Cheap Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is nearly here, and probably, like me, you are looking for romantic Valentine's date ideas.

For me, Valentine's Day is about showing Mr. Budget how much I care but without compromising our goals for financial freedom and our budget.

That said, it is our thing also to have as much fun as humanly possible!

But what could you do as a couple when you value romance over money?

Here are a few of the cutest Valentine's day ideas I have found, which have been shared generously by the UK Money Bloggers or we have loved in the past.

20 cheap date ideas for Valentine's Day

  • Go for a takeaway, hit the town, and have a couple of drinks in your favorite bars.
  •  Go sledding and play in the snow.
  •  Spend it in bed!
  •  Go to a comedy show
  •  Some local theatres or local amateur dramatic societies have cheap tickets.
  • Host a potluck – Get two other couples to join you, and all bring your favorite crock pot dish for a shared dinner.
  •  Have a traditional games night. JengaKerplunk, and Connect4Â are all games I adored during childhood and are still hilarious!
  •  Rearrange one of your rooms at home – try out a new arrangement of furniture and accessories.

Role Play – wear costumes!

This baby-doll costume is perfect; if it is less than £15.99, you have a superb deal.

  • flattering shape
  •  panties and lingerie tops
  •  comfortable, soft, breathable material
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  •  available in a wide range of sizes

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Read reviews and see more pictures.

  • Go for a midnight walk or bike ride around your local area.
  •  Plan a scavenger hunt for each other, with special love notes at each stopping point.
  •  Spend Valentine's Day with someone who has lost their valentine and cheer them up.
  •  Go for a breakfast date  – this is something Mr. Budget and I will do! We love a traditional breakfast served in one of Darwen's finest cafes.
  •  Have a movie marathon with your favorite ice-cream
  •  Take a short spa together – Â Shop around – hotels will do a valentine's package that works out cheaper.
  •  Box set marathon
  •  Go down on a trip down memory lane.
  •  Â Cook dinner together and dress up as if you are going out for dinner.
  •  Write a handwritten letter all about what you love about each other.
  •  Have your favorite dessert treat in bed and your favorite comedy box set.- Ours would be ‘Frasier' – we never get tired of watching it!

Get the Kama Sutra out and have lots of fun!

This version of the Kama Sutra will spice up not just Valentine's Day but every Day of the year after that!

  • Different sections for whatever sex positions you both fancy.
  •  Tips for maximum pleasure for both of you.
  •  Comfortable, soft, breathable material
  •  Available as a paperback or Kindle version.

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Cute date idea – have a bath together.

If you're in a hurry, this is what you need for a romantic bath date:

Handmade rose-scented bath soaps

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Floating candles