Despite Bear Market’s Grasp, Budblockz And Hedera Maintain Their Bullish Trajectory

Cryptocurrencies around the world have maintained a negative sentiment over the past year.

Of course, these negative sentiments were generally triggered by major economic events in the previous year, such as the FTX crash, the Russo-Ukrainian war, global market inflation, and higher interest rates.

However, BudBlockz (BLUNT) and Hedera (HBAR) seem unaffected by this general downturn and have maintained a high bullish momentum over the past seven days.

According to CoinMarketCap, HBAR currently trades at $0.06846, while BLUNT is presently valued at $0.051 as the presale value of the utility token.

Budblockz (BLUNT)

BudBlockz (BLUNT) connects cannabis-based organizations, their users, and other players via a decentralized blockchain mechanism.

BudBlockz leads the quest to explore the enormous potential involved in connecting cannabis enthusiasts with the cannabis market digitally and legally in a decentralized manner.

The innovations involved in this project make it an easy pick for many investors and investment experts. Additionally, innovation is a significant driver of the fast growth in demand and popularity of the project.

The BudBlockz project brings three innovative solutions to the table, which include:

A decentralized NFT marketplace: This will enhance robust security, provide complete transparency, and offer permissionless participation. The decentralized NFT marketplace digitizes real-world products while giving Ganja Guruz NFT owners the ability to purchase a fractional piece of these products.

Decentralized digital trading via the BLUNT utility token: The token serves as the primary liquidity provider throughout the Budblockz ecosystem. This token enables users to trade NFTs for rewards, purchase products, and participate in P2E gaming.

Decentralized e-commerce platform: This platform facilitates a decentralized community where users easily communicate with other corporations and activists anywhere in the world, without compromising their career safety.

The project has been audited and verified by top auditing companies in the crypto space, like Solidity France and SolidProof.

The ongoing stage 4 presale promises massive success, mainly owing to the solid value proposition and excellent features.

Hedera (HBAR)

Hedera (HBAR) performs the same functions as Bitcoin and Ethereum but in different ways. As a decentralized distributed network, its security and transaction validation mechanism is more robust than those used on blockchain networks.

While Bitcoin and Ethereum run on blockchain technology, Hedera implements its open ledger on Hashgraph technology. The details of these algorithms can be technically complex, but Hashgraph technology acts as an alternative to blockchain.

No mining is required for HBAR, reducing the environmental impacts of implementing the technology. Hashgraph technology also implements a decentralized and distributed network with the same level of anonymity and security as blockchain technology – at higher speeds, efficiency, and lower costs.

Hashgraph was initially patented and designed for public use; however, the Hedera Hashgraph iterated the algorithm so it could be used publicly.


The value of a token largely depends on the forces of supply and demand. In turn, the supply and demand of a are primarily tied to the problem it solves.

Many experts consider BudBlockz a promising ERC20 token that solves real-world problems in the cannabis industry, such as decentralized sales, fractional ownership, and better interaction with legal cannabis products by users.

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