Clearly You Don’t Own an Air Fryer

Clearly you don’t own an air fryer is a meme that has been used by internet users to look down on the people that do not own an air fryer. The meme has been used in an exploitable way all over the internet.

It became a popular subject in mid-2021. In this article, we shall discuss all there is to this meme. Before we delve into the meme, you have to understand what an air fryer is, how it works and why it is almost laughable not to own one.


What is an air fryer?

An air fryer is a kitchen component structured to replace deep frying. According to several sources on the internet, the machine was invented by a man called Fred Van der Weij in early 2005.

However, the machine was patented by Phillips which is a Dutch multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Amsterdam.

The company also came up with the air fryer name for the device. As a precedent, all of them are named air fryers separated only by the brand.

After selling a considerable number of air fryers on the market, a lot of manufacturing companies joined the market.

At the moment, you can find over 10 air fryer brands. In the past two years, over 20 million units have been sold to consumers worldwide. This highlights the usefulness of the machine according to customers.


How Does An Air Fryer Work?

You can use the air fryer to perform any of the seven cooking functions including baking, roasting, rotisserie, air frying, broiling, reheating and dehydrating food.

The appliance is multi-functional and relatively easy to use. It has been hailed for its cooking performance over the traditional kitchen appliances depending on the model you get.

An air fryer uses a precise heating mechanism and a fan coupled with air flow technology to prepare your favourite home cooked dishes.

Hot air dashes down from the fan and creates a crispy texture by circulating the food rapidly. Keep in mind that you have to separate the food portions while using the air fryer to avoid uneven cooking.

When preparing food using the appliance, you have to go through the following steps:

  • Preheat the air fryer. You have to ensure that the air fryer is preheated before you place the food into the cooking basket. Some models have this setting included automatically and others do not. Either way, it is the first step to take before you prepare food using the appliance.
  • Place the food in the air fryer basket. There are some models that have one or two baskets. You have to place the type of food you want to prepare in the basket and spread it out evenly. For fried foods, you have to sprinkle some oil on the surface of the food.
  • Set the temperature and timer. If you are a professional cook with air fryer experience, this might just be child’s play to you. However, you can also refer to the manual or cooking books that are given to you when you purchase the air fryer. Within the cooking book, you can find all sorts of recipes including specific cooking temperatures and time for the food to be ready.
  • Start the timer. After setting the temperature, you have to start the appliance and let it cook your food. In some cases, you might have to turn the food as you cook to ensure proper preparation.


For the air fryer to work so efficiently, it comes equipped with several accessories that include:

  • Drip tray
  • Rotisserie stands
  • Cooking basket(s)
  • Baking pan
  • Cooking rack
  • Grill pan


Do not limit yourself when preparing food in the air fryer. There are a lot of recipes available online detailing how best to prepare a variety of foods.

The foods include (but are not limited to):

  • Frozen finger foods
  • Homemade finger foods
  • Chicken, fish and meat
  • Vegetables
  • Baked foods
  • Fries and all other fried foods.



Pros of an air fryer

The meme survives because of the various advantages of using the air fryer for preparing food.  They include:

a) Less cooking oil used in food preparation.

When preparing fried food, you only have to add one tea spoon of cooking oil as compared to what is required during deep frying and frying.

With the reduction in cooking oil quantities used, you can opt to use healthy oils for cooking. These include avocado oils and extra virgin cooking oil.

Also, with the reduction of oil used in cooking, the fat content is decreased in the food consumed. This sets you up for a healthier lifestyle.


b) Easy to use.

Every air fryer model on the market comes equipped with a user manual. In addition to this, you get LED controls on the appliance.

Some brands go as far as including a mobile application to make the appliance more user friendly.

All this is added to make it easy for use for its users. This ensures that you get your home prepped meals as soon as possible with little to no hindrances.


c) Fast cooking and heating.

The appliance requires little set up time for meal preparation. This makes it much easier for you to make the meals in the shortest time possible.

Most air fryers take just 5 minutes to get to 400 degrees F. The small chamber allows for faster circulation of air.

This makes it relatively easy to get your food ready in the shortest possible conditions.


d) Healthy alternative to deep frying.

Studies show that you have to use few oils when preparing any kind of food. When you use a deep fryer, you are accelerating the formation of dangerous chemicals known for their carcinogenic effects.

This does not mean you should refrain from enjoying your beloved fried foods.

However, you should be mindful of the quantity of oil used in the cooking process to lower your chances of exposure to these carcinogenic substances.


e) Versatile.

The appliance can be used to perform several other functions alongside cooking your favorite fried foods.

You can use it to bake, roast, broil and reheat any food that you would like to enjoy. These foods that can be prepared include cakes, fries, chicken, toast, eggs, bacon, meat, spaghetti among others.

There are recipes that can guide you in this endeavor. Therefore, this is an ideal machine for you if you are not yet ready to invest in more expensive kitchen appliances.


f) Easy to clean.

The appliance is designed in such a way that you put the food to be cooked on a tray with a basket.

The oil just drops into the basket preventing it from getting sticky on the tray. This makes it easier to clean after use.

Most models can be useful even after they are cleaned once or twice a month depending on your cooking program.


Cons of an air fryer

Despite the various disadvantages, it might not be as welcome in other people’s kitchens because of the reasons below:

a) Models are expensive.

Air fryers made for the best performance are really costly. This usually discourages people from owning the kitchen appliance.

The prices range between $100 to $200 for the best models on the market. This might not sound so expensive for a restaurant or hotel. Keep in mind that air fryers are generally used for home cooked meals.


b) Limited capacity.

Most air fryers are left for home use simply due to its limited capacity. An average air fryer can be used to prepare food for just 5 people.

The largest serving you can make is for 7 people.

This means that it is only handy when you have to prepare food for your family back home.

Unless you intend on starving everyone else, it cannot be used to prepare food in a hotel, restaurant or any gathering of more than 10 people.


c) Takes up a lot of counter space in the kitchen.

This is an inherent disadvantage of the air fryer. A lot of people complain about the space it takes up in the kitchen. I mean, what do you expect from an appliance that has over seven functions added to it.

However, this might be a hindrance especially for people with limited space wherever they are for example students in halls.


d) The air fans make a lot of noise.

The air fryer uses fans to circulate the hot air around the food so it can turn crispy. However, these very air fans are very noisy during the cooking process.

So, if you need a peaceful cooking appliance, the air fryer may not be for you.


e) You cannot cook everything.

Foods like raw grains and broccoli will just dry out and lose their nutrients when put in an air fryer.


How to pick an air fryer for your kitchen?

There are some things you have to look at when selecting an air fryer for your kitchen. They all have different appliances and many functions that might not be helpful to you.

Therefore, you should consider following the list below to select one that shall work for you.

a) Budget.

Whenever you have to purchase an item, you should have a specific amount of money to spend. This helps guide your spending decision.

Although it is important to have a budget in mind, the money spent on the appliance shall depend on the other features of the air fryer as discussed below.


b) Counter space you have.

If you have limited counter space, you have to get a smaller model. Likewise, if you have large counter space in your kitchen, you can opt for the larger models.

Most of the counter space is used to set up and operate the air fryer. Keep in mind that you should not put an air fryer amongst other combustible items.

During the cooking process, some of the air fryers have a tendency to overheat which increases the risk of a fire in your kitchen.


c) Functions on an air fryer.

As discussed earlier, there is a high chance of getting over 7 functions within a single air fryer. Keep in mind that you might have to pay more for every extra function embedded within the air fryer.

You should also consider the preset cooking conditions available on the air fryer.


d) Size of the family.

The size of the family determines the amount of food you need to make for every serving. When you have a large family, you need to make a lot of food to feed all of them.

With a small family, smaller portions are needed thus less food per serving. With this information in mind, you can purchase an air fryer basing on its ability to feed your family in a single serving.


Best air fryer models on the market 2022.

There are several models that are appreciated by users all over the internet due to their functionality and price. The most loved models include:

1. The Cosori air fryer.

The air fryer can be bought at just under $100. It has a wattage of 1700 and a size of 5.8 quart. Essentially, you can get this appliance to work with Alexa or Google assistant.

It has easy preset controls and the capacity to feed around 5 people in a home.


2. Sur La Table air fryer.

You can purchase this air fryer at around $100. Depending on where you buy it from, the price can rise up to $120. You can use it to prepare food for a small family. It has a size of13 quarts.

You can also check out our comprehensive review of Sur La Table air fryer here.


3. Dash air fryer.

This air fryer is priced at just $60. The power is 1000W with a size of 2.6 quart. This is one of the smaller models to use. You can get food ready for a small family.


4. Ninja Foodi 9 in 1 air fryer.

This is one of the most expensive air fryer models on the market. It can be bought at just $250 with a wattage of 1400 and size of 8 quarts.

This model can feed a larger family of about 10 people.


5. Nuwave Brio 15.5 Quart air fryer + Grill.

This is the largest air fryer on the market. It is priced at $165 with a wattage of 1800 and a size of 15.5 quarts. With over 100 presets, you can easily cook whatever you want. It is a darling amongst the customers because of its size.


Where Does the Meme Originate From? Who created it?

During the start of the Covid 19 pandemic in January 2020, people’s lifestyles changed especially on the feeding front.

Due to the restricted movement to most public places, it became clear that everyone had to prepare their own meals.

This meant that we had to acquire convenient cooking devices to assist us in the kitchen. One such device was the air fryer.

Air fryers became a common appliance in people’s kitchen to the point that it became prestigious to own one. The reasoning behind this was simple.

You could use this appliance to prepare any food you want within the shortest time possible with a low fat content.

Because of this, people started to circulate memes regarding the air fryer to mock someone that did not own one.

Little is known about the origin of the meme with regards to who created and shared it first. However, it was seen on social media in early 2020.

It usually depicts a smug look on a character’s face casually looking down on anybody that does not own an air fryer.

The obsession might be justified when you see all the amazing advantages of owning one. However, it does not mean that someone should be obsessed.

You can watch  a true depiction of the meme in the series Breaking Bad below;


What Does the Meme Mean?

Apparently, every joke around the meme is meant to depict how life changing the appliance and how dumb you must be not to own one.

These kinds of memes can create a cult like following to the point that some people will purchase the appliance without actually using it, just so they can say that they own the air fryer.


What does the meme “Clearly you do not have an air fryer” mean according to Reddit and Quora users?

When you go to other media platforms like Reddit and Quora, several people have had their say regarding the meme.

Most of the users on Reddit and Quora fashion the trend to be made up entirely to increase people’s purchase of the kitchen appliance.

However, another significant portion of users find it interesting and use meme generators to add these words on to the face of any smug character in movies.

Some have even come up with entire conversations regarding what the characters might say in before the statement “Clearly you do not own air fryer” becomes relevant.

Below are some screenshots taken from several user accounts on Reddit depicting what they think of the meme.

Clearly You Do Not Own An Air Fryer


Clearly You Do Not Own An Air Fryer

Clearly You Do Not Own An Air Fryer


Clearly You Do Not Own An Air Fryer

Clearly You Do Not Own An Air Fryer




Conclusion: Clearly You Don't Own An Air Fryer

I can tell you that you should get the air fryer because of its convenience and simplicity. However, I think that you should only get something that you would like to use.

It is a funny trend that you can jump on since it gets serious during the beginning or the end of each year.

This is when you have family around and need to use such an appliance.

Personally, I’m looking out for more memes this year because creativity never dies.

If you want to create one of your own, you can use the meme generator platforms to get a template and then add the text to create your memes.