College Athlete Wins $100,000 Settlement After She Refuses to Kneel for National Anthem

An ex-Virginia Tech soccer player is making headlines today – but not because of her accomplishments on the pitch.

Kiersten Hening, who played for the Hokies soccer team from 2018-2020, agreed on a settlement north of $100,000 based on a lawsuit against Charles “Chugger” Adair, her head coach at the time. Kening alleged that she was benched from the team due to her decision not to kneel with the rest of her team for the national anthem before games.

In her lawsuit, Hening claimed discrimination by the coach when she was envoking her First Amendment rights as a United States citizen.

While the settlement does not include an admission of guilt by Adair, Kening is still walking away with six figures – and this news has been a conduit for politically-charged tweets by many social media users.

Twitter user JustinCharpent4 puts it simply, saying that she deserves much more than $100,000 after the coach allegedly made an example out of her:

This user doesn't think people like Kiersten should stop there, as she wonders why citizens can't sue the U.S. government for vaccine mandates. Based on the number of likes the tweet received, many people agree:

User jmdeicide14 takes a different route, arguing for the left by asking what is the definition of a patriot if it's not taking a stand against racism and corruption?

This user compliments Kiersten on her guts and her looks, declaring that she will be met with great success in the future because of those two traits:

It's not a surprise that many people are choosing the side of the player instead of the coach, arguing that the coach was trying to make an example out of her:

However, there are theories making the rounds that Kiersten was actually benched due to her poor performance on the field, and not because of her political stance at all

Users like RawieDarren agree with the previous user's sentiment, pointing out that the other athletes who did not kneel were not benched by the coach:

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