consists of 8 modules. We shall explore what they cover below.

1. Module one: Introduction

This is the introductory module for the course. It contains four videos in which Brko explains to you what ClickBank is, how to sign up for a ClickBank affiliate account and the basics of affiliate marketing.

The module is well organized for beginners to find all the content you need about affiliate marketing.

This information can be found online at a very low cost.


2. Module two: How to promote products?

This module contains three videos in which Brko Banks shows you how to choose your niche products.

The videos last 41 minutes and 45 seconds.

He covers how to promote ClickBank products, where you can generate traffic from and how to analyze the traffic to select a selling product.

easy affiliate bucks course dashboard

All of this can be found online since there is almost no difference between what is taught here and free content online.


3. Module three: Free methods

Here, you are introduced to three free traffic generation methods in videos running for 59 minutes and 35 seconds.

All of these techniques are aimed at teaching you affiliate marketing with YouTube.

The first method shows you how to create video reviews and post them on YouTube.

The section also shows you how to add affiliate links in the video description using link shorteners.

The second method shows you how to add affiliate links in the comment sections of other YouTube videos.

This can be risky as you may be considered a spammer with the YouTube algorithm.

This is commonly frowned at since most YouTubers do not like it when you use their content to promote your own affiliate links.

The last method is more of a bonus as compared to a trick.

This section shows you how to create motivational videos and adding affiliate links in the description.

This can be of use to you if you have no issue revealing your face.


4. Module four: Tools

In this module, he introduces you to the tools used for creating videos.

Brko Banks suggests using a video editing tool known as Camtasia.

This tool goes for around $249. This is pretty expensive considering the number of tools available online for free.

The damning thing is Brko Banks does not mention the availability of these free software platforms and he insists on using this platform.

The platform offers a 12% commission on each customer referred to Camtasia.


5. Module five: Creating content

In this module, you get access to two video lessons that last for 15 minutes and 33 seconds teaching you how to create content.

As a ClickBank affiliate, you are shown how to create content that you can use for affiliate marketing.


6. Module six: Create the best converting landing page

For 17 minutes and 21 seconds, you are taught how to create the best landing page.

In this module, you learn about hosting and selection of a domain using the Hostigator platform.

You also get to create a landing page and how you can optimize it for maximum conversion rates.


7. Module seven: Creating your first advertisement

The videos in this module run for almost 29 minutes and 19 seconds.

Brko Banks shows you how to create your first advertisement using the Google Adwords campaign.

In addition to his help, Google has a skill shop where you can find additional training for free.

The second video covers this deeply and all relevant aspects of using Google ad words is added.


8. Module eight: Let’s work together, your first affiliate marketing opportunity.

This was supposed to be an opportunity for you to create your first affiliate marketing gig for yourself.

However, it seems like an advert where Brko Banks is inviting you to work with them.

The first gig is to promote products on behalf of Brko Banks.


How much is the Affiliate Bucks Course?

This course goes for $1000. This is a one-time payment that grants you instant access to the course for as long as you need it. You recall the other investments you have to make when you follow the course model and they constitute other fees for you.

It makes you wonder whether Brko Banks has a marketing gig with the sellers of these services.

All I know is that Camtasia has an affiliate marketing technique where you receive 12% commission for every user you bring to the platform.

These other services include;

  • This is a video editing software that costs you a one-time payment of $245.
  • This is a platform that offers hosting services and offers domains for websites. Access to the platform costs you around $2.75 for the start but could rise depending on what you want.
  • Google AdWords. This is often referred to as paid traffic. You might need at least $100 for the start.


What I like about the course.

1. Teaches you different ways to generate traffic.

For what it’s worth, you are shown some essential tricks on how to get some traffic on your platforms.

Some of the tricks are useful if you do not over use them since they can bring suspicion to your door.


2.14-day refund policy.

In the time that the refund policy is still valid, you can learn more about the course and see how useful it can be for you.

This is the time that you have to test out the product. You should keep in mind that the refund policy is only valid if you have not accessed more than 20% of the course content.


3. Taught by an experienced online marketer.

Brko Banks is the principal teacher for the Affiliate bucks course. He has had a YouTube career for almost 5 years now.

This makes it a bit easier to learn from him since he has put his knowledge to work.


4. Teaches you how to become an affiliate marketer with ClickBank.

ClickBank is one of the most common affiliate marketing platforms and it is the main platform for the content of the course to work properly.


What I do not like about the course.

1. The course is overpriced.

The course goes for around $1000 minus upsells. Yet there are many great courses that cost a lot less.


2. Basic training.

The training in this course is only good for learning the basics of affiliate marketing.

You cannot get anything from it if you are looking to improve on your knowledge about affiliate marketing.

It is not comprehensive enough.


3. No value for money.

The things you learn from this course do not justify a price of over $1000+.


4. Does not teach you SEO.

Affiliate marketing is much better if you can learn how to perform SEO on Google.

This is not one of the modules taught in the course yet it is crucial in affiliate marketing.


5. Has a lot of hidden costs.

In addition to the initial cost of the course, you are forced to pay for extra tools that are sold to you for a commission received by Brko Banks.


6. Does not show you how to leverage other market places.

The course only offers training on the ClickBank platform and YouTube.


7. The course suggests strategies that could get you banned from YouTube.


8. Too generic


Affiliate Bucks Course Overview

All in all, you must know that this course is not worth the cost. Do not waste your time and money on a bad investment.


2. YouTube Mastery Course

brko banks review youtube mastery course


What is the YouTube Mastery Course?

This is the course that was designed to show you how Brko Banks managed to start and grow a channel to over 112k subscribers.

The YouTube channel became active in 2017 and that is when his you tubing business kicked off.

This course is better than the Affiliate marketing course offered by Banks.


What is taught in the YouTube mastery course?

The course does not have any module. The course is structured differently and poorly as it has an introduction, 15 lessons, and a bonus section.

This is my biggest issue with the course even before you take it.

There is no specific order for you to learn about the work needed to make your YouTube channel famous.

The course takes you through the following things:

  • This gives you an insight on what you will learn. You also get to hear from your tutor.
  • How to create your YouTube channel.
  • How to pick the right niche for your channel
  • How to create content for YouTube channel
  • How to upload your videos the right way
  • How to optimize your videos to rank on YouTube to get views
  • How to grow your YouTube channel
  • How to create amazing thumbnails
  • How to multiply your CPM (cost per mile)
  • Which software I use to create content. Brko Banks gives you suggestions of software you can use to edit your content. You should try finding free or very cheap software products.
  • How to build 4 streams of income through YouTube

The bonus sections include:

Bonus 1.

Private access to Brko Banks and including his email address. Here, you get privileged access to Brko Banks’ private email through which you can get in touch with him if you need any help with the course.


Bonus 2.

Private Facebook group access. With the access to this course, you have the opportunity to mingle with fellow you tubers in a private access Facebook group.

This group consists of people that have taken the course and those looking to make it on YouTube.

Here, you can even get tips for making your YouTube channel even better and how to improve till you reach your goal.


Bonus 3. Lifetime access.

When you pay for the course, you have access to the course forever. You also have the option of accessing new updated content for the same price.

This makes it just a bit easier for you to get comfortable with the course as you learn more and more about YouTube.


How much is the YouTube mastery course?

The course currently goes for $236.40. This is cheaper and also has more value as compared to the affiliate marketing course. There is a refund policy that guarantees money back within 30 days of first subscription.

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What I like about the course.

1.30-day refund policy.

This is significantly better as compared to the affiliate course. A refund policy says that the course tutor is confident of the content they are selling to its users.

It also gives you a chance to check out the course and see whether it will be of any use to you.


2. It teaches you how to create a successful YouTube channel.

If you are looking to create a YouTube channel, Brko Banks draws from his own experience in a bid to improve your chances to make more money.


What I do not like about the course.

1. The course is overpriced.

The issues with the price also filters into this argument because the courses do not provide enough value for your money.


2. The YouTube channel is click baity.

It promises a lot of information and continuously under delivers.

This makes the course questionable as he is basically tricking people into going to his channels.

At the moment, there are three videos that look exactly the same with the same content yet their adverts say different things about the video content.


3. Basic training.

A lot of the reviews you come across online are directed to the fact that some of the things in the course are not different from the beginner stuff.

There is nothing for experienced YouTubers to learn from the course.


4. Poorly structured course.

They do not present the course to you in an organized manner.


YouTube mastery course overview

I do not recommend this course. When you look around the internet, you will come across better and slightly expensive courses.

The truth is this course is cheap but expensive in the long run.

What I mean is that you can pay small amounts of money in pursuit of the course yet you will have to buy another course so that you can cover the things that you have not covered yet.


Is Brko Banks a scammer?

No, I do not think that Brko Banks is a scammer. Besides, there is no evidence that suggests that he is a scam.

That said, there is no value attached to his courses.

He wanted to be a bit different and use affiliate marketing for his YouTube channels which is a pretty good idea.

You do not get the actual benefits out of this since the tricks he uses are a bit sketchy.

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Conclusion: Brko Banks Review

Even if he is not a scam, I do not recommend any of Brko Bank’s courses.

Before you even consider the value you get, the price is very unreasonable since most of the things he teaches can be found online for free.

Besides that, you do not get any intrinsic value out of buying his course.

As you have seen, the material is unoriginal and can be found elsewhere.

If you want to throw away your money, then it is entirely up to you.