Ultimate On-Set Enemies: 7 Movie Co-Stars Who Couldn’t Keep Their Hatred Hidden

80% of movie geeks can always tell when the chemistry between the co-stars seems off. It affects the general tone of the scenes starring the actors and often makes the movie subject to higher criticism.

While there are actors so good that they disguise their dislike for a fellow star by doing what they do best — acting, it is possible to be an excellent actor and still not be able to conceal such feelings of hostility. Eventually, the public uncovers these cases of animosity through behind-the-scenes videos and crew members.

According to Reddit, here's a list of actors who hated each other so much that it showed on-screen.

1. Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel

The hostility between veteran actors Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel is no secret to fans of either stars, or anyone who keeps up with pop culture.

Reportedly, Johnson's dislike for his co-star on the action franchise Fast & Furious, Vin Diesel, runs so deep that before he parted ways with the franchise, he agreed to the eight installment of the film on the condition that they shared no scenes together. Johnson also turned down a personal invitation from Diesel to return to the franchise. The two have been feuding for about six years.

2. Debra Winger and Shirley MacLaine

A Redditor wrote, “Debra Winger and Shirley MacLaine hated each other so much that it added to the tense relationship Emma and Aurora had in TERMS OF ENDEARMENT and it made the movie better than just a saccharin sweet tearjerker.”

Debra Winger and Shirley MacLaine had a mother-daughter relationship in the 1983 American family comedy-drama film Terms of Endearment.

The relationship, strained as it was on set, was so much worse between the co-stars in real life. They have been very open about the difficulties they had working with each other — difficulties they claim stem majorly from their different acting styles.

3. Nicol Williamson and Helen Mirren

u/Lili_Danube explained the embittered relationship between the co-stars of 1981 film Excalibur:

“John Boorman cast Nicol Williamson as Merlin and Helen Mirren as Morgana, precisely because they utterly loathed one another. He wanted that animosity to bleed through into their roles and onto the film.”

“The story goes that when each of them learned that the other had been cast, they pleaded with Boorman to change his mind. To their credit, it is reported that they behaved with impeccable professionalism on the set, but in those scenes where they had dialog together, the intense dislike is palpable.”

“The reason behind the hatred is allegedly down to a play they were in some years previously, which got panned by the critics. They both took a professional knock after that, and each of them blamed the other for it. Hell hath no fury like a luvvie scorned.

4. Bill Murray and Chevy Chase

Bill Murray and Chevy Chase had a huge brawl that even made headlines. The “SNL” stars engaged in an infamous physical altercation behind-the-scenes when Chase confronted Murray before the show, and challenged him to a fight in a dressing room. It resulted in tension between both stars on the live show, and even though they claimed to have buried the hatchet, their performance in the 1980 comedy Caddyshack would prove otherwise.

“Bill Murray and Chevy Chase only have one scene together in Caddy Shack, and that almost didn't happen,” u/server_busy said.

Someone joked, “Chevy Chase doesn't even get along with himself.”

5. Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey

Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey were co-stars on the 1995 film Batman Forever, with Carrey playing Riddler and Jones playing Two-Face.

While Jones has not spoken up on his feelings towards Carrey, Carrey claims that he (Jones) openly told him he hated him. Carrey said he approached Jones at a restaurant and tried to sit with him, but he saw the blood on Jones' face drain on seeing him. “I cannot sanction your buffoonery,” he said to Carrey.

6. Bette Davis and Joan Crawford

Bette Davis and Joan Crawford were co-stars in 1962 thriller Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

A Redditor said, “So much so that when the studio tried to reunite them for “Hush Hush, Sweet Charlotte”, they had to use Olivia de Haviland instead of Crawford because she and Davis were poison to each other at that point.”

7. Uma Thurman and Daryl Hannah

Uma Thurman and Daryl Hannah were co-stars in Kill Bill Volume 2.

“Apparently they hated each other even after they wrapped on the film, because at Cannes 2004, they had to be put in separate hotels and were kept apart by hotel employees so they didn’t cause a scene with their arguments. That dynamic definitely showed in their sword fight in the Budd’s trailer,” u/Sinister_Blanket wrote.

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