PLAN B: Budgeting For the Lazy Person

Don't have 1-2 months of recorded spending.  Read This.

You didn't do the exercise.  Maybe this just isn't for you.  Here's my recommendation.


Change your 401k to either a) take advantage of your company match. or b) max out your 401k deposit and lower your overall tax bill.  If you don't have a 401k, open one today and start with 5%, every year increase by 1% until you reach the maximum amount allowed.

HSA: Health Savings Account

Switch your medical to take advantage of the savings and lower your overall tax bill.  Don't have one?  start with a manageable amount then increase it every year by $100 until you reach the maximum amount allowed.

Change your direct deposit

You have direct deposit available at work?  Why not automatically fund your emergency fund and a vacation fund with every paycheck?  Only deposit in your checking account what you really need to pay your monthly bills.  The rest should be divided up between your emergency account (which is never to be touched unless there is a true emergency) and a vacation fund (let's fact it, we all need a break).

Get a raise?  So did your emergency fund or maybe a mutual fund.  Don't let lifestyle creep take that money away from you.  Put it to work immediately.

In the end, its all about choices.  The good news is, its all doable and within your control.  There is no better time than to start today for a better tomorrow.

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