Can I Sue for Personal Injury Without a Lawyer?

You may be asking yourself this question. “Can I sue for personal injury without a lawyer?”

The answer is absolutely yes! You don't need to have a lawyer for every case, and for a case like suing for personal injury, you may or may not have a personal injury lawyer.

Personal injury is one of the cases that can be handled without the help of a lawyer. You may consider a number of factors before you make your decision of whether or not to have a lawyer. This is a crucial decision to make in any litigation.

A lawyer is a crucial person in any lawsuit since they contribute a large percentage to the outcome of the case.

Your choice of whether or not to have a lawyer in your lawsuit is therefore a critical aspect to consider.

It is however worth noting that having a lawyer has its own pros and is the more advisable route to take most times.

In most cases, it is the better option, to hire a lawyer. It is therefore important that in this article we explore the other side of the coin in addition to delving deeper on the side of not hiring a lawyer.

What if hiring a lawyer is a better option? By weighing the odds, we shall arrive at a more informed inference.


Reasons Why You Should Hire a Lawyer.

a) Expertise

An experienced and trained lawyer is an expert regarding the legal sector. They studied the law course at college and most probably have worked on a number of cases like yours in the past. You can bank on a distillation of the knowledge and experience from a number of years to increase the chances of you winning the case.

It is common knowledge that experience is the best teacher. Through their experience, they have most likely come to appreciate how the systems work and what not to do that could jeopardise the result of the case.

On the other hand, if you choose to do it yourself, you may not have the experience to handle the case tactfully as the trained lawyer would do it.

No man is an island. In almost every sphere of life, we need the expertise of other people.


b) Saving You Time.

Owing to the experience and knowledge possessed by the lawyer, hiring one can save you considerable amounts of time.

It cuts on the time you need to take in acquiring, reading and digesting the information required for you to win the case.

If you opt for doing it yourself, you will have to do some background knowledge research to study various aspects of the case so that you increase your chances of winning it.

You will have to read a number of books, journals, articles and the constitution before you can proceed to arguably win the case.

Short of this prior information, you're setting a recipe for disaster, or rather failure on your side in your own lawsuit. Preparation is a key aspect in any undertaking.


c) Opponent’s standing

In any encounter whereby you have an opponent, you need to assess the tactics of your opponent against your own so as to ensure success.

High chances are that your opponent will hire a lawyer. This will give them the upper edge compared to you who has chosen not to have one.

By not having a lawyer, you stand high chances of losing the case since it is possible to lose or win a case on the slightest note.

The other side banks on the advantage of the lawyer's expertise and your lack of a lawyer. Compare your standing with that of your opponent to ensure that you are at better chances of winning.


d) Saving Money

Hiring a lawyer can be expensive especially if you hire an expensive lawyer. However, it can save you the money you inevitably have to spend in terms of operational costs when you push your case by yourself.

You will have to foot certain bills that you would otherwise have avoided for example consultation fees.

Lawyers in most cases have an upper hand regarding the prerequisite of consultation since they either have the necessary knowledge already or know where to access it and better, for free.

You may be charged highly for consultation on an individual basis unlike when you have solicited the services of a lawyer.


The Contingency Basis

Under this arrangement, whether you pay the lawyer or not is contingent on the final result of the case.

If the lawyer wins the case for you, you pay them and if they lose the case, you don't pay. Either way, in monetary terms, you are on a safe side.

Luckily, there are many lawyers and law firms that can work on your case first and you can pay them after they win the case.

This is a great relief if you work on such an arrangement because your money is safe and your insured from the pain of paying large sums of money to a lawyer and losing the case afterwards. The Contingency Basis is most commonly applied to personal injury cases which carry great chances of success.

This is especially true when you have the required evidence and documentation. In this case, you can exploit this opportunity to get a lawyer for your lawsuit.


Emotional Back Up

In the context of personal injury, you may not be in a good physical or psychological condition to push your case by yourself.

Pain is known to stir up emotions in both humans and animals. Owing to the fact that winning a case in most cases depends on application of logic, you need to have someone in a calm frame of mind to present your case for you.

That is why you need a lawyer to do this for you in this situation whereby you may be vulnerable or lack the necessary emotional aura to win the case.

The other side may exploit this chance of vulnerability to win the case against you. They may push you beyond the limits of your emotions or exploit a glitch in your presentation to overturn the outcome in their favour.


Professional Advice

A lawyer is knowledgeable on issues pertaining the legal. Additionally, they can give you advice when seeking insurance from your insurance company in the case of personal injury.

In this case, they work to ensure that the insurance company compensates you appropriately without cheating you.

There are high chances that without the assistance of a professional lawyer, you may be under-assessed and therefore under-compensated.

In most cases, your lawyer will offer you free consultation. This helps you to cut on the expenses you will need to put into the case.

Personal injury is already a devastating encounter that could have left you financially unstable.


Why You Would Sue Without a Lawyer.

The above propositions do not exclude the alternative of suing for personal injury without a lawyer.

There are instances whereby you are required by necessity to present your case yourself without help from a lawyer.

It is very possible and if that is the option you want to go with, it is feasible. Sometimes suing for a case without a lawyer may be the only or the best option you have.


a) When there's no lawyer to handle your case.

It could be a time when all the lawyers particularly available have excluded themselves from associating with the case, for instance.


b) History of corruption in handling the case.

The case may have a history of being affected by corruption in its handling in your particular area.

That is why you may be required to jump in for yourself and do it yourself to avoid history from repeating itself.


c) Betrayal by a lawyer.

Unbelievable but true, a lawyer can sell you out. This has actually happened in many cases. There are many instances around the world where lawyers have misrepresented their clients after being bribed by the other party.

The case comes out when you have lost it and yet the lawyer claims that he tried his best. So, if you are suspicious that this could happen, you may need to stand in for yourself, and yes you can.

d) When the case is not that complicated.

For personal injury, you may consider not hiring a lawyer when you have sustained insignificant injuries.

Suing is this case is considerably easy without the assistance of a lawyer. This is because you do not need a lot of professional assessment in this case and most likely you are in good position to present your case.

If you are well knowledgeable about the legal sector, you can present your case without a lawyer. To sue for personal injury, you will need to file a complaint and a summons.

Ensure that you make all the background research so that you fill all the required documentation correctly and in a way that will give you an upper hand in the case.