Can You Really Make Money Online? -Find Out The Answer Below

A question like “Can you really make money online?” or
“Do bloggers make money online”
Is frequently asked from failed bloggers

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First time bloggers don’t ask these questions
They start excited and full of enthusiasm
After a while trying they don’t see any success
They doubt the concept itself of making money online

They search online hoping to figure out what went wrong
Most probably they come across an internet marketer or guru
Promising to provide answer to this dilemma
And so on

Can you really make money online

In this blog post
I will provide you with honest answer to your frustration
I will not sell you anything or refer you to online blogging courses
If I do so you will not trust me
As I know you want a straightforward answer

Let's dive right in to understand few concepts
Then I will link all concepts together to solve
The baffle for how you can make money online?

1) Why gigantic e-commerce companies like Amazon or eBay offer affiliate programs?

Don't tell me that they need to make an extra profit
Everyone on earth knows Amazon and eBay
I buy from Amazon on a regular basis
OK so what is the issue here

I went on Google to search on how to find my key chain easily
I was looking for a solution for not remembering where I left my keys
Sure, I leave it in a designated place
But it can happen to leave it in different place
Also this applies to other personal things

I found an article talking about practicing ways to improve your memory
Then offering a product as a solution on Amazon
This product comes with a remote control that has 4 different color buttons and
4 same color stickers where each sticker is mapped to its same color button

Also you can write on each button on your remote control
So you can remember which button is mapped to each personal item

Why I mentioned the above product
Because Amazon and eBay have all products
You can think of from needle to rocket
All products are there to solve problems

Because people are always asking questions on Google
That is the main core purpose for the internet
Some questions or concerns are lingering ones

Amazon, eBay or big e-commerce companies
They cannot spread all over the internet
Answering all questions and mapping them to products

You heard before that if you can answer
Your audience's concerns according to their expectations
You will be able to build a tribe in the long term
While in the short term perhaps a quick sale

Requirements for making sales through affiliate marketing

Making sales through affiliate marketing is
Something you have to master its details
I recommend you read my blog post
Where I covered the concept of
Context – Authority – Trust (CAT)

Go ahead and read below
How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing? 

What else does affiliate marketing require
Does it require a lot of traffic or tribe
Let's discuss both traffic and tribe to see
How each one can help you to make money online

2) Does traffic all you need for making money online?

Yes and No, I will explain the No later below but let’s discuss the Yes now
There are so many bloggers making money from traffic generating thousands of pageviews every month
What they do with that traffic

They apply for Ads network like Google Adsense
Which is free to join with no requirements at all
Only you must have a website and Google will manage to
Place Ads around your content and get paid if visitors click on the Ads on your blog

Challenge is 50 visitors per day
It will not make you significant money
To generate 1000$ a month
Assuming each click earns you 50 cents
You need around 33$ a day

If your click through rate
Which means the percentage of visitors
Who will click on your ads is 2%
Then you need 33$ / 0.02 x 0.5
You need 3300 visitors per day

Don't worry, life is not that bad
if you manager to get 3300 visitors a day
That's 99,000 visitors a month
Then switch to Mediavine

They only require 25,000 to accept you
It is an ad network competing with Google Adsense
You will generate 4,000$ plus just from Mediavine

Another ad network called AdThrive
Which can also generate decent income for you
You have to try both and see which one works best for you

I started with the Ad networks to prove that
You can make money online also
Because it is 100% systematic traffic game
The more you get as visitors
The more money you will make

Now a question to you
Can you really make money online with Ad network?
I am asking this question now as you noticed
The traffic you need looks impossible

Actually it is not, many bloggers reached 25,000 visitors per month
They reported being easy relying on writing contents with long tail keywords

Requirements for SEO tools to help you with traffic

When you first start there are affordable tools
Like LongTailPro with one time payment for 10,000 keywords
It is similar to pay as you go
Also keysearch offers cheap plans that anyone can afford it

Remember you can use one third of this traffic and
Still generate the same level of income
Just master affiliate marketing with email list
Which are skills you have to learn by practicing and being persistence

Again with using one third of this traffic
Perhaps less than that and by creating your own product
You can generate way more than affiliate marketing income

You see traffic is the same but
The way you utilize it is different
Did you catch the pattern here?
The more you want your income to increase
The more you have to refine your skills

Traffic is the only way on
How to make money from home for free
If you have zero skills but only
Writing blog posts consistently on your blog

Right now, speaking about creating your product
Plus working on your email list
Feeding them with your sincere knowledge

This leads us to the idea of generating more income with less visitors
But how?
Simply income that comes from email list or
Building a true fans of your blog

This leads us to discuss the above
Traffic question using the No answer

how can you make money online

3) Does true fans or building loyal tribe replace the traffic game and make money online for you?

Having a fans of yours who wait for your daily or weekly to emails or
They get excited when they see your email
If you send a broadcast email to them
They want to listen to you
Because they know you have something useful to say
It all started with your blog

You already created a blog
Which targets specific Audience
Having lingering problem or issue
You nail it down to one problem

Then segment your audience slightly to
Move some of them to another problem
Do it the smart way like moving to
Another problem highly related

For example, If you talk about Affiliate marketing
Doing it the right way then you associate that
With building email list so you will be able to
Maximize your profit when using both together
Then you move smoothly to talk about
How to build your email list to promote affiliate products

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I talked about the controversial discussion to prove that
Yes you can make money online
It is not that easy if you have just started

But to make my blog post useful for you
Follow my steps below for your dream to come true

Tips for bloggers to start a successful blog

1) Start your blog about a narrow problem within a profitable niche
You can refer to these profitable niches

2) Build an email list right away with lead magnet tightly related to the problem you are trying to solve

3) Target Pinterest from day 1 as a source for traffic
Practically manual spinning is tough
I use Tailwind to save my time for other tasks

4) Target SEO for long tail keywords with low competitions using SEO tools
There are few tools that are not expensive like LongTailPro and keysearch (add link for both)

5) Write epic long detailed blog posts for problems you are trying to solve
Add the invite to the email list at the end of your post
It is acceptable also to add it to the middle of your blog post

6) Write a lot of moderate blog posts around 1000-1500 words for whatever long tail keywords with keyword competition less or equal 30

7) Put an extra effort into repurposing your blog posts content

8) Use Google Analytics and monitor your traffic closely
Repurpose and rewrite any blog posts that get your audience’s attention

9) It requires traffic to make money online
If you have no internet marketing experience
Like writing professional emails to your list
That promotes staff but doesn’t look salesy or pushy
The more you learn the sales funnel technique
The better you will make money with some traffic

10) Be very patient, It doesn’t happen quickly
It takes lot of time to build traffic
Believe in yourself that you can do it

Finally stop asking “Can you really make money online?” question, it all depends on your vision, will and ability to stand still against challenges

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