15 Buy Now, Pay Later Catalogs & Sites(Some Have Instant Approval)

Buy now, pay later catalogs and sites are a great way to make purchases without worrying about coming up with the money immediately. Having instant approval means getting your items faster and using them sooner.

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15 Buy Now, Pay Later Catalogs & Sites(Some Have Instant Approval) 6

So if you're looking for a buy now, pay later catalog or site with instant approval, here are some worth checking out!

Is It Possible To Buy Now And Pay Later With No Credit Check?

It is absolutely possible to purchase your item now and pay later without going through a credit check. With certain companies, you will be able to purchase your item, have it shipped to you and even use it for weeks before having to make your first payment.

With all of the buy now pay later services on the market, it pays to know which ones are the best and which have those hidden fees you should watch. 

1. Seventh Avenue

With no annual fees to worry about, you can confidently indulge your inner shopaholic without guilt. To sweeten the deal even further, their current promotion allows for incredibly low monthly payments of a mere $20. The thought of effortlessly upgrading your home, wardrobe, or techno gadgets has never been more enticing!

2. Four

If you don’t mind shopping in an app, the Four app can be a great way to learn where to buy now and pay later. The app shows all of the stores that currently have relationships with the company and how you can structure purchases from their store. 

When you sign up for Four, you will get an instant decision as to whether or not you qualify. Depending on the type of stores you shop from, this can be a great payment plan choice. 

3. Sezzle

Sezzle and Four are very similar and tend to work quite well with Apple Pay. You can shop through the Sezzle app, or you can shop online at their partner websites. When you want to purchase with Sezzle, you must ensure that the website is a partner. 

When you get your approval for the Sezzle app, you will not have to go through a credit check. 

4. Klarna

Klarna is another type of ghost credit card. You can link it to your current card, and for each purchase you would like to pay for in four equal installments, you can do so. The Klarna service is simple to use and will work in any store. Unlike other services, the store will not have to partner with Klarna for you to have access to their services. 

5. Afterpay

Afterpay is a great smaller company that allows you to split your purchase’s cost into four equal payments. As long as each of your payments is submitted in the proper amount of time, you won’t have to worry about any interest fees.

The only downside to Afterpay is that they only work with certain retailers. When you go to check out from an online store or shop, you can look to see if Afterpay has a relationship with the retailer. 

6. PayPal

Most people have a PayPal account to conveniently send money from one person to another. With PayPal, you can now use the service as a buy now pay later option as well. The PayPal program works by splitting your original purchase into four equal payments. 

Over the next six weeks, the payments will all be pulled from your bank account that is tied to your PayPal account. As long as you pay on time, there are no interest payments. PayPal will put a cap on the total price of the item that you can purchase. The cap is usually around $600 or so. 

7. Quadpay

You can think of Quadpay as being an extension of your credit card. Your credit card is used to purchase things on credit, but your bill for your purchase could be due just a few days after completing your purchase. 

With Quadpay, you will link your current credit card to your QuadPay account, and any purchase you want to pay for later can be handled by QuadPay. The purchase will then be split into four equal payments, and you have no interest fees unless you forget to pay your bill on time. 

8. Amazon 

When you purchase an item from Amazon, you can check a small box that allows you to split the payment into five equal installments. You must ensure that the items you purchase come from Amazon. There are many independent sellers on Amazon, and they will likely not offer the same flexibility with payments. 

Your Amazon payments will be due in total about 120 days after your initial purchase. With more and more big-ticket items being offered on Amazon, this is a great option to consider for online shopping.

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15 Buy Now, Pay Later Catalogs & Sites(Some Have Instant Approval) 7

Buy Now Pay Later Catalogs (Instant Approval)

Even with most people moving towards purchasing online, some still enjoy using a catalog to shop. Various catalogs use the buy now pay later option.

9. Fingerhut

Have you ever stumbled upon an irresistible deal at Fingerhut and wished you could just snatch it up without the immediate burden of payment? Fingerhut has your back with their amazing buy now, pay later feature!

By joining the WebBank/Fingerhut FreshStart Program, you can perk up your shopping experience by ordering $50 or more and making hassle-free monthly payments.

And guess what? To qualify, you must make a one-time $30 down payment, and you're good to go. As soon as that down payment is processed, your order will be waving a sweet goodbye from the warehouse, moving swiftly to grace your doorstep.

10. Sears

Sears offers a fantastic deal where you can enjoy interest-free payments on certain products if you pay them off in full within 24 months. Not only will you be free from the burden of interest, but Sears also offers additional rewards for your savvy shopping.

11. Montgomery Ward

Shopping with Wards Credit is an easy, smart way to purchase without breaking your budget. With payments as low as $10 a month and instant access to up to $100 of credit, you can find exactly what you need without worrying about an expensive bill later.

Plus, if you make all your payments on time, you can qualify for higher credit limits – perfect for bigger projects! A Montgomery Wards Credit Card could be just the tool you need if you want to repair your credit too – responsible monthly payments in smaller amounts will prove that you can handle a line of credit responsibly.

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15 Buy Now, Pay Later Catalogs & Sites(Some Have Instant Approval) 8

Best Sites for Buy Now Pay Later Instant Credit Approval

With the introduction of “buy now pay later” services and stores, people with bad credit no longer have to search high and low for money orders. These websites offer an alternative to traditional credit cards, allowing customers to make purchases without the hassle of credit checks.

What’s more, some of these services boast credit check instant approval, so you can immediately buy what you need- whether a laptop or a new TV!

And wiser shoppers use these opportunities as credit-building tools – after all, what better way to repair your credit than by making regular payments? So don’t worry if your credit score isn’t perfect – plenty of websites offer buy now pay later electronics and other items, so you can get the things you need in no time at all.

12. Overstock

Discover the convenience and freedom of Overstock's lease-to-own option, making it an exceptional buy now, pay later site with absolutely no credit check! Whether you're looking to furnish your home, upgrade your gadgets or snag the latest fashion finds, Overstock provides you with a stress-free shopping experience while building your credit history.

And if you thought it couldn't get any better, opening an Overstock Store Card grants you access to welcome rewards and allows you to capitalize on buy now, pay later furniture for bad credit.

13. Beautylish

Famous for being one of the best buy now pay later stores with no credit check, they've ensured that affordability and convenience are at the heart of their low monthly payments option.

All you need to do is pay a third of your balance at checkout and then casually pay off the remaining amount over the following 2 months. And, Beautylish won't charge you a single cent in fees or interest. Remember that this flexible payment method is waiting for you when you spend a minimum of $99 and is exclusively offered to customers within the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

14. Progressive Leasing

Unlocking the shopping world with less-than-perfect credit has never been easier, thanks to the innovative concept of Progressive Leasing online credit. This game-changing approach sees beyond the limitations of your FICO score, with approvals being based on a holistic evaluation of your income and banking history.

Once you're approved, many popular mainstream stores open their doors to cater to a wide range of interests. Guitar Center has you covered for music enthusiasts, while those seeking to dazzle someone special will find the perfect gem at Zale's The Diamond Store or Helzberg Diamonds.

Gadget geeks, rejoice in the offerings of progressive finance electronic stores like BestBuy and GameStop, and if it's furniture you're hunting for, you'll find solace in progressive finance furniture stores like Loves Furniture and Mattress Liquidators.

15. Perpay

Are you tired of feeling held back by credit checks and interest rates when shopping for your must-have products? Well, say hello to Perpay – the buy now, pay later store that puts a delightful spin on your shopping experience!

With Perpay's financial platform, you can ditch those pesky credit checks and enjoy a selection of exciting products that you can repay over time. All payments made are scheduled and completely interest-free!

No more calculating percentages and wondering about monthly payments – just simple, streamlined shopping that caters to your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What shopping sites have instant approval?

  • Kohl's Kohl's Credit Card
  • Fingerhut Fingerhut Credit Account
  • Target Credit Card
  • Amazon.com Store Card.

What store credit cards can I get with a 580 score?

If you're searching for a store credit card that caters to a 580 credit score, look no further than the Amazon.com Secured Credit Card. This card stands out among the competition with its no annual fees, making it a cost-effective choice for those working on improving their credit.

Also, if you're an Amazon Prime member, you can take advantage of an impressive 2% cashback on all your Amazon purchases. With this card in your wallet, you'll not only be able to enjoy great shopping benefits but also have the opportunity to boost your credit score.


Hopefully, these buy now pay later options have helped you figure out some money management issues. The most important thing to consider when looking at these options is that the sooner you pay for the product’s total price, the less money you will spend overall. Getting squared up on your payment plan before the interest sets in is a wise financial decision.