What Your Sleeping Position May Say About Your Relationship

Sleeping, sleep, bed, woman, man, cuddle, love, hug, couple

How couples nestle together at night speaks volumes about their relationship dynamics. From the cozy “Spooning” to the distant “Liberty Lovers,” discover how common sleeping positions may unveil hidden truths about your relationship. Join us on a journey through the bedtime positions that give insight into how in tune or distant you are with your partner.

As a disclaimer, we should say that your significant other may sleep a certain way for comfort. Before worrying about more distant sleep positions, have a conversation with them to sus out possible issues that may be linked to how they lay with you.

1. Spooning

Spooning, sleep, bed, woman, man, cuddle, love, hug, couple
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Spooning is a well-known sleeping position for seasoned and new couples alike, though the Sleep Foundation notes that only approximately 18 percent of couples sleep in this fashion. It's when one person assumes a protective, intimate posture behind their partner while the other person rests their back or behind against them. It typically indicates a strong emotional and physical connection in a relationship that’s filled with trust and intimacy. 

2. The Tangle

Tangle, sleep, bed, woman, man, cuddle, love, hug, couple
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“The Tangle” is a sleeping position in which couples wrap their legs and arms around each other, creating a literal tangle of limbs. This position is often seen as a reflection of a strong emotional connection in the relationship. It suggests that the couple is deeply into one another beyond just a physical attraction.

3. The Chasing Spoon

Chasing spoon, sleeping, bed, woman, man, couple, cuddle, hug, love
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“The Chasing Spoon” is a variation of the spooning position where one partner intentionally moves to the side of the bed, and their significant other follows suit, resembling a “chase.” The partner who moves often sleeps in a stretched-out or fetal position, while the “chaser” lies in a yearning position. This can indicate either a need for personal space or unmet emotional needs, with the “chaser” potentially seeking more attention from their partner. It may also suggest that it's too hot in the room and the air conditioner needs to be turned on.

4. The Nuzzle

Nuzzle, sleep, bed, woman, man, cuddle, love, hug, couple
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Each person rests their heads or faces against each other in this tender position. You may find yourself doing it in the honeymoon phase as it is both affectionate and indicates that you trust and love your significant other. The gentle nuzzling signifies a profound connection and the feeling of safety and comfort that partners find in each other's presence.

5. Back-To-Back

Back to back ,sleep, bed, woman, man, cuddle, love, hug, couple
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“Back-to-back” is when couples rest with their backs turned toward each other. This position may reveal a need for personal space or independence within the relationship. While it doesn't signify problems, some suggest it indicates a need for more autonomy in certain aspects of the partnership. Maintaining open communication is crucial for understanding and respecting each other's boundaries. Sleeping back to back may also suggest that the couple is very comfortable and secure in their relationship and don't have a need for constant touch.

6. The Space Hog

Space hog, sleep, bed, woman, man, cuddle, love, hug, couple
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“The Space Hog” features one partner dominating the bed, often spreading out and taking up a significant portion of the space. This sleep style can symbolize a dominant or assertive personality within the relationship, where one partner may unconsciously seek more control or authority. Couples in this position need to discuss their sleep preferences and find ways to accommodate each other's needs for restful slumber.

7. The Sweetheart's Cradle

Sweetheart's Cradle,
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“The Sweetheart's Cradle” is a loving sleeping position where one partner cradles the other, typically draping their arm over their partner's body. This position indicates protectiveness and wanting to care for one another. It reflects a nurturing and tender connection between the couple, emphasizing the need to offer support, comfort, and a sense of security within the relationship.

8. Face-To-Face

Face to face, sleep, bed, woman, man, cuddle, love, hug, couple
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“Face-to-face” is a position where couples sleep while facing each other. It implies an open and intimate connection, emphasizing communication and emotional vulnerability. Partners who choose this position often want physical proximity and a deeper understanding of one another. It reflects a relationship characterized by active dialogue and is a good sign that neither individual snores.

9. The Liberty Lovers 

Liberty Lovers, sleep, bed, woman, man, cuddle, love, hug, couple
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“The Liberty Lovers” is a sleeping position where couples choose to sleep far apart, which might speak to them wanting more independence and personal space. While it may appear to be distant, it's not necessarily a negative sign. This position can highlight both partners' confidence and trust in allowing each other the freedom to be themselves and pursue their individual interests.

10. Shingles

Shingles, sleep, bed, woman, man, cuddle, love, hug, couple
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This is a poorly named sleeping position that has absolutely nothing to do with the shingles virus. It involves both partners lying on their backs, with one resting their head on the other's shoulder. It indicates a high level of companionship, where one partner takes on the role of protector and nurturer. It also shows a mutual understanding and deep confidence within the relationship.

11. The Starfish

sleep, bed, woman, man, cuddle, love, hug, couple
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“The Starfish” requires one partner to sprawl out and occupy much of the bed space. This way of sleeping can point toward a dominant or self-assured personality, potentially indicating a need for personal comfort and relaxation. If you're a Starfish sleeper, communicate that with your partner before spending your first nights together. A power struggle may arise if you're both Starfish.

12. The Honeymoon Hug

Honeymoon Hug , sleep, bed, woman, man, cuddle, love, hug, couple
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“The Honeymoon Hug” is a loving position where couples embrace in a hug while sleeping. This position illustrates a passionate and romantic connection, and you’ll often see it at play amongst newlyweds or couples in the early stages of their romance.

13. The Leg Hug

Couples sleeping position, a pair of legs intertwined
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You both may not be all lovey-dovey entangled within each other when you sleep, and that’s okay. You have a solid foundation if your legs still find each other at night. With the Leg Hug, your legs (or even just your feet) are always touching, with one on top of the other. Commonly, both partners will seek each other out. If only one does, your relationship may be imbalanced.

14. Paper Dolls

Couple sleeping and holding hands.
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What if you both like sleeping on your backs? There’s still an opportunity for intimacy, and it’s in the simplest way imaginable. In Paper Dolls, both partners sleep on their backs but connect at the hand. Maybe it’s a gentle touch, or you grab one another’s hands. It’s subtle but sweet.