The Surprising Number of Concerts The 15 Most Streamed Musicians Would Have To Do To Meet Fan Demand

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The top musicians can attract millions of downloads every single month. While there is much debate over how valuable a stream is, those figures are a testament to their popularity. A recent survey by Ticketgum looked at the most streamed artists while discussing how they could keep their legions of fans happy in the real world. We have gathered some of those findings and compiled them in this list, just for you!

1. The Weeknd: 1,529 Shows

The Weeknd
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Canadian singer-songwriter The Weeknd tops the list of most streamed artists with an incredible set of 107,413,618 monthly listeners. To keep all of those fans happy, he would have to hold 1,529 shows at the SoFi Stadium, which has a capacity of 70,240. That's one concert a day for the next 4.1 years.

2. Taylor Swift: 1,438 Shows

taylor swift
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Taylor Swift checks in next with 1,438 shows needed at the SoFi Stadium, based on 101,036,700 listeners per calendar month. That's just under four years, which leaves little room for the release of new material.

3. Dua Lipa: 1,087 Shows

Dua Lipa
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Beyond the top two singers, Dua Lipa takes a relative dip, but her list of 76,343,163 monthly listeners is still remarkable. A total of 1087 shows would be required to keep all those fans happy, but Dua Lipa could switch to a larger venue. By moving to the 105,000-capacity Camp Nou in Barcelona, she would need a mere 727 concerts.

4. Ed Sheeran: 1,086 Shows

Ed Sheeran
Image Credit: Christopher Johnson from Tokyo, Japan – Ed Sheeran at Frequency Fest in Austria, CC BY-SA 2.0/Wiki Commons.

English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has a marginally lighter workload to look forward to. With 76,300,877 monthly listeners, he only needs to perform 1086 concerts at the SoFi to fulfill their demand. Sheeran could even stay home and take over London's Wembley Stadium, where 848 shows would be sufficient.

5. Rihanna: 1,082 Shows

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There are a number of issues with these figures. With 75,987,342 monthly listeners, Rihanna would need 2.9 years at the SoFi Stadium to meet their demand. However, at some point, the main tenants, the Los Angeles Rams, would need to play football at the venue.

6. Bad Bunny: 1,079 Shows

Bad Bunny
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For those unfamiliar with his work, Bad Bunny is a rapper from Puerto Rico, and he's built up an impressive fanbase. With 75,803,027 monthly listeners, he requires a 1,079-night run at the SoFi Stadium to please them all. When he's finished, Bad Bunny may well have acquired more adoring fans, in which case he'd have to start all over again.

7. Drake: 1,072 Shows

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With his respectable total of 75,284,530 monthly listeners, Drake would also need around 2.9 years to please his fanbase. Alternative venues include the Olympic Stadium in Athens, but this would need a slightly higher commitment of 1,078 concerts.

8. Justin Bieber: 1,035 Shows

Justin Bieber
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There was a period when Canadian artist Justin Bieber might have hoped to top this list. With 72,705,839 monthly listeners, he still makes it into the top ten, leaving him requiring 1,035 shows at the SoFi. With its massive capacity of 105,000, Camp Nou in Barcelona could cut the itinerary to 692 shows.

9. Billie Eilish: 1,020 Shows

Billie Eilish
Image Credit: Toglenn – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0/Wiki Commons.

A mere 1,020 concerts at the SoFi Stadium would be sufficient to keep Billie Eilish's fans happy. The American singer comes in at number nine on this list, with an impressive set of 71,660,539 listeners per month, and those followers continue to grow in numbers.

10. Miley Cyrus: 1,017 Shows

Miley Cyrus
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Born to entertain, Miley Cyrus has left the wholesome image of Hannah Montana behind while gaining 71,427,454 monthly listeners in the process. All that's left is a 1,017-night run at the SoFi Stadium to meet that demand.

11. Coldplay: 936 Shows

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Moving on from the Top Ten, let's have a look at some artists who are bubbling under. With 65,735,628 monthly listeners, Coldplay needs to fill the SoFi Stadium on 936 occasions. As vocal environmentalists, however, the English band can reduce their carbon footprint by playing 730 concerts at Wembley Stadium.

12. Calvin Harris: 926 Shows

Calvin Harris
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At least DJ and producer Calvin Harris would require less energy to keep his 64,357,135 listeners entertained. He could even remain in his native Scotland, where the 67,144-capacity Murrayfield Stadium would increase his workload to 968 concerts.

13. Bruno Mars: 916 Shows

bruno mars
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He's an artist who appeals to fans of many different generations, but Bruno Mars' popularity is relatively modest compared to others here. His tally of 64,357,135 monthly listeners means that he could sit back and relax after 916 shows and 2.5 years at the SoFi Stadium.

14. Shakira: 913 Shows

shakira SS MSN e1697867606651
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With 64,125,867 monthly listeners, Shakira would need 913 shows at the SoFi Stadium. The wear and tear from such a run would become evident and later songs might contain the lyric, ‘these artificial hips don't lie.'

15. Eminem: 910 Shows

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At the height of his popularity, rapper Eminem might have been seen at the top of these charts. In 2023, all it takes is 910 shows to keep his 63,936,415 monthly listeners happy. 777 shows that at the 82,330-capacity Croke Park in Dublin, things would finish off in a mere 2.1 years.

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