Confidence Icons: 25 Celebrities Who Exude the Perfect Amount of Self-Assuredness

Celebrities can come off as arrogant and self-important when they have an inflated sense of themselves. However, some celebs are confident without being egotistical. Here are 25 famous folks who exude the right amount of confidence for how sensational they are.

1. Keke Palmer

Scream Queens Keke Palmer
Image Credit: Ryan Murphy Productions and 20th Century Fox Television.

Kicking off the list of confident celebs we love is the always energetic and adorable Keke Palmer. From her Nickelodeon show to her amazing performance in Nope, Ms. Palmer radiates positivity and love in a no-nonsense way that makes her confident without being arrogant or negative.

2. Daniel Radcliffe

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story
Image Credit: The Roku Channel.

Daniel Radcliffe has a playful and relaxed way about him that only makes him more lovable, even if he wasn't Harry Potter! He takes on weird roles and puts his heart into them, and his interviews are always wholesome and relatable, showing people he's confident without being rude or arrogant.

3. Jack Black

Bernie Jack Black
Image Credit: Millennium Entertainment.

I don't know if anyone has the confidence level that Jack Black does, but we love him for it. Whether he's doing a high kick, jamming on the guitar, cracking jokes, or belting out songs, he always emanates an infectious and invigorating confidence. I'm guessing that being around him is like a shot in the arm.

4. Keanu Reeves

Always Be My Maybe Ali Wong Randall Park James Saito Keanu Reeves
Image Credit: Netflix.

Keanu Reeves has a quiet confidence that makes him seem approachable and charming in an off-beat way. He doesn't even seem like a celebrity when he talks to fans, gives interviews, or ends up in the tabloids. He's a regular guy who happens to be one of the most beloved and talented actors ever.

5. Queen Latifah

End of the Road Queen Latifah
Image Credit: Netflix.

Her name is Queen. Must I go on? Queen Latifah is an icon in every way, from her saucy rap career to her endearing performances as an actress. She's been a force in body positivity and has never once waivered on how much she loves her body, helping people worldwide love the skin they're in too!

6. Viola Davis

How to Get Away with Murder Viola Davis

Image Credit: Shondaland, NoWalk Entertainment, and ABC Studios.

One online commenter noted how Viola Davis “knows what she's worth,” and this statement couldn't be truer. Davis has a sophisticated and doubtless vibe that tells the world she knows she's amazing and doesn't care what anyone thinks.

7. Patrick Stewart

Blunt Talk Patrick Stewart
Image Credit: MRC, The Herring Wonder, and Fuzzy Door Productions.

An actor as successful as Patrick Stewart could have easily become an arrogant jerk, but instead, he's one of the sweetest and most down-to-earth celebs still around. He loves to take on silly roles because he doesn't take himself too seriously and just wants to have fun.

8. Cillian Murphy

Anna Cillian Murphy
Image Credit: Lionsgate.

Cillian Murphy comes off as a very grounded man who takes his profession seriously and has no interest in basking in fame. He's a true family man and spends most of his time with his two sons and wife. I think he'd be an actor whether he was famous or not, as he seems to have great respect for the craft.

9. Drew Barrymore

50 First Dates Drew Barrymore
Image Credit: Sony Pictures Releasing.

Drew Barrymore has not had the easiest life, but instead of becoming bitter and jaded, she's grown into a self-assured and optimistic human. If you've ever watched The Drew Barrymore Show, you know she is pure positivity and joy, showing how even the biggest celebrities can be wholesome and sweet.

10. Snoop Dogg

Soul Plane Snoop Dogg
Image Credit: MGM Distribution Co.

As the king of rap, Snoop Dogg has earned every ounce of confidence he has. His swagger and playfulness make him one of the most lovable rappers and celebrities, especially compared to many rap artists who tend to take themselves too seriously. How many rappers would partner with Martha Stewart, the home decor queen?

11. Jonathan Van Ness

Jonathan Van Ness
Image Credit: Wiki Commons.

Jonathan Van Ness is another celebrity who didn't take the easiest road to fame. As a recovered drug addict, he could be cynical, but instead, he's one of the happiest and most genuine people on television. He works to boost everyone's confidence around him without dimming his light in the slightest.

12. Megan Thee Stallion

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

People love to criticize and tear down Megan, but she doesn't let it get to her. When you're as stunning and powerful as her, there are bound to be haters, but Megan's immense confidence allows her to strut her stuff and push boundaries without cowering to her critics.

13. Susan Sarandon

Ray Donovan Susan Sarandon
Image Credit: The Mark Gordon Company.

Susan Sarandon has always been a strong and opinionated woman, no matter how it impacted her career and personal life. Instead of changing herself to appease people, she has always held steadfast to who she is, radiating confidence and strength that has inspired many, including myself.

14. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey
Image Credit: Everett Collection /

Mariah Carey oozes confidence and self-assuredness, as she should. While some may find her arrogant, she always knows who she is and flaunts it without shame. As a celeb who has been at the center of plenty of drama, she always keeps her cool and never stoops as low as her haters.

15. Margot Robbie

Barbie Margot Robbie
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures.

Margot Robbie has a special brand of confidence that makes her irresistible. As one of the most beautiful women ever to grace this earth, it's unsurprising that she's so bold and assured. She's not afraid to be silly or look weird because she knows she's hot.

16. Adele

Adele: Live in London
Image Credit: BBC One.

I don't think Adele was always the most confident, but now she is. She has received excessive criticism for everything from her lyrics to her body to her accent and beyond. It seems she's found peace within herself and doesn't listen to the unwarranted criticism anymore because she knows she's wildly talented.

17. Sofia Vergara

Hot Pursuit Sofia Vergara
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures.

Sofia Vergara is one of the most stunning women on the planet, and she knows it. But she's also one of Hollywood's funniest and brightest people, carrying herself with poise and humility. Her kind of confidence is what many aspire to, and she's earned every bit of it.

18. Lizzo

The Mandalorian Jack Black, Lizzo
Image Credit: Disney+.

No matter what the haters say or do, Lizzo is going to keep loving herself and doing what she's amazing at. So many people take any chance they get to tell her she's not enough or she shouldn't be so confident, but Lizzo is a sensational woman who deserves to be happy and confident in the skin she's in and the music she performs.

19. Issa Rae

Insecure Issa Rae
Image Credit: HBO Entertainment.

Issa Rae is hilarious and confident but also very genuine and grounded. Not only is she rightfully confident, but she encourages others to believe in themselves too! She has so much confidence, there's enough to share!

20. Jesse Plemons

Game Night Jesse Plemons
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures.

Jesse Plemons has a subtle confidence in him, as he simply delivers fantastic performances and then returns home to his amazing wife, Kirsten Dunst. Like Cillian Murphy, he's not arrogant or over-the-top like so many actors of his caliber and seems to vehemently love his job.

21. Angelina Jolie

Worst Oscar Winners Angelina Jolie
Image Credit: Denis Makarenko /

Angelina Jolie carries herself with grace and self-assuredness, which she worked hard for. She's commented about how she used to be the ugly duckling and still felt unattractive after growing into her distinct features. After years in the industry, she seems to finally be beautifully confident in her appearance, acting, and personal life.

22. Sigourney Weaver

Alien Sigourney Weaver
Image Credit: 20th Century Studios.

Sigourney Weaver is one of the most well-respected actresses, and rightfully so. Her strong charisma, distinct looks, and sensational performances make her an enigmatic force. It's clear from her mannerisms and behavior that she's sure of herself.

23. Kristen Bell

Couples Retreat Kristen Bell
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

Kristen Bell has a sassy and relatable way about her that exudes grounded confidence. She's not afraid to embarrass herself in interviews or do something absurd because she doesn't care what hateful people think! And when she talks about her family, you can tell how down-to-earth she is.

24. Billy Porter

Pose Billy Porter
Image Credit: 20th Television and FXP.

While some on this list exude quiet confidence, Billy Porter does the opposite. He's confidently energetic and boisterous, delivering an infectious energy to anyone around him. He's not afraid to push boundaries and be controversial because he knows who he is, and it's a problem if you don't like it.

25. Rihanna

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Rihanaa
Image Credit: STXfilms.

Bad Girl Riri has never been one to act insecure or shy. From her dramatic outfits to her seductive songs to her transition into a bold businesswoman, she doesn't let anything stop her from doing what she wants. If Rihanna isn't the definition of confidence, I don't know what is.

Source: Reddit.

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