Cher Accused of Hiring Four Men to Abduct Her Adult Son

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Recently revealed court documents accuse Cher of hiring four men to remove her son Elijah Blue Allman from a New York City hotel on November 30, 2022 — his wedding anniversary with his estranged wife, Marie Angela King.

As reported in Variety, a court document signed by King on December 4, 2022 outlined the allegations. The document was made public as part of the ongoing divorce case between King and Allman, which the latter first filed in November 2021. King and Allman were reportedly working on their marriage after Cher requested that King leave their family home. King and Allman allegedly spent 12 days together trying to “reconcile” before their anniversary on November 30, the date of the abduction.

Cher Believes in Life After Love — and Addiction — for Her Son

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In the court filing, King says, “After spending these 12 days together in NY… four people came to our hotel room and removed [Allman] from our room.” She adds that she was “told by one of the four men who took him that they were hired by [Allman’s] mother.” She continues:

“I am currently unaware of my husband’s wellbeing or whereabouts. I am very concerned and worried about him. Since August 2022, I have been told that I am not allowed to see or speak to [Allman] who is currently in lockdown at a treatment facility that is undisclosed to me. I am also told [Allman] has no access to his phone. I understand his family’s efforts to make sure he is well, and I want what is best for my husband.”

Elijah Blue Allman is the son of Cher and musician Gregg Allman. Born in 1976, Elijah is the half-brother of Chaz Bono, Cher's son with Sonny Bono. Allman was the lead vocalist for the industrial metal band Deadsy, who seems to have called it quits this year. 

In a USA Today article from 2014, the newspaper quotes Elijah Blue Allman from an interview that he gave to Entertainment Tonight about his struggle with addiction. “I started with drugs (weed and ecstasy) around the same time that we all did, around 11,” said Allman. “I mean, it's just what you did, it's just what everybody did.” He said that he used drugs to escape his past, adding “that's when you turn to those kind of drugs, you know, heroin and opiates.” He said that heroin “kind of saved me … If I didn't have that at that point, I don't know what I would have done …You may jump off a bridge. If you can only just go through that time period and live through it and then get help.”

Cher is an iconic singer and Oscar-winning actress whose career stretches back to the 1960s with the hit song “I Got You Babe.” The singer of “If I Could Turn Back Time,” “Dark Lady,” and “Believe” has yet to comment on her alleged involvement in the kidnapping of Allman.

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