Classified Documents From President Biden’s VP Office Under DOJ Investigation

It looks as if classified documents are flying out of offices everywhere. First, former president Trump and Mark Meadows faced possible indictment over the classified documents scandal at Mar-a-Lago and now President Biden is being scrutinized.

Apparently, when the President was Vice-President Biden during the Obama administration, he kept classified documents in his VP office. Those documents are now the center of a DOJ investigation and Twitter has opinions on the matter.

Twitter user @JoyceWhiteVance thinks the two classified documents cases are ‘apples to oranges.'

While it requires some qualifying, @BenStaton77 informs users that it's illegal for a VP to declassify documents. That being said, a Vice President can declassify anything he personally classified or anything pertaining to the VP office, which he oversees.

@ronicats thinks there's a much better classification system for monitoring such documents.

User @lindapl56119811 expects the number of documents from Biden's VP office shows clear intent to ‘steal' classified documents.

While everyone's throwing numbers around, previous reports are that '18' classified documents labeled “Top Secret,” were recovered from Mar-a-Lago where 33 boxes of intel documents were removed during the FBI raid in August 2022. Similar reports are that so far, fewer than a dozen classified documents have been retrieved from President Biden's former VP office.

User @StoneSami1 makes a valid point on national security.

@TimLindberg20 thinks the timing of this discovery is very peculiar indeed.

@CharlesTMeehan makes light of where the ‘Biden' documents were found.

@bamaj3 only had one thing to say.

@DDeprime thinks the news is DEVASTATING and makes prosecuting Trump ‘virtually impossible.'

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