10 Surprising Companies People Don’t Care About Anymore

Some brands are so annoying that customers want nothing to do with them anymore. A couple of them know this and put conscious effort into rebranding and serving their audience better, and others just don't care.

Either way, people have a right to be angry if they feel a particular business isn't catering well enough to the audience — or worse, if they serve no purpose — and they are not afraid to speak up on it.

Recently, a Redditor asked, “Which company could go out of business tomorrow and it would be to the betterment of this world?”

1. The Church of Scientology

Tom Cruise joined the group chat,” someone joked.

“How that organization didn't get nuked from orbit when they literally infiltrated the U.S. government and other foreign embassies that were critical of the church is beyond me,” u/ghostinthewoods wrote.

u/ZEROthePHRO also said, “They put their motto on money and in other government functions. They parade around like this country was built by their sky daddy. They're in elected offices writing rules in their favor.”

2. Express Scripts

Over two thousand users expressed dislike for Express Scripts, with u/stellalugosi writing a lengthy list of ways it had wronged them. Express Scripts is a pharmacy services company with the aim of making drugs easily accessible. However, Redditors don't think they are doing a very good job.

u/DStannard said, “ES is evil garbage. Their whole business model is focused on wearing people down.”

3. Ticketmaster

Fans of Taylor Swift may have already turned the world against Ticketmaster. The ticket distribution company has had a bad rap with the public enough times for people to wish it didn't exist.

“I have a friend who is in the ticket industry and he explained to me that one of the services that Ticketmaster offers is to be the bad guy,” a Redditor shared.

“Your favorite artists are often driving up ticket prices to exorbitant amounts, and they use Ticketmaster as a buffer between them and outraged fans. Ticketmaster is all too happy to sit back and count their cash while the world hates them.”


“HSBC, one of the largest banks in the world, is a criminal enterprise,” u/alecsputnik said.

“In 2012, the bank paid $1.9 billion to settle charges brought by U.S. authorities that it had failed to prevent money laundering by Mexican drug cartels.

“In 2013, HSBC was fined $1.92 billion by US and UK regulators for its role in the manipulation of the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR), a benchmark interest rate.

“In 2014, the bank was charged by the U.S. Department of Justice for violating sanctions against Iran, Sudan, and other countries.

“In 2018, the bank was charged by the US Department of Justice for violating the Bank Secrecy Act and anti-money laundering regulations.”

5. Equifax

“Equifax should be a flaming trash heap from being fined into oblivion for losing everyone's personal information. But no. There they are…still existing,” someone said.

The credit score agency received a lot of heat, too.

6. Turbotax

“Omg yes,” u/MephistoTheHater wrote.

“Pay me to tell the federal government how much you made last year, even though they already know & are more-than-capable of telling both you & themselves how much you made.”

7. Wagnar Group

u/Weary_Violinist_3610 shared: “Dirty mercenary army with soldiers for hire.

“They have caused chaos where ever they have gone. Syria, Central African Republic, Madagascar, Libya, Venezuela, mali, Mozambique and a few other places, they have no desire to see a peaceful world as that would financially cripple them as a organization.”

“Look at what they are doing to the Ukrainian people.”

“Despicable organization and they have zero moral compass.”

8. Nestlé

Nestlé gathered over ten thousand haters on this Reddit post. Nestlé has been the subject of many allegations, including child labor, pollution, and unethical behavior.

u/oxjox posed an important question, “If Nestles just disappears who are you going to hold accountable for all their atrocities?”

“If you think Nestle is just some little company that makes chocolate and their products could easily be replaced overnight, you are mistaken. The atrocities committed by the company and its management need to end. Removing it from existence over night would be catastrophic.”

9. Car Dealerships

“I really wish more people would stop and think about how crazy it is that car dealerships exist in the ways they do,” one user said.

“They solely exist because of protectionist policies they got passed to force you to go to them. All they do is capture extra money and make things more expensive. They're an unnecessary leech on all of us.”

10. Facebook

“I deleted my Facebook and Instagram 2+ years ago and I don’t feel I’m missing anything. If people want to contact me, they have my # and my address,” u/WhenSoulMeetsBody wrote.

“It’s not necessary at all for me. Sure it means I don’t see updates from people, but why should I really care to keep up with how other people are living their life?”

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