Woman’s Smart Hack To Buy Car With Credit Card to Rake in Impressive Reward Points

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Meet Cari Elizabeth, a world traveler who loves to share her financial travel hacks on TikTok with her 8k+ followers. She shows the beautiful scenery that she is blessed to experience, and along the way, she shares how she uses her credit card rewards to fund her trips and give her a nice financial boost to keep on adventuring. 

In her adventures, she recently bought a new car, and she took her followers along and showed how she used her credit card to buy the vehicle to reap the rewards while investing in a high-ticket purchase– a new car.

Check out her video:

@carielizabethh Use your credit cards to pay for your next car! **I only recommend doing this though if you have the cash funds to pay it off right away to avoid the interest! Here are some reasons why you would want to do this and why I chose to with my new car I bought today: ✨You’ll earn cashback, points or miles with this rather large purchase on your card ✨This can help you hit a minimum spend requirement for the sign-up bonus if you just opened a new credit card ✨Also a way to hit the minimum spend requirement on a hotel credit card to earn the free night certificate #travel #traveltiktok #traveltok #creditcard #creditcardpoints #creditcardtips #amexplatinum #amexplatinumcard #americanexpress #americanexpressplatinum #americanexpressplatinumcard #platinumcard #creditcardtricks #traveltok #travelcreditcard #travelcreditcards #travelhacks #travelgoals #travelgirls #creditcardgirl #financegirls #caritravels #amextips #amextravel #amexplatinumlife #amexperks #creditcardperks #creditcardhacks #newcar #buyingandsellingcars #buyingnewcar #carpurchase #carpurchasetips #carpurchaseday #creditcardhack #hotelcreditcards #signupbonus #signupbonuspoints #newcredit #newcreditcard #financetiktok #cartiktok ♬ original sound – cari


Credit Card Points Explained

Financial experts are all over the place with their opinions on credit cards. More conservative experts like Dave Ramsey say to stay away from credit cards at all costs, while people like Tori Dunlap encourage her followers to build their credit through credit cards and to participate in credit card reward programs as it makes sense for the individual. 

But opinions aside, credit card rewards programs are designed to incentivize consumers to purchase on credit. There are all kinds of reward programs, from points, flight miles, hotel points, or cashback, and the reward amount depends on the amount spent on the card. 

These points can be redeemed for things like travel, merchandise, gift cards, or even real cash back into your account. 

Buying a Car With a Credit Card

Cari has been using credit card points for a while, and when it was time to buy a car, she had a plan in place. She knew that by putting in a large purchase credit, she would earn many points toward her travel endeavors. 

She put $5,000 on her credit card. She advised her followers to do this only if they could pay it off immediately because the high-interest charges would negate the points they were able to earn. 

She said that doing this would help you hit a new spending limit on a new credit card to hit the sign-on bonus quickly and easily. 

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