17 Canceled TV Shows Fans Say Deserved Another Season

When a TV show gets abruptly canceled, it can be devastating for fans. Some cancellations may be justified, but others leave loyal viewers bummed they didn't get any closure. Someone in a popular online forum asked, “Which canceled TV show deserved another season?” Here are the top 17 responses.

1 – GLOW (2017-2019)

Image Credit: Ali Goldstein/Netflix.

GLOW‘s cancellation left a lot of fans disappointed. One TV fan said, “GLOW was such a good show and didn't deserve to go under.” Another agreed, saying, “GLOW was incredible… and it absolutely deserved an official ending. I would put it perhaps in my top 5 favorite shows of the 2010s.”

2 – Happy Endings (2011-2020)

happy endings
Image Credit: ABC Studios.

Happy Endings was a hilarious comedy that sadly only lasted for three seasons. One disappointed fan noted, “It was such a funny show and I was hoping they would let it continue for a few more seasons.” Another added, “I miss this show so much. The whole cast meshed so well. There was never a pairing that felt off.”

3 – Heroes (2006-2010)

Heroes James Kyson
Image Credit: NBC Universal Television.

Heroes was a science fiction drama series that revolved around individuals with extraordinary abilities who come together to save the world from destruction. The show had a strong following during its first season but suffered from poor writing and character development in subsequent seasons, leading to its cancellation after four seasons.

4 – Firefly (2002)

Firefly Alan Tudyk
Image Credit: Twentieth Century Fox Television.

Firefly was a space western that followed the crew of the spaceship Serenity as they traveled through the galaxy, taking on jobs to survive. Despite its critical acclaim, the show was canceled after just one season, disappointing fans. The show's characters were well-developed, and the story had a lot of potential for exploration. A revival could provide an opportunity to explore the characters and their backstories in greater depth and the universe in which the show was set.

5 – Daredevil (2015-2018)

Daredevil Charlie Cox
Image Credit: Netflix.

Daredevil was a superhero series that followed the story of Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer who uses his heightened senses to fight crime in the streets of New York City. The show was praised for its gritty realism and compelling characters but was canceled after three seasons due to Netflix's decision to cancel all of its Marvel shows. Though Disney+ is reviving the series under the name Daredevil: Born Again, a few of the central actors, such as Deborah Ann Woll, are not returning, which changes the nature of the show.

6 – Altered Carbon (2018-2020)

Altered Carbon Anthony Mackie
Image Credit: Netflix.

Altered Carbon was a science fiction series exploring a future where human consciousness can be transferred into new bodies, allowing people to live forever. The show was praised for its stunning visuals and complex plot but was canceled after two seasons due to budget concerns. A revival could allow the show to continue exploring the implications of this technology and the ethical questions it raises.

7 – Sense8 (2015-2018)

Sense8 Daryl Hannah
Image Credit: Netflix.

This science fiction series follows eight individuals from around the world who suddenly become psychically connected. The show was praised for its diverse cast and unique storytelling but was canceled after two seasons due to high production costs. A revival could provide an opportunity to further explore the characters and their connections and the larger conspiracy that drove the plot.

8 – Pushing Daisies (2007-2009)

Pushing Daisies Kristin Chenoweth Lee Pace
Image Credit Warner Bros. Television.

Pushing Daisies was a fantasy series that followed a pie maker who could bring the dead back to life with a touch. The show was praised for its whimsical tone and clever storytelling but was canceled after two seasons due to low ratings. Another season could allow the show to continue exploring its unique concept and quirky characters, as it's in high demand by fans.

9 – Ozark (2017-2022)

Ozark Julia Garner
Image Credit: Netflix.

Mark William and Bill Dubuque's crime drama series followed a financial planner who moves his family to the Ozarks to launder money for a drug cartel. Like Breaking Bad, the show was praised for its tense storytelling and strong performances. However, despite its popularity, the series faced a shocking cancelation after four seasons due to the showrunners' decision to end the story on their own terms.

However, Ozark left many loose ends; a revival could provide an opportunity to tie up those loose ends and give fans closure. 

10 – My Name Is Earl (2005-2009)

My Name Is Earl Jason Lee Matthew Willig
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox Television.

My Name Is Earl is a comedy series about a man named Earl Hickey who sets out to right all the wrongs he's done in his life after winning the lottery and subsequently losing his winning ticket due to bad karma. The show was praised for its quirky characters and unique premise but was abruptly canceled after four seasons, leaving many storylines unresolved. Fans have been calling for a revival or a movie to give closure to the characters' arcs and see Earl complete his list of good deeds.

11 – Westworld (2016-2022)

Westworld Evan Rachel Wood Jimmi Simpson
Image Credit: HBO.

Adapted from the 1973 film, Westworld was a science-fiction series set in a high-tech Wild West-themed amusement park, where humanoid robots called “hosts” cater to human guests' every desire. It achieved far greater success and critical acclaim than its predecessor. The show explores themes of consciousness, free will, and artificial intelligence.

After four seasons spanning over six years, it was announced that HBO was no longer renewing the series. While the series lost steam over its television run over each passing season and the long breaks taken in between, die-hard fans have been clamoring for more due to its complex storytelling and philosophical themes.

12 – Community (2009-2014)

Community Troy and Abed Danny Pudi Donald Glover
Image Credit: NBC Universal Television.

Community is a comedy series that follows a group of misfit students at a community college who become unlikely friends. The show was praised for its clever writing, meta humor, and talented cast but was canceled after six seasons due to low ratings. Fans have been hoping for a movie or another season to continue exploring the characters and their wacky adventures at Greendale Community College.

13 – Mindhunter

Mindhunter Holt McCallany, Jonathan Groff, Thomas Francis Murphy
Image Credit: Netflix.

The critically acclaimed Netflix crime drama features FBI agents interviewing imprisoned serial killers to help solve ongoing cases. It is based on the novel Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit.

David Fincher, an executive producer, confirmed in February 2023 that the series is unfortunately finished despite previous wishes to revive it.

14 – Better Off Ted

Better Off Ted Malcolm Barrett, Jonathan Slavin
Image Credit: ABC.

The satirical dark comedy is beloved by critics and has a loyal following, but it failed to register with a large viewing audience. It was canceled after two seasons and has a cult following.

15 – Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks Seth Rogen Linda Cardellini Jason Segal
Image Credit: Apatow Productions.

The acclaimed NBC coming-of-age comedy-drama has some serious star power behind it. Judd Apatow is an executive producer, Paul Feig created the series, and it has an ensemble cast starring Linda Cardellni, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, and Martin Starr.

16 – Santa Clarita Diet

Santa Clarita Diet Drew Barrymore Timothy Olyphant
Image Credit: Netflix.

Despite a loyal following, after three seasons, Netflix canceled the series, starring Drew Barrymore as a zombie craving human flesh.

17 – Rome

Rome Ciaran Hind
Image Credit: HBO.

Many fans claim that Rome walked so Game of Thrones could run. Its first season is lauded as some of the best ever on television, but the HBO series couldn't find an audience through two seasons.

Source: Reddit.

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