10 Celebrities the Internet Wishes Would Just Go Away Now

Is there a celebrity you don't care for or are over? Or maybe one that you're tired of hearing about and seeing everywhere? You've got company. Recently a Redditor asked, “Which celebrity should just go away?” The internet responded to deliver these top-voted celebs.

1. The Smiths

Guytherobot answered, “Will and Jada Smith. I can't take any of the ‘honest' and ‘open discussions' anymore. They publicly tell private matters no one needs or wants to hear.”

Redditor ames2833 clarified, “More so Jada on that one, I think. I have never liked her much. And yeah, some of that stuff she discusses. I feel bad for Will in a way. It seems like she walks all over him and embarrasses Will constantly.”

2. Kanye West

One user said, “Kanye West. The dude's not okay. He needs mental health help and the media to stop romanticizing all the crazy and toxic things he does.”

Go-with-the-flow confessed, “I feel awful for his children. How he's acting and attacking their mother so publicly and revealing family information so openly must be very hard on them. Imagine your whole school knowing that your mom considered aborting you. Or now that your dad is accusing your mom of abducting you for your birthday party.

There are good people with mental illnesses and horrible people with mental illnesses. Kanye West is an awful person to his family. He doesn't get a pass because he's mentally ill. He has access to the best resources to help him, and it's on him to listen to the people telling him that there's a problem. This isn't a new problem. I don't feel sorry for him anymore. I feel sorry for his family.

3. Caitlyn Jenner

Redditor Itsccchaney volunteered, “Caitlyn Jenner, people forget that she killed someone in 2015. Vehicular manslaughter killed one and injured seven. Dismissed in an $800,000 settlement. However, she's praised as a hero. It seems this barely even tarnished her reputation.”

4. Joel Osteen

After establishing that Joel Osteen is a megachurch pastor, Redditor Xnsno said, “This is the ringleader. Private Jets, mansion, the whole nine yards. I am sick of seeing his face on his book at Walgreens whenever I have to refill meds. He fries his eggs in snake oil 100%.”

Many noted that he didn't open his church during hurricane Katrina until after the media backlash. Others mentioned Kenneth Copeland and other televangelists and their fortunes. Osteen's net worth in 2019 is a reported $60 to $100 million. 

However, _forum_mod admitted, “I must say I watched him once. I was getting ready in the morning, and it happened to be on one of those channels. His charm and charisma were pretty magnetic. He seems like a nice guy. Not saying I am for or against him, just that I can see why it works.”

5. Nick Cannon

Of course, people raced to the comments with opinions on him having ten kids while also making fun of the kids' names. However, IndustryMade noted, “His infant son passed away this year.. would never wish that on Nick Cannon.” Additionally, many people called him an antisemite. They fired him from his long-running show Wild ‘N Out for anti-Semitic comments he made on his podcast.

6. Prince Andrew

KermitTheBoz said, “Prince Andrew. I will always be mad at Queen Lizzie for not taking away his prince title. Because “The Andrew, Formerly Known As Prince” will always be the clever nickname that never was.” TravelKats explained, “It takes an act of Parliament to remove his Prince title, and they seem tied up at the moment. However, I agree it's a great nickname!”

7. Chris Brown

Redditor Catchuondaflippity said, “THANK YOU. The number of times I've had to ask people why his almost beating two women to death was not enough to stop supporting him. Is sickening.” We all know he assaulted Rihanna. But he also:

  • 2013 – shoved a woman in a nightclub so hard that it tore ligaments in her knee.
  • 2015 – Faced 3rd-degree assault charges for tossing a woman from his bus after refusing to give him her phone. Which he also broke.
  • 2016 – Somehow managed to avoid charges against him after a woman accused him of punching her in the face.
  • 2016 – Arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.
  • 2016 – made threats of physical violence to a female tour manager.
  • 2017 – Brown's ex-girlfriend, actress Karrueche Tran, obtained a restraining order against him after she said he threatened her with violence.
  • 2018 – In a standoff with LAPD after a woman claimed he threatened her with a gun.
  • 2018 – Punched a photographer and was charged with felony battery.

8. The Kardashians

Fraggle_Frock said, “This is my vote right here. These people are toxic, and they cause such damage to young people who think they should look this unrealistically plastic and perfect by photoshopping the reality out of themselves.”

One user admitted, “I installed a Kardashian Blocker Chrome extension some years ago. So I never hear about them at all. Even Kanye is included with the Jenners.”

TrickBoom414 argued, “I dunno. The work Kim Kardashian is doing in central criminal justice reform is something. I get that people find her outward public persona annoying, but 17 people are free when they could have been left rotting in prison. That's more than I've ever done.”

2. Dr. Phil

BurningRoast agreed, “Dr. Phil. Ever since I saw him treat the girl that didn't want to see her biological mother like that, I'm convinced he has some sort of god complex.” Additionally, several users noted that he isn't even an actual doctor.

1. Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller is the number one celebrity the internet voted would go away. One Redditor admitted, “Every time I read an article about Ezra Miller, it sounds like some of the craziest, whackiest stuff ever.” Civilian216 agreed, “That is the correct answer right here. WB's money is the only thing keeping Ezra out of prison.”

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