Unlock The Shine: A Car Detailer’s Genius Car Washing Hack You Need To See

I'm lucky if I get to wash my car twice a year, but for some people, washing their car is an art. Most people know the basics of car washing, but this TikTok creator took things to the next level and taught his followers how to use the two-bucket method for washing a car.

The idea is that when you scrub your car and then put your sponge back into the clean water, you're contaminating the clean water, and from then on, you're washing your car with dirty, soapy water. This skilled car detailer says your car will get clean if you use two buckets instead of one.

Check out this TikTok:

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The Supplies You Need

How does he do it? First, he gathered his supplies. He uses two buckets, a car wash soap of choice, a high-quality mitt or sponge, and a functioning water hose with a spray nozzle.

The Two-Bucket Car Wash Method

He fills one of his buckets with clean water and the other with soapy water. Then, he rinses off his car thoroughly with the hose to remove any loose dirt or debris. If you're doing this at home, make sure you do this step well because if there is debris left, you risk scratching your car paint when you scrub the car with your sponge.

Then, it's time for the soapy water. He dipped his wash mitt into the bucket of soapy water and, started from the top of the car and worked his way down. He worked one section at a time.

After cleaning a section, he rinses his mitt in the clean water bucket to make sure all the dirt particles are cleaned out. Then, he dunks it back in the soapy water buckets and repeats the process. He claims that this method prevents dirt from being transferred right back onto your car's surface, which defeats the whole purpose of a car wash.

Once it's washed, it's time to rinse, dry and if you want, apply a wax sealant.