Can’t Invite Friends in Fall Guys Error Fix

Have you encountered the dreaded can't invite friends error in Fall Guys? Here's how to fix this issue right away and invite your friends.

Fall Guys has gone free-to-play and already managed to gain massive popularity again. It has more 50,000 concurrent players on Steam. Considering that it is also free on other platforms, we can say that this hilarious game will continue to expand its reach.

Now that the game is free, most players are jumping into Fall Guys and face its colorful challenges. But a recent error prevents players from inviting their friends. A great number of players have shared that they can't invite friends in Fall Guys on PlayStation 5.

Some of the players experience the same issue on Nintendo Switch as well. Here's what you need to know about this error and how to fix it.

Fix Can't Invite Friends in Fall Guys on PlayStation 5

To fix this error, simply change the game version from PlayStation 5 to PlayStation 4. Users who have not been able to send invites report that switching to the PS4 version of Fall Guys fixed the problem.

After switching the game version, you should be able to send invites to your friends. Here's how to change the game version of Fall Guys.

  • Open your console and navigate to Fall Guys.
  • Select the three dots to open the settings.
fall guys invite not working on ps5
  • Scroll down and find the Game Version option.
friend invite not working in fall guys
  • Select it and switch the game version to PS4 | Full |.
cant invite friends on fall guys error
  • Confirm the pop-up message and do not click on Switch to PS5 version. Select Play PS4 version instead and run the game.

Enter the game to see if the invite features works.

How to fix Fall Guys invite error on Nintendo Switch?

Players who enjoy the game on Nintendo Switch also reported that they have been experiencing a similar issue. While the invite problem is the same, restarting the game on Nintendo Switch should sort this problem out.

If you can't invite friends in Fall Guys on Nintendo Switch, simply restart the game. Open the game again and enter the friends menu.

Try to invite other people to jump into new challenges in the colourful stages of Fall Guys.

Invite not working error fix on PC

You might be experiencing this frustrating issue on the PC version of the game as well. Like the previous method, it is quite simple to solve this problem.

In order to invite your friends in Fall Guys, restart your PC and open the game again. Somehow the classic restarting method works like a charm. You should be able to enter the party menu and invite people without a problem.

If the problem persists, we suggest you uninstall the game and install it again. Although uninstalling a title is usually the last thing to do, we do not have another option after trying the possible methods above.

That being said, the team behind Fall Guys has addressed the issue and stated that they will fix it in the upcoming update as well.

You can wait for the new patch instead of making a clean installation. Until then, good luck in this hilarious party royale game

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