Best Places to Buy Your Dad a Father’s Day Card Online

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and it is time to start thinking about what you are going to get the special man in your life. While you are busy planning if he needs a new toolbelt or the latest geeky gadget, you may forget the most important part of gift-giving. The card!

While buying the perfect gift may show that you pay attention to the things he cares about, a card is an excellent way to show that you care. Whether you come from a family who doesn’t like to buy gifts for each other or you are taking him out for breakfast at his favorite restaurant, a card goes the extra mile.

You may be surprised to learn that Hallmark isn’t the only company that has the market made for greeting cards. Over the past few years, many independent card designers and small businesses have launched, including several online stores that make it that much easier for you to send greeting cards to the people you love.


Whether you are looking for a card for the “Best Father in the World” or something a little more cheeky like a fantastic Amazon review for your daddy or a card inspired by Indiana Jones or Star Wars, Boomf has exactly what you want’re looking for.

While the outside of the cards has clever prose, all of Boomf’s cards are blank on the inside because they believe that everyone already knows what they want to write in the card. So just take your time and let inspiration strike! Once you choose the perfect card, you will be able to fill out the interior with whatever message you’d like to share with your father and then send it on its way to him.

Boomf is a UK-based company, so factor that in when you are deciding to buy Father’s Day cards. Their cards are all around £4, which is roughly $5. Don’t wait too long because it will take around seven days to deliver shipments.


Like Boomf, Moonpig is a UK-based company, but they have locations outside Great Britain which helps them expedite their shipping process. The company has also been manufacturing greeting cards for over two decades, which is evident in how its online platform has been carefully designed to help make the process smooth and easy.

Moonpig has a wide variety of cards for Father’s Day, including cards that you can customize with images of you and your father–which will make your card that much more sentimental. Prices range from $1.50 for instant delivery eCards, $4.50 for standard cards, and $6 for larger-sized cards. They have a pretty impressive collection of classic customizable cards, in addition to fun, kid-friendly cards like Sonic the Hedgehog and more mature cards riffing on The Godfather.


If you are based in the UK or are sending your Father’s Day card across the pond, you may want to check out Thortful. Like Boomf and Moonpig, the UK-based greeting card company has Father’s Day cards for dads, stepdads, grandads, dads-to-be, and first-time fathers. You are bound to find a card for the special man in your life, regardless of how they might be related to you.

Cards are roughly £4 and range from simple, minimalistic designs to Brit-inspired cards like Top Gear and Gordon Ramsey, while also providing wide-appealing cards like Schitt’s Creek and David Bowie. The process is similar to all of the other card companies: you choose a card, add the interior text, and send it off to your father.

Hello Lucky

Hello Lucky was founded by sisters Eunice and Sabrina Moyle in 2003, and since then, they have been crafting sweet and thoughtful greeting cards to help folks brighten the lives of the people they love. Their Father’s Day collection is small, but each card is bright, colorful, and probably the exact aesthetic that someone wants to treat their dad to this year.

Unlike Boomf and Moonpig, you will have to buy the card and have it delivered to your house so you can send it to your dad. While you can’t customize these cards, they still carry a sweet sentiment, and for $6, the price is entirely worth it.

American Greetings

Surprisingly, American Greetings has started to expand into customizable greeting cards and eCards. You will be able to choose from thousands of cards, schedule them for up to a year in advance, get helpful reminders about birthdays, and even send gift cards along with your greeting card. The only downside to American Greetings is that you will have to sign up for a membership with them, giving you access to various cards.

While this may not be for everyone, if you have a large family or a lot of friends to whom you send birthday cards and occasional cards to you, then perhaps you will want to invest in this membership; membership is only $30 a year. If you add up how many cards you buy per year, this may be a great cost saver.

Bottom Line

Whether you are looking to send your father a thoughtful card that will arrive in his mailbox or a lighthearted Father’s Day card directly to his email inbox, the internet has a plethora of greeting card company alternatives that are ready to help you make his special day that much more special. While these card companies offer fantastic selections, we are pretty partial to Boomf and all that they provide to their customers.

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