10 Worst Characters People Hate and Wish Never Existed

Is there a fictional character that people love but you absolutely disdain? You've got company. Someone asked, “Which popular character in a series did you despise and wish was never written?” And these were the top-voted responses.

10. Zoey Redbird From House of Night

One person shared, “Zoey Redbird from House of Night. It's been a while since I have read the books, but I stopped reading them cause of her. She saw three guys at once and got mad when her boyfriend was jealous and broke up with him.”

“She also shamed Aphrodite while Aphrodite was dating Erik cause they had adult relations like she wasn't seeing three guys at once. She seems like ‘A rules for thee, not for me' sort of person.”

9. Taryn From The Cruel Prince

One person said, “Jude kept forgiving her and helping her, but I wanted her to fall off a cliffside after the first betrayal. What a terrible excuse for a sister.” “I thought she was incredibly immature and disloyal to pretty much her only REAL friend (Jude) and often tried to use Jude to get what she wanted,” added a second user.

8. Bran Stark From Game of Thrones

“Bran Stark. Both. His chapters are godawful, and the show isn't much better. The ending with him crowned and having the best story is ludicrous, to say the least,” one expressed. Another argued, “His chapters are boring. They did start to get more interesting in the later books for me, though.”

7. Yennefer From The Witcher

“The one character I despised is Yennefer from The Witcher series. She is played differently in the tv series and the game, but in the books, she is nasty. It made me sad for Geralt, or any man, that falls in love with such a person,” one Redditor replied. Another added, “I agree. I cannot stand her. She is manipulative, egoistical, and nasty.”

6. The Joker From Batman D.C. Comics

The Joker,” one said. “He's an excellent character, and I'm a die-hard Batman and D.C. fan. Still, in the modern fandom, so many people unironically Stan the Joker and claim he's just misunderstood and is a victim.”

“He is not, he's a sociopath who slaughters innocents for pleasure, and no one should ever emulate him. Also, the people who find his relationship with Harley Quinn cute. I used to love this character, but I now despise his existence.”

5. Baron Vladimir Harkonnen From Dune

“I wish Baron Vladimir Harkonnen from Dune was written better. He was an overweight, ugly, dude who made poor decisions when blinded by his ambition and hatred,” one user expressed. 

4. Lydia Bennet From Pride and Prejudice

“Lydia Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. God, I just wanted to slap her and tell her to go to her room. She seemed to be allowed to get away with so much,” someone confessed. Another argued, “I think being annoyed by her is fine, but it's scary how many people want to see a 15-year-old girl punished because a grown man essentially groomed and kidnapped her.”

3. Augustus From The Fault in Our Stars

“Augustus from The Fault in Our Stars. He was so condescending that I started rooting for his cancer,” one user admitted. Another agreed, “Every time I reread The Fault in Our Stars, I hate Augustus more and more.”

2. Bella Swan From Twilight

One stated, “Bella was the worst protagonist ever and a terrible model for girls.” “I listened to the Twilight series again on audio back in 2020, and I completely skipped New Moon because of how annoying she is being so depressed about a boy, and she never leaves the house. The ENTIRE book is based on her bad decisions, ugh.” The music is amazing in the films. 

1. Dolores Umbridge (Hem Hem) From Harry Potter

“Definitely. I hate Umbridge more than I hate Voldemort. Unfortunately, we've all had that one teacher,” one user shared. Many agreed while one argued, “Here's the thing about Umbridge, she was a helluva antagonist in Harry Potter.”

“Someone centered in the real compared to the unreal that is Voldemort. Everyone in their life has had a Umbridge. Or at least know of a Umbridge, not so much with Voldemort. She was written to be hated. She was made to oppress, and it was well done.”

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