How Carter Creek Cannabis Manages to Share Love and Good Plant Genetics in a Changing Market

For the proprietor of Carter Creek Cannabis, Slim, cannabis has always been more than just a plant. Depending on his age, life situation, and the wisdom he's accrued, it's been a sign of rebellion, a cause of the hurt, a remedy that mended hearts and communities, and a force for good in the world. But no matter how philosophical and spiritual he gets about cannabis, the plant is and always will be, at least partially, all about – business.

Slim knows a whole lot about the cannabis business, too. He's seen it from every side – as a farmer, grower, company owner, and dispensary operator. Yet, through it all, his goal has been simple – to get the best quality genetics to the people who need and want it. However, figuring out the best way to do that hasn't always been easy.

“In Oklahoma, I can legally sell my product to 400,000 licensed patients. And I'm competing with many licensed businesses for that market, too,” Slim explains. “So I got this seed thing going, which is a relationship with Compound Genetics and Node Labs on running exclusive breeder cut genetics. So people could get seeds and clones from my online store, and they should (be able to) get it even if they're outside of Oklahoma.”

Through his deal with Node Labs, Slim has created license agreements with eight different cultivars, so he's the exclusive supplier to the market of specific plant genetics. The agreement might be time-limited, but it's already showing results and fits well with Slim's overall view of expanding his business.

Competitive Market

His timing, though, has a lot of people needing clarification. The market in Oklahoma is shifting, and many businesses have to wind down production or shed some of their locations.

“Right now, a lot of businesses in Oklahoma are falling off because of the new change to the inventory system and a lot of other rules happening in Oklahoma,” he explains. “We're starting to look like other cannabis states, and that's fine. It's just getting more organized. And I don't doubt my vision and business plan, so the people seeing me plow forward while everyone else is in turmoil will jump on. But it can be tough – the county lost 50% of (the) dispensaries in thirty days.”

Slim‘s business strategy, which allows him to expand while businesses are shrinking, has been simple yet effective – he has to offer the best medicine to the people who need it and keep his prices affordable. But, besides the businesses fighting to survive in the market, he also has to compete against the black market, leading to a situation where he's alone against the whole market.

The partnership with Compound Genetics and Node Labs has been paying off. Thanks to the company's business practices that all but guarantee the quality of the product, Slim's been able to position himself as a supplier of reliable genetics that gives people exactly what they're paying for.

“People think that seeds are a cheap commodity that doesn't matter. But a lot of the things that can ruin a crop, like a virus or even some pest, are systemic, so it's important where the seeds come from and how they're treated,” Slim explains. “And what's great about Compound Genetics and Node Labs is that they have tissue culture facilities. So all the plants they are breeding are bred in a sterile environment, so they can't be contaminated with viral loads.”

Best Production Practices

Other possible issues from improper breeding practices and facilities include heavy metal toxicity. Again, thanks to Slim's partners' advanced production process, his customers can rest assured they're only getting the best seeds. Genuine breeders also take their time to develop new strains, with some being in the works for years, which is again a sign of quality.

Carter Creek is also in the business of consulting. Slim provides a full range of services to help companies to develop and run their operations.

“We have developed written full SOPs for every room on a growth facility, from the nursery, the mother room, your clone room, down to the flower rooms. So we have all those things,” Slim says. “If you hire us, we will teach you about organic farming, saving money with nutrients, and doing it on a commercial scale.”

Through growing plants to supply his dispensary, selling seeds from trusted breeders, or working to help others establish their cannabis farm, Carter Creek Cannabis' Slim is quickly becoming one of the most prominent figures in Oklahoma's legal cannabis market. A respected businessman, he's come a long way from what he called his outlaw days when he was a kid and a young adult.

So has Oklahoma.

“Since it's become legal here in Oklahoma, churches have learned to accept cannabis more. They couldn't help but see the benefits to the community,” says Slim. “And I'm grateful to be a part of that. I believe it's God's work to spread love and goodwill among people. Few things do that like a well-bred plant.”

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