5 Brilliant Car Washing Hacks That Will Change The Way You Clean Your Car

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Most of the time, my car is an actual tragedy. Between two toddlers, a busy lifestyle, and the fact that I enjoy ignoring my problems, cleaning my car is far down on my to-do list. That being said, I am all ears if you can show me some effective cleaning hacks that will keep my car clean and won't take much effort from me. 

This TikTok creator came to the rescue and shared her top five tips to transform your cleaning routine, and I'm going to have to give them all a try. 

Here's her full video: 

@mama_mila_ 5 cleaning hacks that make car cleaning so much easier 🫧✨ which one will you try first?
1. Use a rubber squeegee to dislodge hair from car rugs before vacuuming. The rubber dislodges embedded hair in the rugs and leaves your mats looking new
2. Cleaning slime is a great way to clean dust in those hard to reach areas of the car
3. Lemon oil on microfibre cloth cleans and polishes leather + makes your car smell amazing
4. Use a wet, soft microfibre mop to clean the exterior of your car easily with your usual car cleaning wash. You can buy microfibre car mops that are for cleaning car paint finishes.
5. Sprinkle baking soda on a lemon to make your headlights sparkle. This tip is from the Bridgestone website. You can leave out the baking soda from this one too and just use a plain lemon 🍋 Note: every car finish is different so always patch test before using on your car 💕 Hope these quick tips were helpful lovelies 🫧✨ let me know your favourite below xx #carcleaning #carcleaninghack #cleantok #cleaninghacks #mamamilastips #homehacks ♬ Say It Right – Sped Up Remix – Nelly Furtado & Speed Radio


Squeegee To Remove Hair From Carpet and Cloth Seats

If you have a pet, then this hack is a game-changer. Pet hair gets in all the wrong places, and it's nearly impossible to remove their hair from the carpet once it's embedded in there. This woman uses a squeegee hack that is genius. The rubber from the squeegee grabs the hair from the carpet fibers and pulls it right out. Then, you can vacuum over it and say goodbye to all the hair. 

Slime, but for Cleaning

If you've seen the popular slime that all the kids have been playing with, then you know how satisfying it is to play with it. But what's even more enjoyable is using cleaning slime to pick up all the crumbs and dirt from hard-to-reach places in your car. You can use it on cup holders, the buttons on your dash, or the pockets on your door interiors. The consistency of the slime picks the dirt and crumbs right up! 

Lemon Oil for Cleaning and The Smell

Lemon oil is a popular cleaning agent that I've used to remove sticky residue from just about everything. It can also be an excellent leather cleaner because it cleans and nourishes the leather at the same time. Cleaning your seats with lemon oil will also make your car smell amazing and like it's been freshly detailed. 

Microfiber Mop To Clean The Exterior.

Using a mop to clean your car is absolutely genius. My SUV is taller than I am, and it's hard to reach the top and all the way across the hood with a sponge. If you use a microfiber mop, you can hit all those places with ease, and the microfiber is an awesome cleaning tool, too. 

Lemon and Baking Soda for Headlight Magic

There's more than one way to use lemon when you're cleaning your car. This time, it's a real lemon that you'll need to add to your grocery list. This TikTok creator cuts a lemon in half, sprinkles baking soda on the lemon, and uses it to scrub your headlight covers and make them sparkle again. 

There you have it! Five genius car cleaning hacks that may change the way you clean your vehicle. 

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