Toyota Prius Takes the Crown: Named 2024 Car of the Year

Everyone knows that Prius drivers have a bad reputation on the road. They are known for being snooty, bad drivers, and have a big sense of entitlement for driving such a small car. 

But now, it looks like those stereotypes are about to be replaced with more admirable traits because MotorTrend just announced their 2024 Car of the Year, highlighting none other than the much-hated Toyota Prius. 

Another big surprise about this car is that this car is a battery-electric vehicle (BEV.) Despite the murmurings in the electric vehicle landscape, the hybrid Prius rises to the top for 2024. The affordability, practicality, and environmental responsibility of the Prius have made it a standout choice in the market.

Winning Traits of the Prius

MotorTrend's choice is rooted in factors such as pricing, charging networks, and affordability, and the Prius shines on all of these. Other top contenders are Tesla's Model 3 and the Lucid Air.

Both of these have impressive features, but the Prius stands out for its affordability, starting at just under $28,000. And in this crazy car market, affordability is a top concern for consumers. 

This particular BEV may be affordable, but this is not the norm for these cars. They are still around $52,000 for a new BEV, which is around $4,000 higher than the average price of a new gas-powered ICE vehicle. 

Toyota's Leadership in Hybrid Vehicles

Toyota's focus on hybrids has put the Prius as the mascot for their company in the market. They had 2.5 million hybrid sales in 2023, and that is an increase of 27% year over year.

Toyota is seeing a lot of success in the hybrid market, and the Pruis is to be thanked. It is environmentally responsible, cost-effective, and appealing to the consumer who is looking for an affordable and eco-friendly option. 

The Details of the Prius

What makes the Prius so impressive? Well, it's not just the price tag. 

The Prius also boasts a powerful hybrid engine featuring a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine that generates up to 196 horsepower. This setup propels the vehicle from 0 to 60 mph in an impressive 7.2 seconds for the front-wheel drive model and 7.0 seconds for the all-wheel drive variant.

It has remarkable fuel efficiency, offering up to 57 MPG on both city and highway drives. Plus, it is designed for performance and exhibits remarkable stability during acceleration, nimble handling around corners, and confidence-inspiring braking. 

MotorTrend's 2024 Car of the Year may seem like a surprising option, but once you see the specifications, it's hard to disagree with them.