8 Time-Tested Ways to Save & Get a Haircut!

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, one thing people are quickly recognizing is how their everyday life can be easily flipped upside down… in a hurry.

The random drive to the store for some flour, the quick trip to the pharmacy for some toilet paper, and the stop at the local haircut place near you to get a quick trim weren't so simple.

However, just because the haircuts options were slim did not mean our hair had stopped growing. With things finally opening back up, you might be wondering where you can get a cheap haircut. Here is a great article to help you accomplish four things when it comes to your hair:

  1. Find a “haircut near me”
  2. Save money on your haircut (and all future cuts)
  3. Figure out how to get a haircut during the pandemic (at home)
  4. Avoid ever getting a haircut like one of these:

8 Time-Tested Ways to Save Money On a Haircut Near Me:

Use this list of eight places to get a cheap haircut near me in a hurry! The average haircut is $28, however, it's cheaper for a guy's haircut than it is for a woman's (more hair).

That being said, start with your phone and using step 1 below:

1. Check Apps for Haircut Coupons

The first and best way to save money on haircuts is to check out the many different companies offering haircut coupons near you.

Check out coupons on companies such as Supercuts, Regis Salons and more. Do a quick “haircuts near me coupon” search on Google and you’re bound to find websites with potential coupons. Large coupon sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial also have daily offers, so consider checking those, as well as ads in newspapers and magazines.

Consider signing up to newsletters and salon websites so you know whenever they have coupons or promotions instantly. And once you pick a salon, ask them if they have a loyalty program or regular offers – then you’ll know immediately when the cheap haircut promotion is on!

2. Connect With In-Home Stylists

Stylists sometimes prefer going to your home to style and cut hair instead of working in a salon. This is a way for them to cut overheads and not work with a boss. Retired stylists who still want to work might also offer in-home cuts. 

This is also how haircuts will be done during the Coronavirus Pandemic too (so everyone can practice social distancing).

In general, in-home stylists charge less and may even offer large discounts if your entire family wants a haircut. They may be more flexible than a commercial stylists with the added benefit of getting your hair cut in the comfort of your own home.

Here are some tips to find a stylist if you don't already know one:

  1. Get on Facebook, and choose the recommendations feature. Ask, “Does anyone know someone who can cut hair near me?”
  2. Go onto Instagram and look at hashtags for hair places near you
  3. Check out your local newspaper
  4. Do a quick Google search for in-home stylists in your area to find one. 

3. Consider Using Franchise Hair Cutteries

If you just need a simple hair cut, haircut franchises are an excellent place to save money on haircuts. They're usually cheaper in nature than boutiques and salons, additionally haircut franchise are easy to find.

Simply pull out your map app on your phone and search for “haircuts near me” and you will quickly find a list of haircut franchises near you.

Some haircut franchises you may consider checking out are:

  1. Sport Clips,
  2. Great Clips,
  3. Hair Cuttery, and
  4. Supercuts. 

How to find a Hair Cuttery “Near Me”

Hair Cuttery Logo [ Download - Logo - icon ] png svg

One of the more popular, cheaper places, to get your hair cut while having it look nice is Hair Cuttery. There are over 500 locations across the country, primarily on the east coast and in the midwest.

Hair Cuttery is the largest, privately owned full-service hair saloons in the country. The best way to find a location near you is to do one of two things:

  1. Simply use a search engine or a map app on your phone and search “Hair Cuttery Near Me”
  2. Use this store locator tool from their website here to find a Hair Cuttery by you

Be sure to check the locations by you before just showing up. Hair Cuttery takes walk-ins, but because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, they have had to close and sell some locations.

4. Visit a Cosmetology School

If there’s a cosmetology school in your area – and chances are there is – you may be able to save money by offering your hair to be cut by one of the students.

While being a haircut guinea pig might seem a little intimidating, it's a cheap way to get a quick haircut. Not to mention your hair will always grow back :).

The people studying in cosmetology schools and hair institutions are studying to become professionals, so getting your hair cut with them is also a chance for them to practice and gain real-world experience.

They’ll most likely be supervised by a licensed hairstylist, which means it’s unlikely anything could go wrong – their customer services is also next level. 

Search for “cosmetology school near me” on Google and check to see if they’ll be open to doing cheap haircuts. Most public school districts also offer cosmetology trade school options to their senior students.

5. Go to a Barber Shop

If you’re looking for something simple and easy, your local barber probably offers a trim for a very affordable price, just make sure you have cash on hand!

Most guys get their haircut a barbershop and when they go, they're looking for a few things when searching for a barbershop near them:

  1. Quick
  2. Simple
  3. Cheap, and a barber who can:
  4. Can work their magic with some clippers!

Most barbers also have had some solid practice cutting hair over the years and can do pretty much anything when it comes to clippers. As far as cut and color go, a barbershop isn't probably the best spot for you.

6. Have a Hair Party (Ladies)

If several of your friends are talking about getting a haircut, consider getting everyone together and doing a hair party. Maybe you have a friend who enjoys cutting and styling hair and would enjoy doing it to their friends. Or you could get an in-home stylist to come for an afternoon and get everyone involved!

This is a great way to save money on your haircut, have some fun and to also help a local stylist out. Tap into your network on social media to find a local stylist!

Be sure everyone know's what they want ahead of time so the stylist can plan accordingly and be sure to have cash to pay! Tipping is still a good idea too!

7. Hire an in-home barber (Gentleman) with your buddies.

A hair party for men! Get some of your friends together and hire a barber for the afternoon. Cheap and a good laugh for everyone involved.

I recently met a guy with a great fade and asked him where he got it. He told me that he is actually an aspiring barber and he does them on the side and he shared his Instagram handle with me. 

As we stayed in touch, he let me know that if I ever wanted to get a group of friends together he could do an in-home visit and cut all of our hair, a  super discounted rate. 

While I haven’t taken him up on the offer (yet) I now know I can save about $5-$10 per haircut simply by having him come by and gathering a few friends up. Call it a group haircut deal!

8. Cut Your Own Hair 

Perhaps the best thing I have ever done to save money and increase the frequency of my haircuts is learning to cut my own hair.

The guinea pig: My hair.

The result: Cutting my own hair has saved me a few hundred dollars each year and I have actually gotten pretty good at it!

If you’re hellbent on not spending a single cent on cutting your hair, consider cutting it yourself. Do a quick search online or check on Youtube for how-to videos on how to cut your own hair.

Keep in mind, you will need to have some essentials to cut your own hair, but you can easily find those on Amazon and can be considered as a one time purchase:

  1. Hair Clippers – approx $25
  2. Hair Scissors – as low as $2

Considering the average haircut is $28 as of 2020, for less than $28 with your Amazon Prime account you can take your DIY haircut to the next level by ordering your own hair tools.

For guys, at one haircut a month for a year, you will spend $336 annually. However, with Youtube, the right clips and a bit of determination, you can get your hair cut in any way you want. 

Final word on cheap haircuts near me:

At the end of the day, the Coronavirus Pandemic will pass (though it has been completely disruptive) and we can all resume our lives.

In the meantime though, people are becoming resourceful in every manner whether that means they're budgeting better, using telemedicine, or working from home with Zoom, and of course, even cutting their own hair.

Hopefully, this article helped you find a haircut place near you and gave you some quick ways to save money in the process. As some parting advice, make sure you always tip your stylist/barber and consider going local to help hair stylists in the community!

Frequently asked questions:

Where can I get a cheap haircut?

The best place to find a cheap haircut for guys is at a barber shop, or do it yourself. For ladies, a cheap haircut can be found at franchise stores like Hair Cuttery or at cosmetology schools. You can also search on your maps for “Cheap Haircuts”

How much is a normal hair cut?

A haircut price can range from as little as $10 all the way to $100 or more. Typically, on average, most men should expect to pay $15-$20 for a haircut. Women on the other hand, depending on what they need, can pay anywhere from $25 and up. Typically, it's best to tip too, so be sure to take this into account at least 10%.

Where can I find haircut coupons?

Prior to getting a haircut, be sure to search online or look in local magazines for coupons that can save you a few dollars with your next haircut. Also, certain barbershops and hair stylists offer punch cards and loyalty rewards. Be sure to ask your barber or hairstylist if they over a loyalty program!

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Question: What are some places to get cheap haircuts or ways you save on haircuts?

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