Top 10 Cheapest Places to Vacation This Year

Planning on-budget vacations is usually a complicated task since cheap things do not normally come. During your search, you may encounter very cheap places but you should keep in mind questions like: – how much will I spent to reach the destination?

Will that particular destination be easy to navigate? Are the locals hospitable? What kind of food is available in the destination? And many more.

And that is why I wrote this article on the cheapest places to vacation.

The world is full of affordable destinations that don't require a lot of effort to find and no matter what continent there are those places you can roundup on.

In actual sense roughly 75% of the world can be travelled on budget but only after getting creative in mastering and adopting a few travel money saving tricks while on it.

Your goal of tracing the perfect cost-friendly travel destination is even made effortless if the places you look to vacation in are already affordable.

This write-up is an insightful compilation of ideal travel destinations that you could tryout with budget expenses raging between $25 to $60 per day and it is aimed at helping you identify incredible places that are not only cheap but also offer value for your money, spicing up your vacation with splendid activities and  life time experiences.

Looking to travel solo? Get crazy with a couple of friends? Or simply enjoy lovey-dovey moments with your lover?

Simply read-on and find out some of the most suitable cheap tourist destinations you can tryout starting with Asia.


Southeast Asia


Comprised of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand, the Southeast Asian triangle is one of the most affordable destinations in the entire world and as you vacation around there, you can get away with cheap guest houses, cheap food, transport and a bit of drinking at approximately $20-$40USD in an entire day.

Insightful back-packers can even go through a day at less than $20.

1. Cambodia


Cambodia is a beautiful destination with very warm-hearted people and is the cheapest in the entire Southeast Asian triangle.

You can make a reservation in one of the private rooms as you wonder around the beautiful islands in the south, the grandiose architecture in the temples of Angkor Wat, traditional cities, wild nature in the north and so on.

A private air conditioned room goes for about $20 per night and the street food goes for about $2.

You can as well be transported across the country at only about $20. There are also hostels that can be accessed at less than $20 and these are a perfect ordeal for back-packers.

You can as well spend more if your budget is not as tight.


2. Thailand


The country is known as the heart of back-packing in Southeast Asia and it has very cheap guest houses, local buses and food.

In addition, Thailand has multiple tourist destinations like Phuket; an ideal place for on-beach holidays, Krabi town; a home of beautiful islands where you could watch sensational sunsets with your lover, Khao Lak for scuba diving, Pattaya; a quiet fishing village ideal for sun bathing and many more attractions.

Thailand is breath-taking destination and it will leave you craving for just another glance.

Although the country has a multitude of beaches, the cost of living gets lower as you go inland, the northern Chiang Mai region is the cheapest and you can spend an overall of $30usd in a day.

Back-packer dome beds go for at least $5 while comfy hotels with swimming pools cost $30 or more per night, depending on preference, you can get street food at only a dollar or go for restaurant food which costs $5 and above.

If you plan to hang around Thailand months, you can opt to rent cozy apartments costing $150-$200 per month


3. Vietnam


This is one of the leading tourism destinations on this planet today even after it was left in ruins after the second Indochina war 50 years ago.

Ho Chi Minh City, known to many as Saigon is a historic city named after the legend behind the country's independence; a passionate historian cannot afford to miss-out on the different historic events in the country.

In addition, Vietnam has glimmering rice fields, immaculate beaches, magical waterfalls where you could go wondering, sunbathing, swimming or simply get wonderful massages.

Some of the ways to cut on your daily expense while in the country is eating street food, taking sleeper trains that cost about $22 for a 750 mile long journey and locally brewed Hanoi beer costing only $0.22.

Asia as a whole is an ideal spot to check out though the southeast is a total reflection of value for money and the tourist destinations there are a guaranteed treat for your nerves!

You can as well checkout Indonesia and Philippines where you would spend about $40 per day on an extremely tight budget.


Central America

central america

Do you wish to vacation in places with relatively few tourists? Bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Central America is your ideal destination!

And although they appear small on your map, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama will get you that tingly sense of excitement and make you feel extremely at ease.


4. Guatemala.


The northern part of Guatemala has awesome features like lake Atitla; the deepest lake in central America surrounded by mountains where tourists go Indian nose hiking in the mornings and also have a clear glance of erupting volcanoes, the Tikal ruins; where you will find an amazing mine structure, seamuc champay; a beautiful river between two mountains and even though it is not an easy to get to spot, the magnificence is of the place is worth the effort.



Guatamela has the cheapest hostels about $3USD per night, though not so comfy.

It is a highly recommended place to camp for a couple of months if you are planning on perfecting your Spanish.


5. Nicaragua


This is just another country you cannot afford to miss-out while in the center of America. The incredibly natural beauty has varied and magnificent landscapes surrounded by freshwaters, tropical rain forests, mangrove and so on.

While on your vacation, you could get busied-up with a number of activities like: – Surfing, camping on active volcanoes, dive, or take a walk around.

The beach side hostels are cheaper and go for a few dollars averagely $20, you can also get road side food at less than $4.

You can also get accommodation at $15 per night, meals at $3, beer at <$1 and local bus transportation at $3. Your total budget would be $30_$40

Costa Rica and panama are however a little more expensive but as a sharp solo back-packer, you can manage to go through an entire day at about $40USD or more if you decide to be a little big on spending and living large.


6. Mexico

Located in North America and renowned for octane holiday resorts, the country is so diverse in what it has to offer ranging from the authenticity in culture, fascinating history, amazing food, peaceful national parks, eye catching beaches of the Caribbean sea, tacos, jungles as well as campsites.

While there you will have plenty of activity like sky diving mostly done in Puerto Vallarta, play golf, wonder through the underwater museum of Cancun, River booze cruise in Xochimilco, watch a football game, enroll for a salsa class, visit the basilica of Guadalupe or take an island vacation.

You could also choose to go dance and drink your night away; the night life in Puerto Vallarta is the best! Back-packers can go through a day at $40, accounting for dorm beds at $15- $20 USD, street food is about $2-$3 though you can opt to eat out at restaurants and this would cost about $3-$10.

A typical backpacking day would cost about $30 on a cheap side and about $50-$60 USD on average.


Parts of Africa


Back in the days, a mention of Africa had people thinking of a continent full of a dark-skinned race of humans, wild animals, deserts and nothing more but misery.

Although not maximally developed, there are parts of Africa that you do not want to miss-out on.

These places will give you the complete satisfaction of calm and hilarious once-in-a-lifetime experiences that will make you want to trek through the rest of Africa.

Flights to Africa from other continents are usually pricey and many people chicken-out on vacation plans to Africa due to the remoteness and difficulties in navigation of some areas forgetting that there are many cheap things in the continent.


7. Egypt


Egypt is a profound destination in the Sahara region known for the ancient historical sites and treasures, incredible architecture, golden sand beaches, pyramids, unusual water masses and there is plenty of activity for you to engage in from floating on the red sea, sunbathing on its shores, boat cruising on the Nile, archeological finding in Luxor ( the great pyramids of Giza, temple of Karnak) ,city life in the country's capital Cairo, and the lovers of calm and quiet environments can as well take advantage of the southern town of Aswan and the Siwa oasis.

A complete vacation in Egypt is a combination of adventure, culture and relaxation.

Private rooms with bathrooms go for only $3 though they are not as comfortable, five-star hotels with a clear view of the city however cost about $50 dollars if you are more into glam and style.

At as low as $1, you can get yourself some tasty street food. There are sleeper buses in Egypt that will save you the expense of flying from city to city.

Note that people in Egypt are so persuasive and will try as hard as they can to convince you into taking trips and tours to different tourist attractions.

Try to desist as much as possible if the destinations mentioned are not in your plan, otherwise you'll end up spending more than you have.


8. Cape Town

cape town

With a unique blend of the European and African cultures, the country has it all! Cape Town is situated at the southern tip of the African continent and is surrounded by the twelve apostles mountain range and the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

The white sand beaches, moderate climate, perfectly brewed wines, incredible food, beautiful orchards and night life are some of the explicit packages awaiting your arrival.

There are a variety of activities you can as well engage in from mountain hiking, bungee jumping, sky diving, zip lining, beach bumming, strolling through cities, trail running, go for safari, or go digging into the interesting history of the country and more!

Regardless of being a solo tourist, couple or simply a team you will get a perfect activity for you.

Hostel dorm beds cost $15-$25, food $3-$15 or more depending on your interest, and Ubers cost about $20. A back-packer can spend a total of $40-$50 dollars a day while the midrange budget would be about $100USD.

However, you could cut costs if you opt for cheaper food and avoid expensive wines.


9. Brazil


The world's fifth largest country; occupying almost half of South America, is filled to the brim with amazing travel destinations like the colorful beach towns, the Amazon rain forest, misty mountains, archeological sites, the spectacular inguazu falls, awesome white sand dunes, vast wilderness, rich culture, unique music, samba dances and much more!

Being the origin of famous football players like Neymar and Pele, the country is a renowned land of the game having won five world cup trophies.

There is plenty of on-vacation activity for you to try right from beach sports like sunbathing, surfing, diving or navigate through the Amazon, hop through the museums and historical sites.

The favorable exchange rate of the Brazilian real with the dollar makes staying in the country really affordable.

Food in Brazil goes for $10-$15, hostels go for $8-$20, a full day of bus rides at $1-$3 or $10-$50 for intercity bus rides, you should however be alert since some flights are cheaper than bus rides.

A back-packer can spend roughly $40 in a day while a midrange budget can get to as much as $70.


10. Fiji


A mention of Pacific islands normally gets most people fancying more of luxury; pricey resorts, expensive food and services which actually is not the case with Fiji.

The pacific island is located in the North American continent and is a stopover on Fiji airlines thus there are multiple flights available to the destination.

Backpackers take advantage of the cheap visa expenses and flood the country. The cost of living in Fiji relatively cheap since the accommodation, food and transport fares are relatively low.

You can get yourself accommodation from $9usd or more, food at $5-$20, get transported around for $1-$10.

Drinks can as well be accessed at as low as $1-$15 depending on your preference.


Conclusion: Cheapest Places to Vacation

The listed destinations are not the only cheap places to vacation we have on the entire globe and it should be noted that the total transport fares individual tourists incur are hugely dependent on where they are based and where they plan to fly, sail, or drive to for vacation; the transportation fares included here only account for movements within the specified regions and may vary according to the economic status.

As you start on your vacation escapade, do not forget to start with places around you; before including Disneyland on your travel list, how about you go camping or safari tracking in that jungle you have been ignoring.

Tourists have the tendency of thinking that tour-satisfaction is only in far away destinations and completely forget their very own, so the next time you plan on a vacation, try supporting your home economy by visiting the destinations around.

Also try as much not to over drink as this may cost you a little more than expected you may have expected to spend.

I hope you found this article on the cheapest places to vacation helpful.

Now I would like to hear from you.

Which of the listed destinations are you going to try first?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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