Chase Sued For Allegedly Aiding Jeffrey Epstein, Attorney General Conveniently Fired

If you've ever thought about suing your bank, you might want to reconsider. This week, the United States Virgin Islands Attorney General Denise George was fired from her post. Apparently, she failed to notify Governor Albert Bryan of her move to sue JP Morgan Chase for its role in Jeffrey Epstein's human trafficking scheme.

When it comes to human trafficking of any kindeople have strong opinions about people and corporations tied to such monstrous behavior. Twitter users certainly weren't shy about sharing their thoughts on the matter.

@CollinRugg shared a post that got people talking.

@BDFunnyPaper thinks history is repeating itself with a Joe Biden clip.

The late Senator John McCain's wife, Cindy, admits that everyone knew what Epstein was doing.

@Simply4Truth uploaded a clip on whether ‘big players' can even be touched.

Glenn Beck wanted to know about the ‘body count' related to Jeffrey Epstein's trafficking ‘business,' and @Simply4Truth uploaded this clip.

@dmp267 wants to remind everyone that Trump's ‘inner circle' isn't without fault.

@cdbammer also wanted everyone to know how Trump felt about Epstein.

User @BrianWH88263887 would like to know where all the Epstein evidence is.

@RalphKimber3 would really like to see the list of people who visited the island while Epstein was alive.

User @CABO_BABY thinks there's a short span of time between what one would consider a conspiracy theory and the truth.

@d_dubaya_p is pretty sure that smoke leads to fire and thinks a special prosecutor is in need.

Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, right or left; most people can agree that Jeffrey Epstein and the people in his circle of influence are despicable, to say the least. Whether or not they can be prosecuted is highly debatable, and a picture doesn't induce guilt.

Debates about who was involved in his human trafficking ring will likely go on forever, and, likely, no ties to any wrongdoing will ever come to light over Attorney General George's firing. Does that mean there weren't any? No, but it doesn't mean there were either.

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