12 Popular Celebrities That Annoy the Living Daylights Out of People

Not all celebrities are created equal, especially in the eyes of the general public. Just because a celebrity is popular doesn't mean that they don't annoy people to no end. Recently, pop culture enthusiasts converged in an online discussion to reveal the stars who drive them crazy, and the results were eye-opening!

1. Pete Davidson

The Guest Book Pete Davidson
Image Credit: TBS.

While a few objectively beautiful women curiously adore him and willingly date him, most people think Pete Davidson is overwhelmingly annoying. Many people point to his “lazy everyman” persona as off-putting, while others point to one specific reason: He's not funny, despite being pushed as a comedy genius. 

2. Doja Cat

Dojacat posing on a red carpet.
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Despite being one of the most popular hip-hop artists in the world, she has plenty of fans who seemingly love to hate her. “She can't handle criticism, she openly bullies others, and doesn't respond well when called out on it,” reports one music fan. “It's clear that Doja Cat is trying extremely hard to get people talking about her. I liked her music, but I can't stand her crap anymore.” Wow, this person held nothing back. 

3. Tom Cruise

Top Gun: Maverick Tom Cruise
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

Nobody denies that Tom Cruise is an accomplished actor with plenty of memorable films on his resume. However, his bizarre religious beliefs and couch-jumping escapades from years back still haunt him, as many people confess to viewing him as an annoying celebrity who happens to be one of the most iconic actors of his generation. 

4. Matthew McConaughey

Serenity Matthew McConaughey
Image Credit: Aviron Pictures.

When you find yourself as a neighbor to a celebrity, you have a different vantage point of them than ordinary folk. “I live in Austin so maybe I see his stuff more than most people,” explains one Texan. “But I find his ‘musings' to be insufferable. The guy is totally in love with himself.” Alright, alright, alright, that's enough slander on Mr. McConaughey for the moment. 

5. Britney Spears

Britney Spears I'm a Slave 4 U
Image Credit: The Neptunes.

Britney's fall from grace has been well-documented, and many fans take issue with how the former pop princess has conducted herself on social media in recent years.

“She can prance around naked on Instagram and not get banned,” says one ticked-off boyfriend. “But, if my girlfriend does it while wearing more than Britney does to promote her website, every single account gets banned.”

That is a compelling argument, but I will need to see these so-called “accounts” of this dude's girlfriend before I make my judgment. 

6. Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Image Credit: ABC.

Some people can't get the bad taste out of their mouths from when Jimmy Kimmel hosted the short-lived Comedy Central show The Man Show, where he showed off his juvenile side. Unfortunately, countless celebrities aren't allowed to grow and mature as they get older — at least in the eyes of the public, 

7. Harry Styles

My Policeman Harry Styles
Image Credit: Amazon Studios.

In 2023, there are still people out there who think Harry Styles is annoying. Just listen to this guy who seems so much fun at parties. “I always thought the guy was your typical boy band flavor of the month, and I even thought he put out a good song or two,” he explains. “But between his fan base, movie ambitions, and just the way he carries himself, it makes me cringe.” 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to hunt down this random guy with questionable opinions. I will have no regrets. 

8. Amy Schumer

Inside Amy Schumer: Last F... Able Day
Image Credit: Comedy Central and Paramount+.

Surprisingly, Amy Schumer is cited by countless people as a celebrity that annoys the living daylights out of them. Some argue that she's not funny (sure, that's an opinion), while others believe that she's not attractive (which is what awful people say). Regardless, Schumer is an established comedic actor who makes millions of people laugh whenever she's on the stage or the screen. 

9. Seth Rogan

Pam & Tommy Seth Rogen
Image Credit: Hulu.

Many people believe Seth Rogan's stoner-based humor had a shelf life that expired long ago. As a result, fans who once followed his career with enthusiasm now think Rogan is trying too hard to recapture the magic of his early days in Hollywood.

10. Jenna Ortega

Wednesday Jenna Ortega
Image Credit: Netflix.

The reasons people think a celebrity is annoying are fascinating, aren't they? “I have nothing against her, but lazy edits of her and her face with that same sped-up Lady Gaga song CONSTANTLY being on my feed triggers feelings of annoyance in me,” admits one woman. “Now my feelings of agitation are associated with seeing the actress's face, and it's not even her fault! This should be a psychological study.”

Unfortunately, this person has nothing to blame but her algorithm.

Bill Murray

Mad Dog and Glory Bill Murray
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

While Bill Murray's popularity exploded into the stratosphere in the 80s and 90s, his recent activity has been eyebrow-raising. The man has a penchant for hanging around college students for the past ten years, right? However, most fans point out that his conduct is annoying at best — and creepy at worst.  

Jimmy Fallon

Saturday Night Live Jimmy Fallon
Image Credit: NBC.

Although Jimmy Fallen has plenty of diehard fans supporting him, just as many critics find him incredibly annoying due to his penchant for being unable to keep a straight face during any performance. Whether it was breaking character on Saturday Night Live or bursting into unnecessary laughter on his late-night show, he gives off annoying vibes in the eyes of many. 

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