Cashpoint ATM System Review- Is it A Scam?

Are you looking for an honest Cashpoint ATM system review? Wondering whether it is a scam or not?

Copy and paste. An invention so old yet so useful. I argue that it's one of the most important commands we have on our modern day computers.

However, copy and paste can make you money. I know it is a laughable issue. It's pretty serious and it comes in the form of the CashPoint ATM System.

According to various sources, this sort of system has been around for a while and it claims to make you $200 – $500 per day.

Now that's a large amount especially if you have to pay just under $50 to gain access to it.

Just as I was getting excited about it, I found out about a lot of bad things that made me reject the entire idea at once.

And that's what I'm here to share with you today. Not everyone should be taken advantage of.


CashPoint ATM System

CashPoint ATM System uses an app to copy and paste successful online websites that could in turn make you 200$-500$ per day.

These figures depend on the website you're copying. What it does is copy a website and offer you control over it.

The idea is that if you can have the same website design as another big website, you will be in pole position to make the same amount of money as the original does.


For example, the CashPoint ATM System can allow you to use their portal and gain access to an exact replica of say Facebook and Amazon on a website domain that belongs to you.

However, can you really earn $200-$500 a day just by using an app to copy and paste successful online websites.? I don’t think so.

Copy and paste scams are one of the most common scams. They are so attractive. No effort, no time, easy money.

However, every single dime you'll ever make should come from some sort of hard work. In some cases, experience.

Any business, online or offline, takes time to build. The fact of the matter is you cannot get hundreds of people interested and buying your product overnight.

It just doesn’t happen. Overnight successes do not happen overnight, rather after months or years of work leading up to that point.

Any online program that promises you great returns without any work should be labelled a scam.

At times we want to be optimistic but the real world does not work that work.

Everyone has to be vigilant when looking out for such sites.


How Does CashPoint ATM System Work?

As soon as I landed on the CashPoint ATM System website it was clear it was a scam.

The funny thing about it is when I went back to get more information, the domain had been declared inactive and in accessible. In short, they closed the site.

The sales video for CashPoint ATM System is straight out of an online scammers text book.

A spokesperson boldly tells you that you can make $100 a day on auto-pilot.

With virtually no effort at all, with this simple system you can make $500 a day.

Who wouldn’t want to sign up?

According to the sales pitch, it is an app that works on any device, tablet or computer that can build a website.

“It’s an automated transaction maker programmed with advanced monitoring and transactional technology linked to a simple online app and clicks can be virtually controlled with this technology”

These are all just fancy words and glorified tech speeches to try and make the CashPoint ATM System sound legit.

The video then goes on, as all scam videos do, to provide fake testimonials on how much money people made using the system.

By the end of the video all you know is apparently this app will duplicate websites for you, that then make you $100s a day.

If that is legit, who wouldn’t sign up to it! In reality, it won’t work like that AT ALL.



As I looked around for information to further prove my point that this system is a scam, one of my sources that wishes to remain anonymous reached out to tell me about their first hand experience with the supposed system.

When I asked about the authenticity of the program, all he said to me was that it is a scam.

Most of the information he has to share with me was legit.

However, he said that the program is so much of a scam that they eventually took down their website just over a year and three weeks ago to this day.

I found that weird and I tried looking for the website to no avail.

That was all I needed to make my conclusion about the legitimacy of this program.

They went so far as to mention that the program is so fake that they did not brand their product and the website was not related to their core product at all.

He says he gained access to the website through a promotional video that used to run talking of the potential earnings through its program.

The website shows a well-groomed man in his 40's that comes across as a professional in the industry.

This man that was credited as the website's founder gave us an inspirational video tutorial about the potential of their app to copy websites and utilize them in a way that ensured profitability to its user.

Their domain was very recently registered. And the domain name is not even related to their product name.

Why? Aren’t they supposed to be proud of their product that can earn people such easy money?

Why aren’t they registering for a domain name that gels with their product name?

With such a brand new site that is trying to sell you an easy way to make the big bucks, would you believe them?

When you look at the basics of website design, you will quickly learn that website creation goes through a host of processes for it to operate.

These processes include:

  • Make a plan for your website’s structure and content
  • Register a domain name – ideally pick a .com
  • Find a website builder (and hosting provider) to create your site
  • Optimize it for search engines
  • Launch your website

My view was that if all this could be built to fit into an app, then the automation would very much be appreciated.

Because the more automation, the quicker these products are available.

My biggest issue was how they were able to create a content management system so easily.

And besides, how would they run traffic to your website??? I questioned the very possibility of having clones to websites such as Facebook and Amazon.

I have since disproved the existence of such sites and if they do exist, then they are so insignificant that you cannot run traffic through them.

At the time my source accessed this website, he says that a man called Jason Rangel was listed as the founder of the website.

However, the structure of his organization didn't seem to include any other people.

He says that over time he realized that the man in the promotional video on the website was an actor that was picked up from Fiverr.

Fiverr is basically a website that offers web design services, log designs, videos and animations too.

This is the only way the founder could get someone to advertise and earn him “fresh unknowing” customers.

I have used Fiverr before and they offer services to turn a profit.

That is their line of business. You cannot claim that they had a hand in aiding this con man with his act.

Fiverr was also the source of the “paying customers” that gave good reviews which in turn encouraged my source to invest in the company. In my books, the figure behind the entire operation knew how to get to the audience.

The payoffs for fake reviews and use of an actor to claim the website's authenticity was an act of brilliant modern-day-robbery that a lot of people fell for.

He says that the founder went as far as uploading supposed photos of his family on a vacation.

This is intended to make you feel like the owner of the website is a family man and just another well-meaning member of the community.

This greatly influenced my source into buying the product that was being offered by the CashPoint ATM System system app.

At the end of the day, he processed payments for a product that could not work. In most cases, these sites give you a small starting fee.

For this site, they claimed you can get access to their services at just $47.

However, after your payment was processed, the communication between you and the company would cease as the main objective was to get money out of you.

If you tried to get more help from them, you would have to pay more and more money until you consequently gave up.


Fake scarcity

It irks me when product creators use pressure tactics and scarcity tactics to get people to buy in a hurry, without respecting their rights to research up on the product before they decide.

It is exactly what CashPoint ATM System did. 8 positions left.

The next day I checked, there were 11 positions left. Wow. So wonderful.


CashPoint ATM System Overview

The CashPoint ATM System sales pitch suggests the app essentially works by copying existing websites of the creators that have turned over millions of dollars in sales.

Imagine Facebook letting you clone their website to make millions…no billions.

But it never works like that.

Let’s assume the creators really do have successful websites, ignoring the fact that we don’t know the creators or their websites.

And that this app lets you quickly clone them and set your own site up – it won’t be successful.

Just copying a website doesn’t guarantee sales. Why? No one knows it exists.

For people to find your site you either need a massive social presence, run ads which cost a lot of money, or have great SEO.

All take time or money. So, you set up your CashPoint ATM System website and sit back waiting for the money to flow in. But nothing happens.

No one visits your site, no one clicks your links or buys your products.

You wonder if something is wrong? Did you do it wrong?

Maybe you need to buy a traffic bundle up-sell. No.

The real way CashPoint ATM System works is by making money for the creators.

You make ZERO cash, and they make money selling you a useless, fake, scammy product.


Is There Any Better Alternative to Cashpoint ATM System?

Yes, there is a better alternative to the Cashpoint ATM System.

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CashPoint ATM System Scam or Legit

This type of scam is the worst kind of scam and gives affiliate marketing a bad name.

It takes advantage of the naive, financially desperate or those just chasing financial freedom.

By selling a hyped-up dream of easy money, with a quick and effort free system the creators distract you from the lack of substance in the offering.

CashPoint ATM System is just another get rich quick scheme that seeks to move money from your pockets into the creators of the program.

Stay away from the CashPoint ATM System. You will not make any money.

Any program’s success is 10% the program 90% the person. 9 times out of 10 if you fail, it's on you.

Quality programs give you all the information you need to succeed, then most fail as they do not want to put in the work.

The only people it will work for are the creators of the product, the scammers themselves, when their audience buys into whatever they are selling.


What CashPoint ATM System really is.

To be frank, I did not want to waste my time and money actually buying CashPoint ATM System to find out how they pull off all those lies. I had a feeling refunds would be impossible to get.

I did not want to walk right into the lion’s den, knowing exactly what a huge scam it is.

At best, you may get some downloadable ebooks with some outdated training.

Or if you’re unlucky, maybe it’s just some link that does not work.

One thing is for sure: the other main objective of CashPoint ATM System is to collect people’s email addresses, so that they can sell the hot email list to third party advertisers.

They would also spam your inbox with offers for more money-making machines, secret millionaire formulas, done for you systems, and some other trash.

All they know is to target the newcomers just entering the make money online space, luring people with easy, instant earnings.

Stay away from these shiny objects, so that these crooks do not get their way.

To round up this CashPoint ATM System review article, let me recap and summarise the pros and cons, before I finally make my conclusion.


Pros of CashPoint ATM System

To be very frank, there is not a single plus point about CashPoint ATM system.

The money making

method it claims to use is not real.

The only thing I can think of is that it gives you a perfect example of what a SCAM looks like.


Cons of CashPoint ATM System

1. It’s full of deception

Fake testimonials, an owner who does not show his face to stand by his product, promises of huge daily earnings with a push-button app, etc.

All these point towards something that works only for the product owner, when people buy into all the hype.


2. An app that creates websites does not exist

Creating websites does not work this way. It is serious work, but it pays off big time when you know how to get traffic to the site and monetize it, exactly like this website that you are on.


3. Upsells

You can be sure that right after you make the payment for CashPoint ATM, even before you get a chance to experience the front end product to find out how it works, you will be bombarded with pricey upsells that claim to get you faster and better results.

Yeah, that’s another tactic up their sleeves, as they know people who have their wallet out of their pocket are more likely to purchase even more.

They know that’s their only and last chance, because after you see what’s inside the product, they will never hear from you again.


Conclusion: Cashpoint ATM System Review – Scam or Legit? 

My position from the start has been very clear. This system was a scam in its time.

The website was taken down last year and if this is not a clear indicator of how much of a scam it was then I do not know what is.

They hired actors to promote their business. They bought fake reviews from Fiverr actors.

The website owner, Jason Rangel, got photographs from other websites that showed how much of a family man he is.

All these tactics were employed to force you to believe how authentic the website is.

There are many bad things on the site that it’s actually appalling how they managed to get so many subscribers.

There are a lot of people that did not appreciate how they were scammed so when you search for this system, you will find a lot of disgruntled people.

The only good thing about this system is that it shows you the red flags you should look for when subscribing to any money making idea online.

You should be vigilante when subscribing to any money making scheme online.

Make sure that you play your part in ensuring that you get the service you are paying for.

Remember that you have to put in the hours for you to get anything out of online business.

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