Clerks III Is Going to Thrill Longtime Fans

Clerks III is the final film in the franchise, and it feels like getting back together with a group of friends you haven’t seen in a long time – and picking up right where you left off. The second film was released 16 years ago so it is about time that the trilogy is completed. Was it worth that long wait? Does it deliver? The short answer is yes, but there is a lot more to it than that.

It is no secret that Kevin Smith has based the Clerks films off his own life, and he does so yet again for the third one. Unless you have been living under a rock you know that Smith had a near-fatal heart attack a couple of years ago. This caused him to change his lifestyle – but it also inspired Clerks III.

For those who have seen the trailer or listened to Smith say literally anything about this movie, it is known that Randal has a heart attack while at the Quick Stop. His life is saved by a talented (and hilarious) doctor who shares the name of the real doctor that did the same for Smith.

Cue the waterworks, am I right? This is when he decides that he wants to make a movie about his life – are you seeing the similarities here? And what follows is an almost re-telling of Clerks and Clerks II complete with references and cameos.

Slightly Too Askewniverse

Here is where things get a bit repetitive. This isn’t a major fault of the film, but it is something that should be mentioned. This movie rehashes the major plots and jokes of the previous two films, but with a bit more meaning and emotion. There are times when moments will be seen through completely different eyes for fans of the franchise.

And trust us, that’s a good thing. However, because so many of the events are ones that we have seen occur already, they do not come as a surprise. They have a fresh take on them, but they aren’t anything too different, which is when the movie starts to seem derivative – itself.

They say nothing can beat the original and while that isn’t necessarily incorrect in this instance, there is something to be said about the nostalgia of it all. Clerks III is very much a movie made for the fans. There are inside jokes, hilarious references, and exciting cameos – but there is also a lot of emotion. Without going into spoilers (which is so very difficult with something like this) there is more to this story, and its messaging, than meets the eye.

The acting, humor, and overall feel of Clerks III is on par with the previous two movies. Jay and Silent Bob offer some key comedic relief and seeing how much Elias has changed, while somehow being the same person, is fantastic. These are the characters that we know and love already, and it feels so freaking good to be hanging out with them again.

Longtime fans of Clerks should be prepared to have the rug pulled out from under them in the third act. This film is unafraid to get real, diving headfirst into the reality of life, death, and platonic love. There are some truly heart-wrenching moments in Clerks III that are completely unexpected. Again, this is not a bad thing but just be prepared for it.

Kevin Smith has clearly poured his heart and soul into this film. He took some serious risks by adding an emotional depth to a franchise that has mainly been about marijuana, sex, and hating your job. This movie is something special. It is rare to be able to pull something off like this, but bravo Kevin Smith, you have done it.

Clerks III hits movie theaters September 13. Keep your eyes here for the latest in theaters now.

Rating: 7.5/10 SPECS

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