Unfair Criticism: 20 Celebs Who Don’t Deserve the Hate They Get

In 2023, expressing hatred towards the rich and famous is fashionable; that's what the internet is for, right? But how much hate is too much hate? Recently, an online discussion uncovered a handful of celebrities who arguably don't deserve the criticism constantly thrust upon them. 

1. Adam Sandler

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Despite being regarded as a good-to-great actor, countless people point to his recent films as a reason to hate Adam Sandler. Newsflash, everyone: not every one of his movies will reach the high bar set by Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore.

2. Ivanka Trump

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Being linked to one of the most polarizing people on the planet means that Melania Trump gets hit with plenty of collateral damage. Even the most outspoken Donald Trump critics aren't shy about launching attacks directed toward Trump's daughter. 

3. Meghan Markle

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To many people, the online vitriol directed toward the wife of Prince Harry is unwarranted. “I get why some people don't like her,” says one woman. “But people carry-on like she murders puppies all day, is about to launch nukes at the moon and slept with every married member of their family. And people get so personal about it. How can anyone hate a person they have never even met? I've never heard this much hate towards anyone – not even criminals who have hurt people.” 

4. Taylor Swift

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Being one of the most successful recording artists of all time means that despite having one of the largest fan bases in history, you can still have plenty of haters. It's shocking how much hate Taylor Swift receives, despite being a lovely human being by all accounts!

5. Nicholas Cage

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While it's trendy to make jokes at Nick Cage's expense in recent years, his resume in Hollywood speaks for itself. The man is an accomplished, award-winning actor, after all. His work should make him bulletproof to negativity, but sadly that isn't the case. 

6. Jane Fonda

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Some people still can't let go of Jane Fonda visiting North Vietnam on a humanitarian mission in 1972. Many Americans even regard her as a traitor. “She made one mistake in her youth, which she has apologized for a spoken about, that caused a giant population of people to criticize her in vile and personal ways while they completely overlook her five decades of activism,” says one Fonda supporter. 

7. Leonardo DiCaprio

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While we can all agree that DiCaprio's penchant for dating extremely young women is a little creepy, some people think the hate directed toward the star goes too far. “There are so many other people that we could direct that same energy to who are actually breaking the law,” explains one woman. “He has a weird fetish that does not warrant the outrage.”

8. Nickelback

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Despite putting out one hit after another during their heyday, Nickelback has become a laughingstock in the music community. Nevertheless, the rock band still has plenty of supporters who believe the chart-topping group is nothing to laugh at. 

9. John Cena

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It's fun for people — and wrestling fans in general — to hate John Cena, but the statistics don't lie. He's a genuinely great person on the inside. The multi-time WWE champion has granted over 650 wishes for the Make-A-Wish foundation since 2002.

10. Jay Leno

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The unique comedy stylings of Jay Leno don't make everybody laugh, but he has plenty of fans who will defend him against a vocal minority. “I think he's funny and he was always good to his staff and paid them out of his own pocket during the writers strike,” explains one man. 

11. Robert Pattinson

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In the eyes of many, his performance in Twilight gave Pattinson a scarlet letter he could never overcome. However, not all people agree. “Rob definitely doesn't deserve the hate,” says one supporter. “He's a very good actor and he seems like a nice guy.”

12. Kristin Stewart

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Like her Twilight co-star, Kristin Stewart also suffers from the same misdirected hate as Robert Pattinson. Despite her numerous attempts to distance herself from the polarizing franchise, she can't escape the perpetual negativity stemming from her star-making performance in Twilight.

13. Justin Bieber

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“He has been used as a product and moneymaker by adults since he was a young child. He was surrounded by ‘yes men' and had to experience growing up in the spotlight, where he was made fun of, mocked and judged constantly. He's now married and the media and idiots on social media still can't stop talking about his past relationships.”

14. Brie Larson

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Larson finally caught her big break when she found herself starring in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, plenty of critics point to her outspoken nature in interviews as the reason so many people dislike her personally.

15. Colin Kaepernick

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The ex-NFL star came under fire years ago by peacefully protesting police brutality before games. However, his actions polarized a nation in the process, and seemingly half the United States still wants nothing to do with him – on or off the field!

16. Tom Brady

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The amount of hate Tom Brady receives is genuinely astonishing. By many metrics, he's the best quarterback to ever play in the NFL, yet countless sports fans delight in attempting to knock the person he is on and off the field!

17. Zooey Deschanel

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The star of the hit comedy New Girl made Zooey Deschanel a household name. Unfortunately, the American public has seemingly grown tired of her hipster, doe-eyed personality – even if she remains one of Hollywood's best actors and reportedly a saint of a human. 

18. Vince McMahon

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In light of recent allegations against him, Vince McMahon has been under the microscope. His supporters still believe in his work throughout his career, however – including building WWE into one of the premiere entertainment companies in the world! Wrestling fans think McMahon still needs to get more credit for his immense success.

19. Megan Fox

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Somewhere between her well-received debut in Transformers and her relationship with recording artists Machine Gun Kelly, America turned on Megan Fox, who seemed destined to become Hollywood's “it” girl. However, Fox's supporters never left, and in 2023, many are shocked at the amount of hate still thrown her way.

20. Lindsay Lohan

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Speaking of Hollywood's “it” girls, Lindsay Lohan seemed destined for superstardom early in her acting career. But, unfortunately, personal demons sidetracked her ambition, and it became en vogue to hate on the young actor. Was the hatred too much? In retrospect, almost everyone threw too much shade toward Lohan.

Source: Reddit