Cheapest Foods to Buy at Grocery Store – Best Food to Buy on a Budget

It took me a while to find the cheapest foods to buy at grocery store

I found also a list of cheapest food at grocery store, any grocery store no matter what

Of course it is obvious there are so many high end supermarkets and cheap grocery stores

Although I discussed earlier how to save money at grocery stores but it is not enough

But when it comes to cheap food to get at the grocery store then I have you covered with my list below

cheapest foods to buy all the time
cheapest foods to buy at grocery stores

What are the cheapest foods to buy at grocery stores?

My list below is the best foods to buy on a budget at any grocery store

I strongly encourage to look in your area for the low end grocery stores

But as I said earlier these are the cheapest food to buy in general

1- Bananas

Bananas are one of the cheapest fruit

You can buy a pound of bananas for around 50c at least in chinese stores in Canada

At Walmart, it is 57c per pound which is around 3 bananas

It is considered a good source of Potassium plus vitamin C which I knew it recently

2- Apples

There are so many types of apples from green ones to red and yellow

I find Gala apple type to be the cheapest with around 79c per pound

I love apples as eating one apple can make me full with few calories

Also it is a good source of fibre

3- Oranges

When it comes to vitamin C, oranges always come to my mind as number the one source of vitamin C

Although oranges are one of the cheapest food to buy especially in Winter

But I always be surprised when I checkout as oranges weight much, it is always tricky to tell how many pounds you have

I remember one day on the cashier to pay $22 something as I got around 14 pounds without even noticing

4- Cantaloupes

One cantaloupe is around $2.97 so why I say it is cheap?

Well, each cantaloupe is enough to eat for 2-3 days

I always eat cantaloupe knowing that it is very little in calories

5- Potatoes

For $4.97 you can buy a bag of 4.54 kg of potatoes

It is considered a starchy vegetable and healthy carb and can be used with every dinner recipes

6- Sweet Potatoes

There are a lot of people who are cooking sweet potato instead of potato

This appears with the crispy baked sweet potato french fries, it looks like potato but it tastes a little bit different

7- Beans

Kidney, pinto , fava beans and so many are the cheapest food to buy

Also it is a good source of protein

It is a way cheaper to buy it raw, even if you buy it in cans it is also cheap

I buy fava beans cans for 99c which is good dish for 2 persons

8- Lentils

Lentil is an edible legume and cheap food to buy

You can buy it in big bags as bulky item

Lentils soup is low in calorie and excellent source of protein

9- Rice

Rice is a classic side dish and easy to prepare food but it is definitely high in carb

It should not be a big deal if you eat 2 spoons of rice, I say that as I used to have a kind of rice addict

It took me a while to reduce my consumption of rice but once I got used to it, it became the norm

10- Pasta

Pasta is one the dishes that can be eaten without any side dishes

It is preferable to mix it with ground beef sauce, you just boil the pasta and add ground beef to it according to your desire

Pasta always goes on sale where you can easily buy big quantities and stock them

11- Bread

Of course, not all types of bread are cheap

I always buy pita bread because it is the cheapest foods to buy

Also I buy no brand brown toast when it is on sale – I buy many bags and freeze them

It is less calories and taste exactly like white toast

12- Carrots

One advice when buying carrots, always buy big bags in large quantities – you will save more

Carrots can be a good source of vitamin A which keep your eye healthy

13- Canned Tomatoes

Nobody have time and energy these days to make tomato sauce from raw tomato

You can buy canned tomatoes when they are on sale

I always find they go 50% off its original price so I buy in bulk and stock them in my garage

14- Corn

During fall, corn goes to its lowest price but during year round, I buy it in frozen bags

The good thing about frozen corn is that it is very easy to prepare, I cook it by steaming in a steaming basket

Sometimes, I just snack on the corn as is

15- Zucchini

Zucchini is not only cheap but very low in calories especially if they are roasted or barbecued

I don’t count my calories when I eat Zucchini as it is really neglectable

16- Mixed vegetables

The most thing I like about mixed vegetables is the ability to cook it in a different ways

I cook it with beef stew in tomato sauce or with ground beef in tomato sauce too

If I am not in the mood of cooking at all then I steam it, my kids love it like that

17- Flour

Flour is cheap and I know everyone thinks about cookies when I say flour

Actually if you have kids, there are so many recipes you should learn to cook at home like pancakes and mixing flour with eggs to make a dough

18- Sugar

I realized that I should stock sugar in a dry area so it does not get sticky

Although I take one spoon of sugar wit my coffee or tea but I always keep a stock of sugar in case my kids ask for cooking any recipes with flour and sugar

19- Tea and coffee

Especially if the tea is not a brand name like Lipton and for Coffee I find the cheapest is the pour over or filter coffee also known as drip coffee

20- Oats

Oats are a whole-grain food, this is one of the cheapest foods to buy

I love it when my kids eat oats as it is a good source of fiber and it really helps their stool to stay softer

21- Pork

If you don't have any issues eating pork over beef, definitely you will save a lot of money and you will get used to it

22- Hot dogs

Although hot dogs take some time to prepare, I always cook a bulk quantity and freeze them

It saves me a lot of time especially when my kids crave it during school lunch time

23- Milk

Milk has a standard price and you always save by buying the 4 Litres bags

Yes, in Canada, I buy milk in bags, not like the US in plastic jars

24- Plain Yogurt

Plain is not expensive if you buy it plain in big boxes, I find the pricey yogurt is the box of 8 or 16 small boxes with fruit flavours

25- Cottage cheese

Although you may not like plain cottage cheese but I found when I use it with boiled egg in my breakfast, it makes me full and it is very low in calories

26- Eggs

I always buy the regular sized eggs as they are sometimes cheaper than large eggs

Also I buy a pack of 30 as it saves me money

27- Tuna

Tuna cans are very cheap food especially the flakes cans which means the leftover pieces while chunks are the broken pieces of loin

28- Sardine

I am a big fan of sarinde, I know I don't eat it much but I love the fact that sardine cans are very cheap and they have very long expiry date

29- Ramen Noodles

Noodles are very easy to prepare and I stock them in my pantry for that day where I am completely clueless on what to eat and looking for a quick and easy recipe to cook

What are the cheapest foods to buy in bulk?

Wondering where to buy cheap food, easy buy in bulk in stores like Costco or Sam's club

cheapest foods to buy in bulk
cheap food to buy

1- Rice

You can buy a 22 pounds of rice bag, not only you will save money but you are good for at least 3 months

2- Potatoes

These big bags of potatoes that weight 12-14 pounds are good price for their size

Potatoes stay long time before they start to get buds

3- Oranges

Same thing goes here for the oranges, you can save for big box of oranges

4- Apples

Although you don't choose your apples but bulky stores tend to sell large bags of apples chosen well with no blemished skin

5- Carrots

Carrots stay longer than potatoes and apples so you can buy big bag of carrots and keep using it

6- Flour

In Costco, I buy the big bag of flour and I never worry about running out of it

I store it in my pantry and keep using it every now and then

7- Ground beef

If you have a space in your fridge, I recommend buying 6-7 pounds of ground beef – you save money on large quantities

8- Hot dogs

Bulky stores sell a pack of 40 to 50 hot dogs, I like it since they don't space in my freezer

9- Plain yogurt

Bulky stores like Costco sell a pack of 3 boxes of plain yogurt – I always get it if the it has an extended expiry date

What are the cheapest snacks to buy?

1- Bananas

If I am hungry then eating one banana can make me full

As I said earlier with 57c you can buy 1 pound of bananas equivalent to 3 bananas

2- Apples

Sometimes I snack by eating one apple – less calories and it makes me full

3- Oranges

Orange has a lot of juice inside so eating one orange makes me full for long time

4- Cantaloupes

Once I cut one cantaloupes I know I can snack on it for 2-3 days

I don't count its calories and it makes me really full

5- Oats

Sometimes when eating oats, I mix it with milk

I know one cup 250 ml of milk is 130 calories plus 100 grams of oat is 5 calories

Try the above recipe and oat swells in milk and makes my stomach super full

6- Carrots

I refer to baby carrots as I snack by eating 5-6 baby carrots

7- Boiled eggs

Boiled egg is the least number of calories around 70 calories

It is easy to prepare, I always leave it to boil using a timer

8- Plain yogurt

I add my touch to plain yogurt by adding liquid lemon – I heard it speeds up the metabolism

Anyway if the above is not correct, I like its taste

9- Tuna sandwich

Tuna is very low in calories – I mix it with honey mustard and keep it in the fridge

Just one box of tuna is good for 2-3 snacks

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