Cheapest Way to Live Alone Or With Family – [Ultimate Guide For [year]]

Nowadays everybody is looking for the cheapest way to live frugally

Some people don't know how as they don't have a clue

While many others know many tips to live frugally

But don't have the will to stick to them

Well I am here to explore all the frugal tips to raise your awareness

And for those who cannot live cheap living, ask yourself why?

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cheapest way to live

In my post below, It is packed with many ways to live cheap life

Try at least one or two and when you get used to them they become your norm

Cheapest way to live in the following places

Imagine if you skip your mortgage or rent from your paycheck

How much money you would save?

I bet you a lot, if I am not mistaken easily from 25% up to 45%

Since it is a dream to skip paying your mortgage or rent, you can try the following

Live in an RV

A friend of mine spent three days in an RV with his family

He reported that it was very pleasant experience

But can you live for long time in an RV?

Definitely it is one of the cheapest way to live during your accommodation

So instead of renting an RV for vacation you buy it and live in it

The average cost of RV compared to buying a home is incomparable

Plus you don't even need a car as you can drive your RV instead

Live in a truck

Next to living in an RV comes the idea of living in a truck

Although any truck has less space compared to RV

But with few money it is feasible to turn your truck into a home

Living in a bus

Another cheapest way to live frugally is to stay in a bus

Recently I have seen in a TV show like HGTV many people converting their buses to small living areas

Live in a storage container

Similar to living in a bus you can live in a storage container

Keep in mind here that container is wider but shorter than a bus

At the same time, definitely you would need to buy a car for transportation

Living in a mobile home

Living in mobile home is one of the cheapest way to live and save money

The price of any mobile home is a fraction of what you pay in regular home

You just have to be careful as you can lose money if you buy the wrong mobile home

Live in a duplex

Duplex is another way of buying affordable house

You buy a house that is split into two units known as duplex

Definitely duplex is lower in mortgage or rent

Live in a home and rent basement and few rooms

You can also live in your home and rent your basement

Or if you have 2 storeys you can rent a storey to reduce your monthly mortgage

I know renting your basement is practical as you will have more privacy

Living with a roommate

Sharing your place with a roommate is one way to reduce your rent by 50%

I know not everyone like to do it but it is one of the cheapest way to live with someone

But definitely it is healthy to live with someone even if you don't talk much

Living with your parents

If you're single and want to save money nothing is wrong to live with your parent

You can tell your parents that you plan to contribute with money

Tell your parents to accept that as it will help you to manage your commitment

Tips to live frugally on your own or with your family

I covered above all possible ways to live in different places and save money

Now it is time to cover cheapest methods to live frugally

1) Practice the 30 days rule on non essential items

30 days rule simply is a practice of refraining yourself buying any big items for almost a month

For example, buying a new Apple watch if you wait for 30 days perhaps you would change your mind as you already have a regular watch

2) Setup a plan for the Tax refund season

If you are an employee most probably you may get a tax refund

Question is, do you have a plan on where to use that money?

I suggest to put this extra money into your retirement account

You plan for future, also get an extra tax refund next year as you lower your income

3) Maximize the transfer to your retirement account

Another way to live cheaply is to check if your company offers a contribution to your retirement account up to a certain percentage

I beg you to seize this opportunity and match the maximum contribution your company will match

You can never imagine how much you will make in 5 or 10 years

4) Trick yourself that you did not get a bonus

Most companies offer bonuses at end of the year

Assume you don't get any bonus and use the money into an investment account

Perhaps you can invest the bonus money in your retirement account

5) Automate to transfer money to your saving account

Do you want to save money but get tight on your monthly budget?

Sometimes you miss the chance to save for the current month

Why don't you ask your bank to cut a specific percentage or amount to auto transfer money from every paycheck to your saving or retirement account

6) Get rid of your change in Piggy bank

Do you have change in your pocket not sure what to do with?

You can live cheaply and use a piggy bank

Make it a habit to drop any change there

7) Use apps to transfer your change to an investment account

Nowadays with many mobile apps you can invest easily

What you can do is to round up any payments you make with your credit card or debit

Then you move this rounded up amount to an investment account

You can do that using Acorns and Stash in US and Wealth Simple in Canada

8) Find a buddy to challenge you

Some people find the best way to save is to turn saving into a challenge

Find a buddy who likes to challenge you and go for a saving challenge together

It would be fun and you can start with 52 weeks money saving challenge

9) Use a cash reward credit card and save its cashback

One of the cheapest way to live frugally is to use credit cards to pay for expenditure

That's why I decided to use a cashback credit card that gives me money back on renewal date

I maximized my cashback by paying an annual fee to get more cashback

10) Create a budget

I will repeat it over and over

If you don't have budget it is time to start a new budget

Just see all your expenses during the last 3 months on your debit and credit cards

Come up with realistic budget and keep tracking of your spendings

That's why I came up with undated ultimate budget binder plus current and 2 upcoming years as shown below

dated monthly budget page to live cheap by balancing your budget

11) Analyze your spending

Knowing how much you spend in each category is the key to successful budget

I found you have to keep track of your expenses on a daily and weekly basis

You can use the below sheet for free on my products page

Income Expenses Tracker to live cheap taking care of your expenses

12) Make extra income by starting a side hustle

You can optimize your budget to a certain limit

But your income is always the same and you have a limit to decrease your expenses

What would be best is to find a way to work on a side hustle to add more income

13) Refinance your mortgage or negotiate your rent

Sometimes before your mortgage term ends you can negotiate for a better rate

You can live cheaply by negotiating your price before renewal date

If you are renting you can negotiate with your landlord at least not to get an increase

14) Try the 52 weeks money saving challenge

I knew recently about the 52 weeks money saving challenge

It is an exciting challenge that you can use its money at year end towards your emergency fund

15) Analyze, negotiate and bundle your recurring bills

I have a friend of mine who was paying around $140 for a cable and internet

That's way too much, I told him to call their billing and inform them that you are shopping around

To my wonder, his bill was slashed to $90

That's why I encourage everyone to negotiate his bill as cheapest way to live frugally

Good news is that you can use AskTrim, BillSmart, BillCutterz, BillFixers and Bill Shark in US

And if you are in Canada, you can use Bill Busters

16) Cut cable subscription

I know there are so many household who are not aware of IPTV

IPTV is simply subscribing to TV channels over the internet

You can expect to pay around $30 to $50 a year

If you compare it with what you pay monthly on your cable – there is no comparison

17) Cancel magazine subscriptions

You may be paying $20 a month for specific magazine you really love

But the question is, do you really free time to read it?

I bet you that you keep it for some time then you trash it

Think about it and if that's the case try to get rid of it

18) Replace your home phone with VOIP phone

I believe having cell phone is enough for anybody to reach you

But because VOIP phone is cheap nowadays around $3 a month

I use a VOIP phone at home

Bottom line to live cheaply with home phone I urge everybody to use VOIP

19) Set reminders to pay bills and credit cards

I found the best way to organize your bills payments and never miss one is to set up a day every month to pay your credit cards and utilities

You don't want to pay late fees for missing any bill

20) Never finance anything

There are some stores who offer to pay for 18 or 24 months with no interest

If that is the case you can buy your big ticket item when you get this offer

Otherwise you don't have to pay interest for buying big ticket item like TV or Fridge

You can have a specific saving account that you start saving any amount into it and to use it for buying any appliances that get broke at home

21) Use HSA or FSA

HSA stands for Health Spending Account while FSA stands for Flexible Spending Account

These accounts can pay for any unpaid portion on your health account

For example, you can use HSA to pay for the remaining 20% dental bill not covered by insurance

I think this is one of the cheapest way to live without medical bills

22) Pay mortgage and student loans biweekly or even weekly

Do you know if you set your mortgage or student loan payment to a shorter period you will pay less interest?

Yes paying your mortgage weekly or biweekly will cost you less interest than monthly

23) Look for no fees bank accounts

I know it is a lot of hassle to switch from one bank to another

Take an offer from one bank and tell your bank about it

If this offer really exists your bank will do their best to match it

Anyway one of these offers is to look for no fee checking account

24) Write your grocery list

One of the best thing I discovered is grocery list app called AnyList

It integrates with Google home and Alexa

When I run out of grocery item, I call Alexa and ask her to add this item to my grocery list

If Alexa confirms that my item was added, then I use the app in my grocery store

AnyList - one of the best way to save money
Cheapest Way to Live Alone Or With Family - [Ultimate Guide For [year]] 8

You can show and hide your crossed item by using the eye view icon

AnyList - adding multiple items
Cheapest Way to Live Alone Or With Family - [Ultimate Guide For [year]] 9

You can add multiple items one time

AnyList - meal planning
Cheapest Way to Live Alone Or With Family - [Ultimate Guide For [year]] 10

Also there is a meal planning feature

I found a cheap way to live frugally when I discovered AnyList

25) Buy the no brand supermarket items

Without any doubt buying no brand always cheaper

To be fair there are so many no brand items that you can buy and save money on grocery

26) Buy grocery items in bulk

Some grocery items will never expire like flour, rice, sugar, salt and all spices

Always stock big quantities when you find them on sale

27) Buy essential products from grocery stores

Milk and eggs are essential especially if you have children

I go for my grocery shopping once a week

So I always keep track of milk and eggs to make sure I have enough for the week

If you want to live cheaply then never buy these items from convenience stores or gas stations

28) Search for cheap groceries using coupon apps

I know it is hard and challenging to search all flyers to find deals and coupons

Not anymore with apps like Flipp or reebee as these apps do the heavy work for you

You can search any item and it will find the cheapest price across all grocery stores

29) Get cash back using grocery apps

Yes you can collect money when using these apps like Ibotta, Checkout 51, Receipt Hog and Krazy Coupon Lady

They all work similarly where you scan your receipts and get cash back

30) Stop buying bottled water

I don't see anything wrong drinking water tap

Yes I have to admit that I buy bottled water from time to time

But only when I am going camping or on the beach

31) Buy from Supermarkets that do price match

Sometimes you can find a deal in one grocery store

But you don't buy groceries there

I found best way to live cheaply is is take this offer and show it to your grocery store

Most supermarket will do a price match to grant you the same deal

32) Bring your own grocery bags

I will speak about myself of keeping reusable grocery bags in my trunk

This saves me from buying grocery bags in all supermarkets I visit

33) Plans your meals weekly

Do your best to fit your grocery shopping for the week in one visit weekly

At the beginning it is going to be hard as you will discover that you forgot few things

But by using AnyList it should be easy to organize your thoughts and focus on what you really need to buy

34) Buy cheap meat cuts

I think you already know there are cheap meat cuts

So best way to live frugally is to buy the cheap meat cuts the more you save

I am not asking to stop buying top sirloin steak but to reduce buying it

35) Use takeout coupons

I know from time to time you would go with your family to restaurants

You have to know all coupons that will save you money

I use Groupon and to get coupons for your restaurants

36) Go for family portions in restaurants

If you are in restaurants always look for plates that are good for 2 persons

Some items on the menu can be modified to be enough for more than one person

For example, chicken tenders for $17.99 and it has a note below it that says

Add $5 to double the portion

37) Cook your food in bulk

You are saving your effort cooking multiple times

If you are cooking in weekend you can cook multiple meals together

For example, if you are cooking beef stew for different types of meals

You can cook big portions and use them with 2 or 3 meals together

38) Use leftover dinner for lunch

You know it can never happen to finish all your cooked dinner

That's good because you can use your leftover dinner to eat it at lunch

You would save money buying lunch at work

39) Eat breakfast

Your body needs to get food on time

If you skip eating breakfast most probably you will starve at lunch time

Not only this is not healthy but you may buy extra food because you are hungry

40) Avoid meat and poultry once or twice a week

You can save a good money if you decide to skip meat and poultry twice a week

Actually skipping meat once or twice will not harm your body

41) Buy a large freezer

Although I am asking you to buy a large freezer and spend money on that

But I aim to save you money in the long run

Sometimes meats and poultries go on sale and you need to buy and stock

I found that having a large freezer in my home helped me to save money by buying cheap grocery items and freeze them

42) Plan to cook cheap recipes

For those who work full time they won't have time for cooking

That's why it is convenient to look for easy recipe

Sometimes you can replace some nutritional items in some recipes with cheap ones

For example, replacing cashews in salad recipes with almonds

43) Cut drive thru coffee and restaurants

I know there is a morning coffee habit for lot of people

This habit costs lot of money monthly

I have to admit I used to buy my morning coffee using a mobile app

Because technology made it easy to skip lineups and the wait time

Till I discovered that I am paying a lot each month

I cut it and I buy coffee occasionally

Sometimes I use Starbucks Keurig K-cup at home

44) Upgrade your Costco membership

Believe it or not upgrading Costco membership will save you money by end of year

But how? Costco membership comes with 2 types

Gold where you pay $60 and executive for $120

If you get the executive membership you get 2% on all annual purchases while gold you don't get any cashback

I remember when I upgraded my executive membership I got $80 as cash back

This means that my next membership costs less than gold one

45) Buy flowers from Supermarket

If you have an occasion where you need to buy flowers

I suggest to get your flowers from supermarket it is way cheaper than floral stores

46) Buy some items from Dollar stores

There are so many items you can buy from dollar stores and really save money

As you know all items are around one or two dollars

Go to any dollar store and take a note of the following items

Greeting cards, party supplies, notebooks, gift boxes and wrapping papers, storage containers and Christmas decorations

These items above are way expensive in other stores and this is not the end of the list

47) Join loyalty programs

This is something you can keep it on your list of savings as a habit

Loyalty programs will save you on the long run

But since you lose nothing to use loyalty programs like Air miles

And many stores are using these loyalty programs so use them if you can

48) Buy cookware and skillets from discount stores

There are discount stores selling cookware and skillets for 50% discounted prices than any other stores

I recommend to write a list of all missing kitchen utensils and appliances

Whenever you find them cheap at discount stores get them for that low prices

49) Shop around for the best cell phone plans

During the year there are specific occasions like black Friday and Christmas

Where you can check cell phone plans with all phone providers

You can get a plan locked down for 2 years with a contract

Sometimes you can get a bundle plan for you and your spouse

Keep an eye on these occasions as you will save money buying long term plans

50) Plan buying your gifts ahead when on Sale

Everyone of us has specific set of events like birthdays, thanksgiving day and Christmas where you know you will buy gifts

You can buy gifts ahead of time if you find deals on specific occasion

For example, you can buy Christmas gifts on black Friday

51) Buy gifts from your own gift cards

I always keep gift cards which I receive so I can give it back on other events I attend

Sometimes you can use the gift cards to buy gifts with gift receipts

52) Rent your dress

I know it is hard for women to buy so many dresses for different events

That's why you can consider renting your dress

Especially if buying a dress to attend a one time specific event and that's it

You know you won't use it anymore in the near future

53) Consider buying used items if possible

I discovered there are so many used items you can buy instead of buying them as brand new

I will give you an example, I always look for Amazon used items

Especially in electronics or books

Also I check eBay and Facebook Marketplace

54) Check what you can get as free stuff

Yes there are free stuff you can get online as a sample

You can check my post about 100+ websites to get free stuff online

55) Shop from discount stores

There are so many discount stores like TJMaxx you can find deals there

These stores get clothes from different brands

You just have to keep looking as there are so many varieties there

56) Shop off the season

I want you to keep it as a habit especially if you have kids

At the end of the season you can buy winter jackets with bigger sizes for the next year

Same thing for summer season to buy next year summer clothes

57) Check public libraries before buying books

I made this mistake where I bought few books and it happened that I found them in public libraries

So before you buy any book check your local public library and you can rent it for 2 weeks and it is renewable for up to 6 weeks

58) Switch to non disposable napkins

This would be easy to understand for those who have kids

You need to use paper towels a lot to clean messes around the house

That's why I found I can use non disposable napkins that you can wash many times

59) Stop buying alcohols and cigarettes

Stop smoking to keep yourself healthy

I don't have to tell you how smoking is dangerous for your lungs

But when it comes to alcohols use your best judgement and consume alcohol wisely

I know there are so many people that cannot live without consuming alcohol daily

Don't be that person who goes out after 9 pm looking for liquor stores to buy alcohol

60) Buy refurbished laptop and TV

Refurbished laptop and TV are way cheaper

To understand what is refurbished electronic it is simply an electronic item that went out of box for display purpose

Nothing to worry about as buying refurbished item will come with warranty too

61) Don't buy extended warranty

I believe it is not worth it to buy extended warranty

At least I don't buy extended warranty when buying electronics

62) Do Christmas exchange gift and put a limit on Christmas budget

I will suggest this idea and it is up to you to apply it on Christmas time

Instead of buying a gift for everyone you can buy a gift for the family

You can agree on the range let's say between $25 and $35 and then wrap it

Then you can write all names on small sheet of papers and fold them

The game starts with a child picking up a name and that person picks up any gift

You can have the same person who picks up the gift to choose another folded paper

Now the fun begins as the new selected person has the choice to take the gift from anyone before or pick a new gift

If this person takes the gift from someone then the latter can go and take an existing gift or pick up another wrapped gift

The game is fun, it turns the Christmas exchange gifts into fun and memorable event

63) Save shipping charges by using Amazon prime

I was not a big fan of buying things online but to live cheaply I had to change my mind

After COVID-19 it turned out to be profitable for me to buy some items online

Actually I save gas and time due to lineups at stores

I have so many lists I buy using Amazon prime like Shampoos and hygiene products

64) Use open source software if possible

Nowadays every laptop needs a bunch of software you have to buy

I found there are so many open source software you can use instead of buying licensed ones

For example, you can use open source office called OpenOffice

Also you can use many free one year trial antivirus

65) Do your own garden

I am OK to cut the grass on a weekly basis

If you hire a gardener they will do the same task

Actually any gardener sprays your grass to kill the weed

You can be careful to pick up weeds before it is too late

66) Plant your vegetables at home

You can plant so many things that you use occasionally

For example, planting mint and parsley in your garden will save you money and you can use them in cooking

67) Plant Perennials

In Canada, winter kills most of the plants

You can plant perennials bushes that can survive in all seasons

68) Start to use rechargeable batteries

There are so many things around the house that use a lot of AA or AAA batteries

Especially kids' toys and some electronics that's why you can use a rechargeable batteries

69) Switch to dry cleaning at home

I rarely use dry cleaning because it is expensive

But you can use something like Dryel for dry cleaning your clothes

70) Make your own gifts

I know not everybody can make their own gifts but it is is cheap way to live frugally

Making your own gifts can be useful especially if you can draw

You can draw on mugs or you can do canvas and put it inside frames

71) Mend your own clothes by yourself

Every time when I buy a new pant I know I have to shorten it

It is very hard to find a pant 29 long

Now with the use of something like this cheap portable sewing machine you can shorten your pants by yourself

72) Do your own renovation

I know most of us are not handy to fix things around the house

But at least you can paint your home by seeing many YouTube videos

It is an easy process that would save you lot of money if you hire a painter

73) Make your home pet free if possible

This is a sensitive topic I didn't want to open it

And I am not telling you that the right thing is not to own a pet

But be aware that any pet requires a lot of things like medical insurance, grooming and food

Make up your mind and ask those who already own pets about the average cost per month they pay for their pets

74) Sell your used household items on Facebook Marketplace

I have positive feedback experience about selling my unused items on Facebook Marketplace

First it is very good as you sell things for cash

Usually buyers pick things up from your home

75) Rent your basement

If you have grown up kids and you don't need your basement

That's good, you can think about renting your basement

I know some families make a separate entrances to their own basements to make renting their basements convenient for tenants

76) Recycle for cash

You can recycle your plastic containers by using Recyclebank

Also for electronics you can recycle your them using uSell and Gazelle

77) Trade babysitting

One of the cool thing to live cheaply is to save on babysitting if required

I know it is very expensive to hire a baby sitter if you are attending an event with your spouse

What you can do is you can exchange baby sitting with a friend or family

Meaning you can baby sit their kids once and in return they can baby sit your kids on another day

78) Do your nails at home

It is totally not expensive at all if you do your nails at home

All you need is cotton balls and nail polish remover

79) Try working from home

There are many companies that offer working from home even before COVID-19

Yes I know it may be boring to work from home

But it would save you money on gas and food

80) Try carpooling

Actually there are so many Android and iPhone apps that let you search for nearby people that work at nearby places

Also you can check at your work if you know someone who lives nearby

81) Get use of public transits and buy season tickets

Sometimes if you are working in downtown especially in big cities

It would be convenient to take public transportation and save parking fees and gas

I was hesitant to use public transit

But actually I tried the Go Train and found it to be convenient and relaxing

82) Shop around for better car insurance rate

I know it is a daunting task to switch your car insurance

But trust me I live cheaply and shop around as it is worth the effort if you grab a deal

What I can tell you is go to Google and search for compare car insurances

Start by asking your prospect company if they bundle car and home together

Also if they have an app to monitor your driving habits and compensate you on high scores

And make sure to check for any car insurance before you commit buying it

83) Buy used cars

I am a big fan of buying a certified used cars

All cars lose around 15% of its price once you drive it out of the dealership

That's why when you buy any used car you can negotiate the price

At the same time, you can lower your insurance premium since it is a used car

84) Empty your car trunk

Did you know that driving any car with a loaded trunk consumes more gas?

That's why you have to empty the trunk of unused items

85) Look for cheap gas stations near you

Every gas station sets its own price

That's why it is better to fill up from a cheap gas stations

But how would you know that?

It is not practical to drive around nearby gas stations to check the prices

With an app like GasBuddy you can get the list of all nearby gas prices

86) Plan for cheap nights in theaters

You may know most theaters offer on Tuesday all movies for $2

Plan to go on that day if it is possible

87) Check for students discounts and admission fees

Do you have a student?

If so, look for all their available discounts in entertainment and transportation

88) Replace GYM membership with community center

Do you have GYM membership?

If so, what are you using it for?

Perhaps you are using some GYM tools you can already find in community center

cheapest way to live without GYM membership

89) Pack Food for your road trips

If you are planning for a long drive vacation inside the country then expect to stop multiple times to buy food

You can save money and pack your food for the road trips

90) Buy travel packages before its peak or based on deals

Actually there are some travel tricks you can use to save money and live cheaply

For example, we all know buying your flight tickets on Tuesday is cheaper than any other day

What I want everybody to do is to check travel websites and look for last minute deals

91) Watch free DVD movies from public library

There are free DVD movies you can rent for free in your public library

Most of the movies you don't have to go there but you can watch it on Hoopla

92) Invite your friends over for snack

What happens usually is you hang out with your friends at pubs or restaurants

This means you pay lot of money to hang out

You can invite your friends at home for snack and they can do the same

93) Lower thermostat to save electricity on your water heater

There are so many ways to save with your thermostat especially your water heater

For example, you can practice taking short shower

Also you can install low flow showerheads

Try using cold water to clean your clothes in your washing machine

And you can turn off your water heater when you are on vacation

94) Use slow cooker or crock pot instead of oven

With no doubt using slow cooker will save you money instead of using oven

What you need to know is to find recipes that use slow cooker

95) Turn off unnecessary light off

It sounds simple but I know so many people leave lights on

Sometimes they come back home and find lights on in some rooms

96) Use LED bulbs

If your excuse of not using LED bulbs because they are pricey

Not anymore, LED bulbs are now affordable

Don't believe me, check this 24 Sylvania LED for $23.46

97) Use major appliances on low peak and weekends only

Some appliances you have full control on

Like when to turn them on and off like dishwasher, washing machine and dryer

So I found the best way to live cheaply by using these appliances on low peak periods with the lowest electricity rate

98) Use smart plugs for some appliances

Some devices should be unplugged when they are not in use or they will consume power

That's why you can use smart plugs to save you money on phantom electricity

99) Use energy efficient appliances

If you get a chance to replace your appliances then go for energy efficient appliances

It will pay it off on your electricity

100) Turn off Air conditioner when not home

I see so many people keep their air conditioner when they are not home

They believe it will take lot of time to cool the house

This is not an excuse because you can control your smart thermostat with your phone and turn your air conditioner on remotely

101) Save electricity using a ceiling fan

If you are living in a place where you experience extended summer

You can install ceiling fan as sometimes it can cool your air in mild weather

102) Use Windows and doors blinds

Do you know that blinds can reduce the effect of solar heat by 60%?

That's why if it is not too hot by using blinds you can stop the air conditioner

103) Check weather-stripping

Sometimes if you have leak you can lose money by running your heating continuously

But if you use weather-stripping as cheap and effective solution to save on heating

104) Close doors and floor registers

Hot or cold air moves throughout your home to every floor registers

This is not theoretical, I tested it myself

Switch off all floor registers in basement washroom and closet

Also close washroom rooms to avoid air from moving into unused space

105) Use smart thermostat

I never imagined how my life was going before using smart thermostat

You have so many features that really allows me to live cheaply

I highly recommend everyone to replace their thermostat with smart one

Michael launched Wealth of Geeks to make personal finance fun. He has worked in personal finance for over 20 years, helping families reduce taxes, increase their income, and save for retirement. Michael is passionate about personal finance, side hustles, and all things geeky.