22 Captioning Jobs for Beginners You Need To Check Out

Discover how you can secure stable captioning jobs at major media companies.

Are you interested in earning some extra money on the side? If so, consider work-from-home captioning jobs as a side hustle!

Surprisingly, captioners can earn an average annual salary of about $65k or more! However, most captioning jobs for beginners require no years of experience or certifications, so carefully choosing your opportunities is a must.

What is Captioning, and What Does a Captioner Do?

While watching your favorite shows or movies, have you ever noticed the text that pops up? Those are called captions or subtitles. This text aids people with hearing impairments in watching television and movies.

Therefore, a captioner must type the dialogues into text form as captions.

How Much Money can You Make as a Captioner?

Captioners can make up to $1500 weekly, depending on their work hours. Of course, seasoned captioners earn more on average compared to beginners. Remember, the company and the position you aim for are essential in deciding your pay.

What Different Fields can Captioners Work in?

It is a misconception that captioners are restricted to working on media platforms such as Youtube, Netflix, etc. 

On the contrary, captioners can also opt for remote captioning jobs in fields such as data entry, medical transcriptions, typing jobs, etc. 

What Are the Different Types of Captioning Jobs

Closed Captioning

Closed Captions are those that the viewers can switch on or off as per their needs. Most close captioning jobs are divided into two aspects:

Real-Time Captioning:

Real-time captioning is a complex task involving writing captions for live audio or videos. For example, it may include a live sports game, news reporting, or sermons. Therefore, the captioner must be adept, fast, and accurate.

Offline Captioning:

Offline Captioning is relatively less strenuous as it requires pre-recorded audio or video captioning. However, it involves knowing how to accurately time the text to appear within the needed time frame.

Subtitling jobs from home are a typical example of offline captioning. This is where the translated text is needed for understanding, usually by an audience that speaks another language. Thus, the captioner needs to be bilingual.

Open Captioning

Open Captioning is where captions cannot be turned off by the viewer. This is because they are burned into the video track instead of later embedded as an external file.

How Do I Become a Captioner?

Being a captioner may seem like a simple solution for those wanting to work from home. However, it requires great dedication and commitment to succeed in the field. 

What Skills and Training are Needed?

Although no prior experience or qualifications are needed to become a captioner, there are some skills that you must master to secure captioning jobs with no experience.

Remember, speed is vital as the job involves captioning audio and videos of long duration. Therefore having a good typing pace is a necessity.

Moreover, having the text typed accurately and with a fast typing speed is equally important. Finally, online caption jobs involve listening to various audio files. Hence, being an attentive listener is vital to being a good captioner.

What Equipment Will You Need?

One advantage of having a captioning job online is how easily accessible the equipment is. 

All you need is the following:

  1. Excellent quality headsets for voice clarity
  2. A well-accredited closed captioning software
  3. A good computer that has access to the Microsoft Office Apps
  4. A separate monitor to easily type while simultaneously looking at the video
  5. A foot pedal for easier pause, playback, and stop commands

Getting Yourself a Mentor

You might have access to the right gear; however, that is not enough. Enroll in online training platforms offering a series of CCC training modules.

If this isn't convenient, ask an experienced captioner to show you the ropes!

How To Apply for a Captioning Job

Captioning is in great demand, so before you apply, you must be sure you are dedicated and capable enough to start working from home typing subtitles.

23 Captioning Jobs That are Perfect for Beginners 

Companies on the Lookout for Captioners

Netflix is one of the most sought-after platforms for finding remote captioning jobs, with thousands of movies and shows to caption. However, due to its high demand, only the best and most experienced captioners are hired. 

Therefore, when applying, ensure your qualifications are up to the mark and the needed experiences.

According to reports, a Netflix captioner can earn around $51,623 annually on average.

1. Vitac

Have a knack for subtitle jobs from home? Then Vitac is just the place you are looking for!

Vitac considers captions a vital part of video production and looks for captioners for video captions. Working for Vitac could earn you around $40K yearly.

2. VIQ Solutions

VIQ Solutions is one the biggest closed captioning companies in the market and have provided services to over a thousand shows and movies.

It is good to remember that joining the platform requires a background and a possible employment check. Moreover, you could earn an average of $6,000 monthly as a captioner at VIQ Solutions.

3. Aberdeen Broadcast Services

Closed caption jobs from home are a convenient way to earn a living at one's own pace. Aberdeen offers live and offline closed captioning jobs and is a great place to look. Due to their investment in captioning software, they are credited with making it easier to caption.

According to sources, Aberdeen captioners can earn up to $478 per hour on average.

4. Rev

Rev is an excellent platform for work-from-home typing subtitles. It captions videos and audio in over 50 languages. 

Not only can you provide captioning for entertainment services but also to corporate and government clients. Therefore, Rev looks for talent to caption live broadcasts too. It is seen that Rev captioners earn around, on average, $0.54 to $1.10 per minute.

5. Classroom Captioning

Classroom Captioning is among the most admirable platforms for remote close captioning jobs.

However, you must be CART certified and have an average typing speed of 180 wpm.

According to the statistics, a Classroom Captioning captioner can earn around $30 per hour on average.

6. Vanan Captioning

Vanan Captioning has one of the most secure and confidential methods of captioning. In addition, they have contracts from some of the biggest platforms, such as Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, Vimeo, and YouTube.

Aside from offline captioning jobs, you could try your luck in transcription, typing, or translating in more than 100 languages.

7. SpeechPad

SpeechPad is a platform providing captioning jobs from home in English and multiple other foreign languages. SpeechPad is widely known for its accuracy and speed, so look for captioners excelling in those skills.

As a standard captioner, you could earn around an average of $1.50 to $2.50 per minute.

8. National Captioning Institute

National Captioning Institute is a nonprofit organization that has aided over 400,000 people with impaired hearing. It looks for individuals interested in caption jobs online to provide captions to sports events, performances, theatre plays, programs, and lectures.

9. ACS Service

Alternate Communication Services can be found both remotely and in person. The platform requires its captioners to have a typing speed of over 180 wpm and could pay you around $25 per hour.

10. AI Media

AI Media is one of the best captioning companies to work for if you are an unemployed captioner. Diversity and inclusivity is the company's central theme, which is admirable.

Working with big names like Facebook, NASA, etc., they require their captioners to have a typing speed of at least 180 wpm and prior experience of 3-5 years. Working at AI Media could lead you to earn $39K – $43K on average per year.

11. GoTranscript

On-time payment is necessary for remote captioners, and GoTranscript offers just that. In addition, this platform's ever-expanding team especially welcomes skilled captioners with a fast typing speed.

It is seen that through captioning jobs from home, employees may earn around $1.11 per minute and an estimated $150 to $200 in a month on average.

12. TranscribeMe

Don't let the name fool you! TranscribeMe offers multiple closed captioning opportunities to closed captioners too. Choose your working hours and have legitimate work offers. Having excellent typing skills before you apply is a necessity! 

Earn up to $22 per hour without prior experience, and expect more if you have previous experience.

13. Capital Captions

One of the platforms well known for its high-quality videos that make captioning a breeze!

Capital Captions has worked with big broadcasters such as Sky News and are a service in great demand. 

However, they require the captioner to have their captioning software and a minimum typing speed of 65 wpm.

Freelancing Websites that Hire Beginners

14. Fiverr

Fiverr is a go-to for freelance captioning jobs from home. In addition, they act as a medium to give a platform to millions of captioners worldwide.

Start simply by creating an account on Fiverr and choose your projects wisely to have the opportunity to earn up to $50 an hour on average.

15. Upwork

Upwork is a place to find captioning jobs from home for beginners. It provides multiple work options at different price points with flexible working hours.

Most Upwork clients even give bonuses or tips on a job well done. As a result, you can earn at least $35 per hour on average.

16. CaptioningStar

Having popular clients like the Grammy Awards, Wall Street Journal, LinkedIn, and CNBC, CaptioningStar is an excellent opportunity to do real-time captioning.

This means an accuracy of 99% is needed to have a chance to be hired by them. However, the average earning of $60 and $70 per hour makes an effort worth it.

17. Caption Max

Being a private business, Caption Max provides freelancers with boundless opportunities. Get a chance to work with the biggest names in the industry, such as Sony Pictures, Warner Bros, and NBC Universal.

According to a Glassdoor reviewer, offline captioner editors can earn up to $14 per hour. In comparison, real-time captioners make about $260 per hour.

18. FlexJobs

A fun and innovative twist on looking for jobs. Flexjobs has a job board feature where jobs are posted, including captioning jobs from home.

The captioner can bid for both real-time or pre-recorded closed captioning. Statistics show that Flexjob pays around $14 per hour.

19. 3Play Media

With over 2000 clients and processing 7000 videos, 3Play Media brings in their A-game. Moreover, there is a variety of services that you could opt for aside from captioning as a side hustle.

20. Caption Depot

Caption Depot is a must-try for all novice captioners. Furthermore, their platform provides plenty of freelancers captioning jobs at home for beginners.

This an excellent opportunity to work with YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime for video captions. Data reports show that an average captioner makes about $186 every hour.

21. CrowdSurf

Another great freelancer platform provides users endless ways to grow as a captioner. It is, however, necessary for all applicants to pass the CrowdSurf recruiting test. Once you pass, you can explore your choices and start bidding!

Be sure to earn at least $2 or $8 on average while working via CrowdSurf.

22. Guru

Guru is an online platform where you can choose your preferred job and work at your own pace whenever, wherever.

On average, you could earn $8 to $100 per hour working freelance captioning jobs, depending on skill and experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to caption a film?

A 10-minute video takes an expert 20 minutes to caption, while it is twice the duration for a beginner.

Feature films are 90 minutes long, so captioning would take an expert in offline captioning jobs around 4,200 minutes. But, on the other hand, it takes a novice double the time, which is 8,400 minutes.

Is captioning easier than transcription?

There isn't much of a difference between the two. Transcribing is converting audio to written text, while caption jobs remotely divide the transcripted text into chunks that are time coded.

Both require the same skillset and software. However, statistics show captioners are paid more than transcribers.

How much does it cost to subtitle a film?

The average cost depends on the content and language needed. For example, a captioner is paid about $7 per minute of a film. That makes around $630 as feature films are 90 minutes in duration.

How to improve your captioning skills?

Practice makes perfect! Mastering your art with consistent effort is the key to success. Furthermore, keep an eye on your caption formats. Make sure they end naturally and are not split awkwardly.


Captioning jobs for beginners is an excellent opportunity to earn cash while honing a new skill!

With little to no experience and qualifications and flexible work hours, working has never been such a breeze. Research what company or platform suits your needs and requirements the best and seems worth investing your time and effort into. 

Don't delay; apply now and grasp the opportunity to do captioning jobs from home for beginners, even with no prior experience!