Cambly Tutors Review – Scam or Legit? Truth Exposed!

Wondering whether Cambly Tutors is legit? Or perhaps you are interested in how to become a Cambly tutor?

Well worry not! In this Cambly tutors review you will learn everything you need to know about the platform.

Let’s get started, Shall we?

The digital age has improved the learning options available to us. Online learning is the go-to option for most people in the world.

Since a lot of people interact in English, it has become an official language of the world in terms of business and day to day operations.

This means that you have to learn English to connect with most areas of the world. In light of this, you have to look for a convenient way to learn English.

Taking advantage of online learning, you have to look for a licensed and trustworthy tutor that shall help you improve on your English skills.

As you search online for tutor, Cambly tutors shall come up. In this article, we take a look at how the platform works to improve the English skills of its students.

The research should help you formulate an opinion as to the authenticity of the platform.


What is Cambly tutors?

cambly tutors review

This is an online platform that provides tutoring services to children and organizations to increase their proficiency in the English language.

They bring learners to tutors to improve your chances of learning the English language. It is available in 16 languages that include English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Germany, Indonesians, Vietnamese, Azerbaijani and both Chinese verbatim.

All lessons are conducted online for the benefit of students. They also offer jobs to people that would like to tutor others.

The platform can be accessed on iOS and Android for kids and employees in addition to the online platform.


How does Cambly Tutors work?

The program is set up to cater offer English lessons for everyone online. However, there are two main sections of this platform. They include:

1. Cambly for kids

This is the tutors’ program designed to cater for the English needs of children. Keep in mind that it is certified by the kidSafe program.

The lessons are fully conducted online and the child gets 1-on-1 sessions with a private tutor. This is intended to start kids speaking English early.

With the private tutor setup, your child gets access to the type of maximum speaking time and chance to develop English fluency from a young age.

The tutors are experienced plus they are native English speakers. This means that your child is learning English from the best tutors out there.


How is the tutoring session for kids held?

The tutors are asked to design a standardized academic course with strong English learning benchmarks. They include:

  • Conversational fluency. The program commences as children are taught the baseline of high frequency English words and simple grammatical solutions. This helps them to get a good starting point to learn the English language.


  • Discrete language skills. With a baseline established, they are taught specific skills such as phonics, spelling and grammar to get improve their understanding of the language.


  • Academic proficiency. In order to advance in learning, students are introduced to advanced academic vocabulary. This is combined with complex grammatical topics such as passive voice and nominalization.

The platform has a video to walk you through what a lesson looks like at the end of the Cambly kids section.

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For the above to be achieved, the student and tutor engage in interactive lessons designed in 5 simple steps as described below:

  • See. In tutoring kids, it is essential for graphics to be part of the normal learning process. As new vocabulary is introduced alongside images, you create a direct connection between the words in English to the concept in mind. This means that you get to bypass the need to translate especially if a child is not an English speaker.


  • Hear. When the child is shown the image and corresponding vocabulary, the tutor is expected to read out the word as it is. Usually, children are seeing some of these concepts for the first time. Therefore, it is important for them to listen to how the word is pronounced in its natural grammatical context by the tutor.


  • Speak. As the student hears the word spoken by the tutor, they are expected to engage with the tutor regarding the word. A student is compelled to read out the word mimicking the way the tutor had pronounced it earlier. They are also expected to use the vocabulary in their own sentences as determined by the tutor. As the student tries to grasp the new word, they are expected to receive feedback from the tutor regarding how well it has been used to motivate them.


  • Relate. To ensure that the vocabulary is nailed by the student, games and exercises are designed to see how well the student can use the new word. Usually, tutors ask learners to use the new English vocabulary to talk about their own life so that longer lasting memories are created as opposed to passive memorization.


  • The tutors follow this up by asking students to think critically using the new vocabulary to express ideas and opinions. Defending an opinion using a new language assists students in learning quickly. In this case, learners can think and express their ideas in English.

In order to check out the platform, a parent is requested to schedule a free trial with the platform.

What happens is that you get access to a tutor to walk you through how they can best help your child as they try to learn the English language.

You try to combine active learning with language immersion for better results. You can filter out the tutors you want by reading their profiles on the platform.

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You can sign up with Facebook, Google, Apple or your email address. In case you are impressed by the tutor, you can proceed to purchase a subscription with the platform.

The good thing is that you can request for a specific tutor that has impressed you.

This means that you can personally select someone that can bring the best out of your kid.

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Cambly for organizations

This is a personalized package designed to meet the learning needs of your organization.

This is done through improving their daily and business English skills with online and private corporate lessons from their mobile devices of computers.

You can run a search for tutors in your professional field and the industry you work in. it can be anything from accounting to marketing and IT.

The platform has a ton of talented and valuable professionals to help you learn the English for your industry.

The features of Cambly for organizations include:

  • Lessons for any schedule. Usually, people within an organization follow different work schedules. As such, they may not be able to take unified classes together. Therefore, you can pre-book your instructors or connect to a tutor instantly from anywhere without having to worry about scheduling. You have to interact with the tutor to see the king of schedule that works for you.


  • Private tutoring. Since you can schedule, you have the opportunity to focus on your personal needs. In a group, everyone would have a certain level of proficiency that cannot be considered in a group context. Therefore, you have the chance to get a tutor to walk you through areas you need to improve so that you can meet your goals in 1 on 1 classes.


  • English for the real world. Employees can easily build confidence to navigate the real world situations with ease. One of the main areas of focus for English learning is the conversational approach to people. If you learn how to speak well, you automatically learn how to conduct yourself around people thus building your confidence.


  • Specialized curriculum. The platform has a library to get you started in any field you want. You get full access to a guided curriculum for courses including business English designed for all employees for all levels, marketing, IT and many others. This is important for you since you can excel in multi-cultural business.

For organizations, the employees are taught in a different manner to children. The steps below are still used for this package.

  • Hear. New vocabulary is introduced by reading it out to the employees. This is done to help them listen to how the word is pronounced in its natural form.


  • Speak. The next step is to read out the word as you heard it from the tutor. An employee gets to learn how the word is pronounced by engaging with the tutor. You receive feedback form the tutor telling you if you have used it well or how you can improve.


  • Relate. You are then tasked with using the word in a practical and applicable way. You might be asked to use it in a sentence that brings out its best meaning.


  • Analyze. The tutors engage you in a series of tests and questions to see whether you fully understand the new vocabulary. Learners could also be asked how they can use the vocabulary to communicate, think and express their opinions.


Cambly Courses.

The platform also has courses that cater for the different English needs of individuals.

You get to learn about various things like:

  • Fundamentals of English
  • Conversation topics in English
  • English for travel
  • Professional development
  • Workshop and presentations
  • Practicing job interviews
  • Startups
  • Academic English
  • Public speaking
  • Olympics
  • Exam preparation
  • TOEFL speaking practice
  • Raising children
  • Movies and television
  • Health
  • Climate change

These courses are priced differently and include the number of lessons that you have to take to complete it. There are options to improve from a beginner level to an intermediate level and finally to an expert level.

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Cambly Tutors Affiliate Program.

Does Cambly have an affiliate program? Yes, Cambly Tutors has an affiliate program.

The affiliates on the platform are known as Cambly ambassadors. You can earn money whenever someone from your friends’ network tries out Cambly.

Usually, the program benefits people in an online or local community setting like influencers and professionals engaged in the world of English learning.

You can also become one of these people despite not being active in English teaching.

Most of the successful ambassadors have an engaged audience on social media that can discuss the benefits of using Cambly to learn English.

They include:

  • Native English speakers from USA, Canada, UK and Australia.
  • Lessons that are tailored for each students’ needs
  • Tutor on demand
  • Study at your own convenience.

Every referral you make to the Cambly platform that goes on to spend over $50 earns you $30 in commissions. The payments are guaranteed and deposited every month to your account.

PayPal and Alipay are the payment systems used to forward your earnings. Any questions about the program can be answered by regional support teams ready to assist you.

You take advantage of this opportunity by following the steps below:

  • Sign up. You have to first create an account to register with Cambly Ambassadors. You can sign up using Facebook, Google, email or Apple. This is followed by entering personal information and confirming your email address. You shall also be required to setup your payment information. This process takes a short time and ends with a quick approval process. Upon successfully joining the program, you shall be notified.


  • Share Cambly. After signing up, you get access to a personalized dashboard. This is where you track the number of people using your promotional material to access the website. The promotional material provided is a personalized referral link that you can easily share on all platforms of your choice. The link has an embedded unique code specific to you.


  • Start earning. Whenever someone signs up with the platform and makes a purchase, your account is instantly credited with the commission due to you. Since the payouts are monthly, you have to wait for the month to end too receive your earnings.

You can take advantage of this program to make at least $150 for every 5 friends you refer per month.

It is up to you to make the choice and start earning.


Cambly Pricing Plans

There are two products sold on Cambly. The course is designed for both children and organizations that have different tutoring needs thus different pricing plans.

We shall look at the prices set for each product.

1. Cambly for children.

This is the basic program for children to learn English on the platform. In this case, you have to select a commitment level (subscription plan) that suits your wallet.

They include:

  • Monthly plan. This is the most expensive plan billed on a monthly basis for children. You have to incur a total cost of $110 per month to get access. This means that your account is automatically credited every other month.


  • Quarterly plan. This is the second plan for children. It is slightly cheaper than the first plan as you enjoy a 10% discount. This brings your grand total to $99 per month payable every three months. This means that you have to pay total of $297 every quarter.


  • Yearly plan. This is the last and cheapest program. The monthly cost of the program is $83 per month. This means that you pay $996 per month saving you 25% off the original price.

You can also get access to a 30-minute trial lesson for just $10.  You can set a weekly agenda that shows the frequency of lessons per week and the time you can study.

Keep in mind that you can cancel your subscription at any time. There is a possibility for you to pause your subscription.

Plus, you can upgrade or downgrade plans to your liking.


2. Cambly for organizations.

The program is designed to cater for the English needs of an entire organizations. There is no standard pricing plan for this program.

However, you can get a quote for the price to pay basing on the number of employees to teach in your organization.

Pros of Cambly

The benefits that stand out include:

  • Free trial. The platform is confident of its quality as shown by the free trial. Any customer has the opportunity to see what they are getting for their kids before putting down any money. This means that you can test the tutors before you make any payments.


  • Flexibility of study. Since the lessons have been designed for a personal experience, you can easily come up with a schedule to match your daily routine. This is convenient for people that work or students that are engaged in other activities.


  • Wide curriculum for studies. Cambly for organizations provides solutions for English speakers in different industries at different levels. This helps organizations get the best out of their subscriptions as everyone can get involved.


  • I on I tutoring experience. The tutoring experience allows you to get in touch with a tutor on a personal basis. This means that they are yours for the time you are studying. You can ask them to cover specific areas that you might need to improve in.



Cons of Cambly

Despite the good things about the platform, there are some issues that need to be addressed by the platform. They include:

  • Pricy subscription plans. The subscription packages are pretty expensive for according to some of its potential customers. With no money back guarantee, you have to drive a hard bargain to ask someone to purchase the platform’s subscription.


  • No money back guarantee. You can cancel your subscription at any time for any program. However, there are no guarantees that you will get your money back for services that had not been received.


Conclusion: Cambly Tutors Review – Is it legit?

Cambly tutors is a legitimate platform. The courses are structured to meet the needs of the students.

Since the lessons are held remotely, there is a lot of flexibility to how you can study.

In addition, you have the option of selecting a tutor that suits you best.

The fact that the tutors are native English speakers make it easy for you to adjust to the language faster depending on the kind of accent you want to adopt.

A lot of the users highly recommend the platform as one of the best out there.

I hope you found this Cambly tutors review helpful.

Now I would like to hear from you.

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