Busted: 17 Overused Movie Cliches

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Movies sometimes rely on common tropes to help with the storytelling. From time to time, those stereotypes end up being wildly inaccurate. Someone in a popular online forum asked for examples of movie tropes that are false. Here are the top responses.

1. People Can Easily Crawl Through Air Ducts

die hard duct
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Many movie fans pointed out how people sneaking through air ducts in films isn't realistic. Most air ducts aren't large enough to accommodate an adult and if a person did fit, the duct likely couldn't support their weight. The thin metal also would make noise as someone crawled through the duct.

2. Characters Are Declared Not Guilty Due to Insanity

Primal Fear Richard Gere
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We have seen a person in a movie declared not guilty by the judge if they prove to have mental insanity. But in reality, if they have committed murders and are insane, they will end up in jail or a mental health institute. 

3. Courtroom Proceedings Are Thrilling

my cousin vinny
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Many dramas have depicted thrilling courtroom scenes but most people confirm it's not that way in real life. In fact, some people pointed out how trials can be rather boring in reality — rarely is there a dramatic moment like you see in movies.

4. Big Guys Are Bullies

Not Another Teen Movie Chris Evans
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Many movies present the stereotype that all the big guys are bullies. They can be a football player or another sizable guy on campus who bullies all the weak ones. A movie viewer commented that, in reality, all the football players and captains are too busy at practice to bully anyone. 

5. Anyone With Computer Skills Is a Hacker

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We have all seen those movies where a person with a computer has super-amazing tech skills. They are a gamer who can hack anything from any secure database.

6. Heroes Survive Grenade Explosions

The Dark Knight Heath Ledger
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A movie lover pointed out that when a hand grenade goes off on screen, it explodes like a huge bomb and destroys a whole building. Typically the hero is seen walking out of the explosion unscathed. 

7. Propane Tanks Explode When Shot

Bad Boys II
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All of us have witnessed the scene in Hollywood movies where a propane tank or car is shot, and it suddenly explodes. But it is a false trope, as a single bullet can never explode a tank. A movie fan commented that it was tested and the tank only exploded when a machine gun was used.

8. Love Conquers All

The Notebook Rachel McAdams
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One of the most common themes in movies is that love can conquer everything. But real-life love stories are far more complicated and complex than what is often portrayed on-screen.

9. Giving Birth Is Easy

Knocked Up Katherine Heigl, Leslie Mann, Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd
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A film fan pointed out how birth scenes are depicted as much easier than what happens in real life. Often the reality is a long labor process and a more chaotic birth scene than what happens in the movies.

10. You Can Disguise Yourself by Wearing a Lab Coat

Catch Me If You Can Leonardo DiCaprio
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In movies, a character can pop on a doctor's coat and easily enter any patient's room. The audience knows it's not that easy to get a lab coat and, even so, all of the nurses and doctors would know there was an imposter in the hospital

11. Video Footage Is Always Crystal Clear

Eagle Eye Shia LaBeouf, Michelle Monaghan
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We have often seen video footage in movies that's crystal clear. Usually, someone enhances the footage by zooming in and they can easily identify the person in the video. CCTV footage doesn't look like that typically in real life.

12. Having Coffee Can Sober You Up

The Hangover Part II Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ken Jeong, Ed Helms
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Movies often show people drinking coffee to sober up. One movie lover said he tried this and said it didn't work like it does in films. Having too much caffeine can make you feel more dehydrated. 

13. Getting Shot in the Shoulder Will Kill You

Die Hard Bruce Willis
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One movie fan noted how getting shot in the shoulder in movies can lead to the character's death. It may not result in that outcome, but if they survive, the character likely will be negatively impacted by the injury.

14. You Can Ride Motorcycles Without Eye Protection

Premium Rush Joseph Gordon-Levitt
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We have often seen movie heroes riding their bikes and motorcycles without eye protection. When in reality, it is nearly impossible to ride a bike and drive it at speed without wearing eye protection glasses.

15. Super Stunts With Cars Are Fine

The Fast and the Furious Vin Diesel, Paul Walker
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A film fan pointed out how jumping your car over a bridge and landing on a smaller car will definitely destroy your vehicle. But Hollywood showcases super stunt scenes where the main character can jump their cars with minimal damage.

16. Hero Can Dodge All the Bullets Shot at Him

The Matrix Keanu Reeves
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A commonly presented trope is when the hero is shot with bullets from all directions, but he magically dodges all of them and gets to a safe place without any scratches. 

17. Characters Can Fight in High Heels

Charlie's Angels Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu
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Hollywood often presents strong women running and fighting in heels. Although it looks plausible, it's more difficult to walk straight in heels, let alone run and do action scenes.

Source: Reddit.

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