Here’s Where the Cast of ‘Mad Men’ Is Today

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Mad Men dominated awards seasons and watercooler conversations for almost a decade from 2007 to 2015. The phenomenal cast was a significant contributor to its success. The actors were mostly relatively unknown when the series began, and many were able to leverage their meaty roles on the show to launch them into higher-profile projects. So, what movies and TV shows have they done since Mad Men ended, and what are they working on now? 

1. Jon Hamm – Don Draper

mad men
Image Credit: Lionsgate Television.

While Mad Men is undoubtedly an ensemble show, it does have a lead character: Jon Hamm’s Don Draper. Since leading one of the most iconic shows of the 21st century, Hamm has continued to lend his talents to shows like LegionGood Omens, and the most recent seasons of The Morning Show and Fargo. But he’s also featured on the big screen in lead and supporting roles including Baby Driver, Tag, and Confess, Fletch.

Last year, he starred in Maggie Moore(s), directed by fellow Mad Men alum John Slattery. Fans can catch Hamm in theaters now in the Mean Girls musical or at home voicing the lead character on Ginsburg

2. Elisabeth Moss – Peggy Olson

Mad Men (2007)
Image Credit: Lionsgate Television.

Elisabeth Moss wowed viewers with her fearless performance as Peggy Olson, who began the show as Don’s secretary and became a respected copy chief by the end. Two years after the end of Mad Men, Moss was already the face of another iconic TV show, the adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale.

She has also starred in critically acclaimed movies like Her Smell, Shirley, and The Invisible Man. But she is still willing to take on supporting roles in films by great directors like Jordan Peele (Us) and Wes Anderson (The French Dispatch).

Last year, she appeared in Taika Waititi’s Next Goal Wins. She’s currently working on the sci-fi movie Shell and the thriller miniseries The Veil and doing double duty as actor and producer on both. 

3. Christina Hendricks – Joan Harris, nee Holloway

Christina Hendricks in Mad Men
Image Credit: Lionsgate Television.

Like Peggy, Christina Hendricks’s Joan has a fantastic arc. She begins the series in a subordinate role and ends it as her own boss. Hendricks soon led the crime dramedy Good Girls, on which she also served as a producer. She has worked with celebrated director Nicolas Winding Refn on two films (Drive and The Neon Demon) and developed a significant resume as a voice actress. She voiced the main antagonist, Gabby Gabby, in Toy Story 4 and has had recurring voice roles on shows like Rick and Morty and Solar Opposites.

Most recently, she was an ensemble cast member for Apple TV+’s period drama The Buccaneers

4. Kiernan Shipka – Sally Draper

Kiernan Shipka in Mad Men (2007)
Image Credit: Michael Yarish/AMC/Weiner Bros. Productions.

Kiernan Shipka, the youngest star of Mad Men, played Don’s daughter, Sally. Shipka became the lead star of a show just a few years after Mad Men ended. In 2018, she took on the eponymous role of Sabrina in Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Her work as Sabrina saw her make crossover guest appearances on Riverdale. She’s also appeared in recurring roles on shows like Feud: Bette and Joan and Swimming with Sharks.

While Shipka’s appeared in various genres of films, she’s considered a modern scream queen for her work in The Blackcoat’s Daughter and last year’s Totally Killer. She recently worked on three movies currently in post-production: the romantic comedy Sweethearts, the adventure movie Red One with Dwayne Johnson, and the disaster movie Twisters

5. January Jones – Betty Draper 

Mad Men (2007)
Image Credit: AMC Original Productions.

January Jones was iconic as Don Draper’s first wife and Sally’s mother, Betty. Since Mad Men, she’s starred in the sci-fi sitcom The Last Man on Earth and the Netflix drama Spinning Out.

Last year, she appeared in Nick Cassavetes’s crime thriller God is a Bullet, and she is set to star in filmmaker Brandon Hess’s directorial debut, The Helpers, which is currently in pre-production. 

6. John Slattery – Roger Sterling

John Slattery in Mad Men
Image Credit: Michael Yarish/AMC/Lionsgate Television.

One of the two men whose name is on the stationary at the Sterling Cooper ad agency in Mad Men, John Slattery’s Roger Sterling was Don’s mentor and one of the show’s greatest philanderers. Slattery’s most widely seen role since Mad Men is also one of his smallest, and it began while the show was still airing.

He’s played Howard Stark in multiple Marvel movies and lent his voice to the character just last year in an episode of What If…?. He had a supporting role in Best Picture winner Spotlight and has had several recurring and prominent roles on TV shows, including Mrs. America and The Good Fight.

He’s continued working with Hamm, appearing alongside him in Confess, Fletch and directing him in Maggie Moore(s). He is set to appear in the historical drama Nuremberg, which is now in pre-production. 

7. Jessica Paré – Megan Draper, nee Calvet

Jessica Paré on Mad Men
Image Credit: Michael Yarish/AMC/Lionsgate Television.

Jessica Paré gave a lovely performance as Don’s second wife, Megan, a free-spirited woman with dreams of being an actress. Paré has undoubtedly lived up to Megan’s dream with roles in several comedies in the years after Mad Men ended, including Death of a Ladies Man and Another Kind of Wedding.

She’s contributed her voice to several animated shows, including The Simpsons and Robot Chicken. Since 2017, she’s been a main cast member on the military drama SEAL Team, which will end with its seventh season later this year. She also recently completed filming on the fantastical drama The Bearded Girl, which is now in post-production. 

8. Vincent Kartheiser – Pete Campbell

Mad Men (2007)
Image Credit: Lionsgate Television.

Pete Campbell often made Mad Men, a mostly grounded drama, feel like it had a villain, and Vincent Kartheiser’s arrogant and self-righteous performance is key to why that works.

He’s continued to work primarily in TV, appearing in multiple episodes of various shows, including the modern cult classic The OA. He had a major role as the main villain, Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow, in the third season of DC’s Titans. He’s also appeared in supporting and lead roles in films over the last nine years, including his most recent starring role in the sci-fi mystery film Ultrasound in 2021.

Kartheiser has no upcoming projects, which may have something to do with complaints about his conduct on the set of Titans

9. Aaron Staton – Ken Cosgrove

Aaron Staton in Mad Men
Image Credit: Michael Yarish/AMC.

Aaron Staton brought the artistic and quietly confident Ken Cosgrove to life perfectly on Mad Men, so it’s disappointing to report that he hasn’t had the big career he deserves. He’s working, though.

Staton has appeared in multiple acclaimed shows on Netflix, including Narcos: Mexico and Unbelievable. He’s worked on the Hulu horror series Castle Rock and was one of the main characters in the new TV adaptation of Tom Wolfe’s The Right Stuff.

His upcoming projects include a modern take on Frankenstein called Alive, which may be a TV movie but may also serve as a pilot for a show, and a proof of concept short film titled Fracture

10. Rich Sommer – Harry Crane

Rich Sommer in Mad Men
Image Credit: Michael Yarish/AMC.

Rich Sommer’s performance made Harry Crane’s arc from quiet and mild-mannered employee to bold and aggressive executive believable and emotionally resonant. Sommer has brought that talent to several shows and movies since the end of Mad Men, including the critically lauded Fair Play and Blackberry last year (fun fact: in both films, his characters are named “Paul”).

He’s become a sought-after voice actor, appearing on shows like F is for Family and Adventure Time. Sommer will appear in two films, both coming-of-age dramedies, currently in post-production, Charmers and The Book of Jobs

11. Robert Morse – Bertram Cooper

Mad Men (2007)
Image Credit: Lionsgate Television.

The other half of Sterling Cooper, Robert Morse’s Bertram Cooper was a founding member of the advertising agency and has earned the right to be a bit eccentric, something Morse portrayed wonderfully. Morse was already a celebrated and award-winning stage and screen actor when Mad Men began, but he kept working until he died in 2022 at 90.

He had a recurring role on the first season of American Crime Story the year after Mad Men concluded and voiced Santa Claus on multiple episodes of Teen Titans Go!

12. Christopher Stanley – Henry Francis

Christopher Stanley in Mad Men
Image Credit: Lionsgate Television.

Christopher Stanley arrives in season three of Mad Men as a romantic rival for Don, or rather, a better option for Betty. Stanley has remained a regularly working TV actor, with roles in American Crime (which is not connected to American Crime Story), American Horror Story (which is connected to American Crime Story by producer Ryan Murphy), and the miniseries Waco.

During his recurring appearances in Narcos: Mexico, he worked with fellow Mad Men alum Staton. 

13. Jay R. Ferguson – Stan Rizzo

Jay R. Ferguson in Mad Men
Image Credit: Justina Mintz/AMC.

Jay R. Ferguson had to deliver an excellent performance on Mad Men as Stan Rizzo. The role meant he regularly went toe to toe with one of the show’s most extraordinary talents.

Ferguson has worked on many sitcoms in the years following Mad Men, including an initially recurring and now central role on the ongoing Roseanne spin-off The Conners. He’s also appeared in several miniseries and worked with David Lynch on the third season of Twin Peaks

14. Allison Brie – Trudy Campbell, nee Vogel

Allison Brie in Mad Men
Image Credit: Ron Jaffe/AMC.

Allison Brie is a treasure. She delivered fantastic performances in both Mad Men, as Pete’s wife, Trudy, and Community, as determined student Annie, simultaneously between 2009 and 2015.

Since then, she’s been a lead on two beloved Netflix shows, Bojack Horseman and GLOW, and delivered supporting performances in critically acclaimed movies like Promising Young Woman and Steven Spielberg’s The Post. Fans can see Brie in the upcoming mystery miniseries Apples Never Fall starting in March and can look forward to the forthcoming Community movie now in pre-production. 

15. Michael Gladis – Paul Kinsey

Michael Gladis and Christina Hendricks in Mad Men
Image Credit: Lionsgate Television.

Michael Gladis’ Paul Kinsey mostly appears in the show’s early seasons as a man prone to affectation who becomes competitive with Peggy and loses. Gladis has continued to work in TV, including appearances on major procedurals like Criminal Minds and Law and Order: SVU.

Sadly, he’s also had some disappointments. He starred in two shows that were canceled after one season, Penny Dreadful: City of Angels and Feed the Beast. Right now, viewers can see him on the Hulu original mystery show Death and Other Details

16. Jared Harris – Lane Pryce

Jared Harris in Mad Men
Image Credit: Lionsgate Television.

Lane Pryce, the English financial officer sent to Sterling Cooper to cut costs, doesn’t arrive until season three of Mad Men and dies at the end of season five. But Jared Harris’ performance ensures that he is one of the most memorable characters on the show.

After leaving Mad Men, Harris took on supporting roles in many other acclaimed series and miniseries, including Chernobyl and The Crown. Though he hasn’t only worked on acclaimed projects, he also appeared in the disastrous Morbius alongside Jared Leto.

Harris has three upcoming projects: the biopic Rothko, which centers on the famous painter’s daughter, set to release this year, the thriller Reawakening, and the in-development third installment of the Robert Downey Jr. starring Sherlock Holmes film series. 

17. Bryan Batt – Salvatore Romano

Bryan Batt in Mad Men
Image Credit: Lionsgate Television.

On the opposite end of Harris' Lane, Bryan Batt delivers a fantastic performance as the closeted gay man Salvatore Romano in the first three seasons of Mad Men but left the show towards the end of the third season. Like some of his fellow Mad Men alums, Batt has continued working but deserves more than the often single-episode appearances he’s worked on since the show ended.

He had a recurring role in the Scream TV show. Some of his one-off appearances are on The Simpsons and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Batt regularly appears in low-budget genre films and has two upcoming: the action movie Lone Star Bull and the thriller High Tide.    

18. Ben Feldman – Michael Ginsberg

Ben Feldman in Mad Men
Image Credit: Michael Yarish/AMC.

Ben Feldman appears in the final three seasons of Mad Men as the intelligent and ambitious copywriter Michael Ginsberg. Feldman began a starring role in the workplace sitcom Superstore the same year Mad Men ended and remained one of the leads until the show ended in 2021.

He’s lent his voice to several animated shows, including Tuca and Bertie and the Monsters, Inc. spin-off Monsters at Work. Fans can next see him in the series Population 11, an Australian series in which Feldman’s character searches for his missing father, though it’s unclear when the series will premiere stateside. 

19. Kevin Rahm – Ted Chaough

Kevin Rahm in Mad Men
Image Credit: Michael Yarish/AMC.

Kevin Rahm played Ted Chaough, a partner at rival advertising firm Cutler, Gleason, and Chaough, who, on different occasions, sought to poach talent. Rahm has continued to work regularly on TV, with lead roles on both Lethal Weapon and Madam Secretary.

Most recently, he had a recurring role on Love, Victor and a one-episode appearance on Life by Ella

20. Mason Cotton – Bobby Draper

Jon Hamm and Mason Cotton in Mad Men
Image Credit: Michael Yarish/AMC.

Mason Cotton was the last of multiple actors to play Bobby Draper across Mad Men’s seven seasons. He didn’t get as much to do on the show as Sally, but he delivered some key scenes with Don.

Since Mad Men, Cotton has appeared in some feature and short films and the TV show Russel Maniac. His most prominent role has been Arnold in Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie and the upcoming The Nicktoons Movie

21. Teyonah Parris – Dawn Chambers

Teyonah Parris in Mad Men
Image Credit: Michael Yarish/AMC.

Teyonah Parris arrived late in Mad Men’s run as a secretary and the only Black employee at the newly established Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce agency. Since the show’s end, she’s become a major star in Black cinema, appearing in movies like If Beale Street Could TalkCandyman, and last year’s They Cloned Tyrone.

She is also part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, playing Monica Rambeu in Wandavision and The Marvels. Up next, she’s starring alongside Ray Romano and Linda Cardellini in the Netflix comedy series No Good Deed, which is now filming.  

22. Mark Moses – Herman “Duck” Phillips

Mark Moses in Mad Men
Image Credit: Lionsgate Television.

Mark Moses made his few appearances as Herman “Duck” Phillips, a struggling alcoholic and sometime rival of Don’s at Sterling Cooper. After Mad Men, Moses has continued to work regularly on TV with several single-episode spots and recurring roles.

He was in the Fox News scandal movie Bombshell and played the eponymous photographer in the biopic Mapplethorpe. He has a role in a biopic about President Ronald Reagan, aptly titled Reagan, that’s been in post-production since 2021 due to extensive CGI and will probably, but not definitely, come out in 2024.

Moses will play a fictional president himself in the TV movie Maverick, which is currently in pre-production. 

23. Stephanie Drake – Meredith

Stephanie Drake in Mad Men
Image Credit: Lionsgate Television.

Stephanie Drake added humor to the last three seasons of Mad Men as Don’s last secretary, Meredith. Sadly, those comedy chops haven’t paid off big career dividends (yet!), and she’s mostly appeared in shorts, low-budget films, and various one-off TV episodes. 

24. Alexa Alemanni – Allison

Alexa Alemanni in Mad Men
Image Credit: Lionsgate Television.

Years before Meredith, Alexa Alemanni played another of Don’s secretaries, the attentive and sweet Allison, whom Don, unsurprisingly, sleeps with. Alemanni has primarily performed in short films since the end of Mad Men and, according to IMDb, hasn’t worked on anything since a 2020 short titled Night Sky