Why You Should Change Web Hosting

I know It is hard to change web hosting

What if you found that you choose wrong hosting

In this post, I will discuss my experience with Siteground

I currently host this website before that I was using Hostgator

Please I want you to understand that I am not against Hostgator and any other web hostings

But read it carefully and you should conclude why you should change your web hosting to Siteground

Starting with WordPress first

I've been using WordPress since 2009 as the only platform for building websites and
being with Hostgator since 2011 as shown below

I was paying on a monthly basis before switching to an annual payment in 2015)

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Hostgator billing history

I chose Hostgator because it was really booming at that time and everyone recommended them

Anyway when I decided to build this website

I noticed a significant slowness in speed so I checked all the plans and I found that

They have plans for WordPress hosting so I chatted with billing resource in July

They told me that it is too late to switch as I passed the 45 days for making any changes

This means if I switch I will pay the full annual amount again

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How much you pay in HostGator

I used to pay 143.4$/year (11.95$/month) for the website hosting and they have a different plans called WordPress hosting which is a little bit more

I really don't remember the price

But I have to admit that I did not try it to judge the speed with the WordPress hosting plan

May be it is matching Siteground or even better

Anyway the best things I was able to do at that time is to optimize my WordPress site by using Cloudflare by creating free account on their website

It enhanced my page load speed somehow and I also started reading about how to use W3 Total Cache to achieve maximum optimization

Also I installed WP Sweep plugin to optimize WordPress database

Why I changed my web hosting account

I always recommend on my blog the best tools/services

While reading few posts for bloggers saying that Siteground is currently the best when it comes to web hosting of WordPress sites

I started to search online for lot of reviews and I came to technical ones which proves that Siteground is sitting on top in terms of page load speed

And because I was planning to upgrade my hosting plan with Hostgator to achieve better results

But due to their prices I decided to wait for my renewal on end of April

Suddenly I knew about Google Page speed test and immediately I tested on my blog

I got a shock with score of 57 as low so I went to chat with their online tool

The agent there she was very fair and she told me that she is not technical and she is part of the sales team

But she promised better result than 57 if I switch to them and she recommended GrowBig after knowing that I have few sites

I checked their prices and to my wonder I found that I will pay 71.4$ for one year (5.95$ monthly)

I immediately found myself going for their web hosting GrowBig plan and I started the transfer process

How SiteGround helped me with my site transfer

The technical team took around 2 hours to transfer everything to my new web hosting after I provided them with my Hostgator credentials and when my blog was ready

I went right away to check again the Google page speed

I found that I jumped to 69 as medium and the technical team comforted me that this number I can still boost higher than that but how?

Later I realized that they have Cloudflare built in under their cPanel with a click of a button you will be able to connect to Cloudflare without doing any work

I tested that right away on another website which belongs to my brother in law and I found that it was immediately connected

Now when I clicked on my website to connect it to Cloudflare

I got an error message that my website email is already in use as with Hostgator hosting I had to do my Cloudflare connectivity manually from within their website

So I logged on to my Cloudflare account and I disconnected my blog and I connected it again from within their cPanel

When I went again to Cloudflare both websites were there; by the way you don't need to connect to Cloudflare site again as all the settings you can control from your cPanel under your account

Also Siteground provides you with their internal Caching system similar to Cloudflare

It is called SuperCacher and they have a WordPress plugin to control it from within your WordPress admin area

One added asset with their hosting is the backup tool to restore any files or folders

I think they keep 30 days where you can specify the day(s) to restore its data

Why you need fast Google page speed

I am not a fan of SEO and I don't try to optimize any of my pages for SEO

But at least I follow the basic SEO concepts like making sure that the title exists twice in my post

I apply this whatever my post is 2000, 4000, or more words

And yes SEO will come to you somehow by finding that you get traffic from long tail keywords

You didn't plan for and having said that I don't want to lose this extra traffic as Google indicated in their algorithm that part of their algorithm to rank pages is by detecting the page speed

Since I am not taking any SEO practice into consideration I will not ignore the Google page speed factor

Also forget about SEO

I always browse many websites from my cell phone using my data plan

So I really care about the page load speed as I switch to another activity if the website I am loading takes longer than normal (I am willing to wait 8 to 10 seconds)

Screenshot below is testing Google page speed with Hostgator hosting


While this screenshot below when I switched to Siteground

Notice there is a little bit of increase but consider that I did not know about the built-in feature of Cloudflare and SuperCacher (it is going to be discussed below)

Google pagespeed on my site to siteground

How much I had to pay to switch my web hosting

I paid 71.4$ and I consider it a very good deal as the team there is really expert and they know how to really deal with technical problems professionally

siteground billing payment

The best way to reach them is by calling a technician over the phone usually the wait time is around 2 – 3 minutes

I don't recommend to leave your number for a call back as they called me after 2 hours

I spoke to them about it and they said that due to the high call volume sometimes they call back when it is a little bit quite so I would rather stay on the phone

Next channel is opening a ticket

I opened a ticket with them while transferring my WordPress sites

They replied within 90 minutes but I highly recommend it when you need technical how to guide as they are expert in providing documentation for you to follow

Last channel in my opinion is the chat as most agents there are sales and billing

Maybe I am wrong and they have technical agents

But I said that because my 2 chat sessions were with sales

What are the current Siteground plans

They have 3 plans, StartUp plan which is good for one website and 10,000 monthly visit for 3.95$

I recommend it because when you start you will always start with one website and no traffic

Followed by the GrowBig (my current plan) which is good for multiple websites and 25,000 monthly visit and finally GoGeek 

Also multiple websites and 100,000 monthly visit

siteground step 2 choosing different hosting plans

Final thoughts of why I changed my hosting plan

Believe me when I tell you that it was not an easy decision especially I have long post on WordPress website setup process where I describe how to install WordPress on  Hostgator in step by step details

I had to completely change web hosting to Siteground and few other posts where I recommended Hostgator

Screenshot below is the original post

I had to delete it and lose any social media links which I pasted earlier and to create a new post to recommend Siteground


I knew it was easy to keep everything as is especially I see many bloggers promote Hostgator

They really have thousands of visitors coming to their websites

But if I want readers to believe me in what I recommend as a good experience

Then I have to take whatever it takes to keep the integrity of my blog

Finally before taking any action

I hope you have a reason to change web hosting and choose the right one for you

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