California Unveils a New Strategy to Bar Trump From The Election Ballot

A group of California lawmakers, consisting of eight state Assembly members and one state Senate member, have taken a novel approach to potentially prevent Donald Trump from appearing on the state's ballot due to alleged 14th Amendment violations.

A Question of Eligibility

They jointly penned a letter to the California Attorney General, Rob Bonta, urging him to seek a judiciary ruling on this issue. In his unique position, they believe that Mr. Bonta can actively pursue the court's opinion regarding Trump's eligibility for office.

This initiative mirrors similar actions happening in a few other states. The underlying premise is that Trump's post-2020 election conduct contradicts a section of the 14th Amendment. This section stipulates that individuals who swore to support the U.S. Constitution and subsequently incited insurrection or rebellion should be barred from holding federal office. California lawmakers are exploring this avenue to disqualify Trump from future electoral participation.

The Letter

The letter opens with a collective sense of dismay as it recounts the shocking events of January 6, 2021, when former President Donald Trump allegedly incited a mob to storm the United States Capitol. The alleged purpose of this tumultuous act was to intimidate Vice President Mike Pence and disrupt the certification of the 2020 Presidential Election, which Trump had lost. The gravity of these events forms the backdrop against which the letter's contents unfold.

“We all watched in horror Mr. Trump’s insurrection against the United States when he ordered a mob of his supporters to the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021 to intimidate Vice President [Mike] Pence and the United States Congress and interrupt the certification [of] the 2020 Presidential Election that Mr. Trump lost,” the letter says.

One of the four recent indictments facing Trump centers on his role in the Capitol attack. Remarkably, despite these legal challenges, he maintains a strong position in Republican presidential nomination polls.

The lawmakers who penned the letter expressed hope that entrusting Attorney General Rob Bonta with this initiative might expedite the process. They emphasize the need for swift court decisions to prevent further political discord, asserting that Bonta's unique position can furnish the answers necessary to safeguard the Republic.

A Different Approach

This endeavor diverges from previous attempts in other states, as it marks the potential involvement of a state's attorney general in invoking the 14th Amendment against Trump.

It's important to note that disqualifying Trump from the ballot through this avenue presents formidable challenges. Trump is likely to contest any adverse court ruling, and the final word would probably rest with the U.S. Supreme Court, where conservative dominance, bolstered by three justices he appointed, could influence the outcome significantly. Thus, the path to preventing Trump's future electoral participation remains complex and uncertain.

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